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Sinch Step-Through

Foldable Ebike
+ Available in Step-Over

Price: $1,599.00 /$1,799.00
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Pedal Assist
40 Miles Average Range
4" Fat Tires For A Smooth Ride
Foldable Frame, Pedals, & Handlebars

*Aventon has the right without notice to the consumer to substitute components of at least equal quality for advertised Aventon ebike components in the event of the unavailability of such advertised components. More info

“Most Bang For Your Buck”

From Forbes.com

5 star reviews

Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

From Aventon Customers

Remarkably solid e-bike

“Remarkably solid e-bike”

From Bicycling.com

I understand the demand

“I understand the demand”

From USAtoday.com

Foldable, portable, storable, powerful, comfortable, and always ready for the journey ahead. The Sinch Step-Through electric bike is the epitome of versatility meeting ruggedness. Store it in the trunk of a car or easily into a RV so you can take it anywhere with you as your very own two-wheeled companion. With 4" fat tires, a front suspension fork and a 500W motor, the Sinch ST can effortlessly take on both a relaxing cruise on pavement and a thrilling run on the trails!

  • Backlit Color Display w/app sync

    Backlit Color Display w/app sync

    Our unique backlit, color display gives you vital information of your rides. Get speed, battery level, power output, distance traveled and more at a single glance. This display allows riders to link to our Aventon mobile app and experience riding in new ways.

  • Foldable Frame

    Foldable Frame

    The SINCH ST folds and unfolds quickly and easily, and fits in car trunks, closets, RVs, and under desks. Simply open the ebike, close the clamp, lift the handlebars, close the clamp, and you're all set to ride. Makes it the perfect ebike for those who have to be space-conscious.

  • Front Suspension

    Front Suspension

    The SINCH ST ebike is equipped with front suspension that has 45mm of travel, meaning that it can absorb all the bumps of the road or terrain beneath you for one of the smoothest rides you'll ever experience on a folding ebike.

  • Fat Tires

    Fat Tires

    Equipped with 4” fat tires to accompany the terrific front suspension and provide every rider with both comfort and connection to the trail or pavement beneath their tires; helping them to feel secure and safe on any terrain.

  • Hub Motor & Battery

    Hub Motor & Battery

    Features a 500W brushless rear hub motor and combined it with a 14Ah battery which means that you’ll have both the assistance to get there and the juice to get yourself home once your journey is over.

  • Pedal Assist & Throttle

    Pedal Assist & Throttle

    Having both pedal assist and throttle functions allows you to choose how much your SINCH ST helps you to get around. Select one of five levels of pedal assist at a speed that’s right for you. Or choose not to pedal at all with the thumb throttle located at your fingertips.

  • Step-Through Frame

    Step-Through Frame

    With a low standover height, the SINCH ST is one of the most versatile folding ebikes on the market, and now everyone has the opportunity to own a compact and easily storable ebike they can mount and dismount with confidence.


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Sinch ST Electric Bike
Sinch ST Electric Bike
Sinch ST Electric Bike
Sinch ST Electric Bike

Customer Reviews

Based on 849 reviews
Really nice all around, perfect for casual rides and workouts!

Sorry, this review is a bit long. I put some plus and minus points below for quicker reading.
I was looking for a workout that would be gentle on my knees because I have significant knee pain, and a lot of people recommended cycling. As a beginner living in a hilly rural area, I was very intimidated and unsure how to get started, so I looked at e-bikes as a way to help me out and insure I can get home if I over-do it. The Aventon Sinch ST is what I ultimately chose because I preferred to have brakes from a manufacturer I recognized versus some other cheaper e-bikes where the components were usually no-name brand, and the USB port in the screen was a huge plus to me as well because I could charge a headlight (since this bike doesn't come with one) while on-the-go. This e-bike ended up being so much fun it's easy to stay out longer than I had initially intended to. Exercising with a smile! I definitely recommend it.

For me the biggest pluses are:
+ FOLDING - you can bring it to other locations without needing a rack or truck
+ STYLE - the colors on the ST model are really great, I personally fell in love with the green immediately
+ SIZE - the sizing is perfect for a shorter person and why I picked this model over the step-over
+ USB port on the screen, yay
+ SPEED GOVERNOR REMOVABLE - Aventon allows you to take off the 20mph speed governor if you live in an area where you can exceed that
+ QUIET! - this ebike does not make the obnoxious shrill noises you can hear from other hub motors of a similar size, thank goodness. It produces a gentle tone/whine and only when its beginning to seriously assist, ex. above PAS 3 on a good sized grade

- LIGHTS - No integrated lights :( this to me was almost a deal-breaker and I hope future Sinch models have integrated lights
- DELAY FROM STOP - Significant delay for taking off from a dead-stop. Although my model doesn't require me to pedal for the motor to engage, the designers have clearly limited how quickly it can accelerate from a standstill and I wish this could be removed via settings in the display. I know it's a safety mechanism so you can't fly off into traffic accidentally, but as I got to know the bicycle I wished I could use it as a boost to get me across intersections from a stop
- SPEED GOVERNOR REQUIRES APP - It seems that you must use the app in order to remove the speed governor; other ebikes allow you to press specific buttons in a sequence to do so without syncing it to a phone. If there's another way to do so, I didn't see it in the manual

+/- Doesn't come with fenders or rack; not a huge deal but they're nice to have
+/- The throttle itself is a bit strange, but this is likely because I'm used to twist and grip throttles. This model has a thumb throttle on the left hand side of the handlebars
+/- Wish the tires were tubeless ready

Daniel Pettet

Great customer service

Peter Moore

Have not had a chance to ride yet but everything is great so far

Brandon Chang
School Commuter

Great little bike that helps me get around campus easier, its small enough that I can bring it inside with me most times to prevent theft, but big enough that the ride quality is great.

Hi Brandon,

Thank you for leaving a review! We are happy to hear this bike has met your expectations, cheers!


James Sauss
300 plus miles

After 300 miles I like it more now than when I first got it. Took it in for its 300-mile check and adjustments and none were needed. Still solid as a rock. I bought a cushier seat but reverted back to the original seat that came with the bike. A few adjustments here and there have made the seat comfortable and does fine on a 28-mile ride. The one thing I would like assistance with is for Aventon to look into my bike rack. I registered my purchase when I first bought the bike and have not received any response.

Hi James,

Thank you for leaving a detailed review! We appreciate the feedback we will forward this to our team.