Best Electric Road Bikes for Sale

Discover the next level of cycling with our electric road bikes. Effortless acceleration, extended range, sleek design, and smart connectivity come together for an extraordinary riding experience. Confused about which ebike to choose? Evaluate our wide selection of electric bicycles for the perfect match.

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    What is an electric road bike?

    An electric road bike is any roadworthy ebike that can handle the streets. This means it provides stability and confidence while riding through your city or neighborhood. Road ebikes offer riders many functions of mobility, including cruising, commuting, or simply getting outside and going for a ride. Whether you want to go fast or take it easy. Travel long distances or just around the block. The choice is yours. An electric road bike can do all that you need it to do when it comes to getting around and having fun.

    All Aventon electric road bikes have your road needs in mind and come in a variety of styles. The Pace 350.2 and Pace 500.2 are our classic cruiser-style ebikes that offer comfort and cruise-ability with puncture-resistant tires to give you all the confidence you need when riding. The Soltera is our traditional road bike with a rear hub motor that can zip you around town in no time. The Level.2 is our commuter ebikes that offer riders assistance to carry everything they need for short or long-distance travel.

    Each Aventon road ebike has the capability to attach one or more of the numerous accessories available on our site to customize the way you ride.

    What are the best electric road bikes for sale?

    The best electric road bikes for sale are any ebikes that meet all your requirements and needs every time you ride. It’s important to know what exactly you want to use the bike for on a day to day basis. There are certain factors that can dictate which electric road bike will provide you with the best possible experience, and each bike comes equipped with its own functions and accessories. Here are a few things to consider when looking to purchase an electric street bicycles:  

    Is the battery integrated into the frame?

    Does it have pedal assist?

    How many levels of pedal assist does it have?

    Does it come with a cadence or torque sensor?

    Do you want a rear rack and fenders?

    Does it come with integrated lights?

    What’s the bike’s top speed?

    What is the range of the bike and battery life?

    Does the bike have an interactive display that shows you all your important metrics?

    Can the bike sync to your smartphone?

    At Aventon we believe in holding ourselves to a higher standard and by using best practices we want anyone who puts their feet to the pedals of our electric road bikes to know they can ride confidently.

    Where do I buy electric road bikes?

    Aventon applies an omnichannel approach to selling its road ebikes. Aventon electric road bikes are for sale online for a direct-to-consumer experience, from one of our 800+ partners nationwide, including Hawaii and parts of Canada, and also our big box partner, Best Buy. Locate a dealer nearest you by using our dealer locator and get ready to enjoy the ride of your life. 

    What are the top electric road bikes?

    Aventon has been ranked one of the industry's top electric road bike brands. Each one of our road ebikes is made with love and attention to detail using the newest technologies available to ensure each ride changes the way you experience the world. Our aim is to provide the opportunity for every style of rider to find joy in the power of motion. From design to implementation, we live by this ethos. All our road electric bikes are made with quality materials and are powered by lithium-ion batteries that are integrated into the frame giving them a sleeker, cleaner look. 

    Can I use my ebike as a highway electric bike?

    Depending on the area you live in, electric road bikes can go almost anywhere a standard bicycle can go. This includes multilane one-way roads or highways. An electric motor road bike has all the rights of a vehicle and is subject to all federal and state laws that apply. If you plan on taking your road ebike on a highway, remember to confirm the legal allowances and ensure you practice safe riding. A few key things to always keep in mind: wear a helmet, stay in the bike lanes (there isn’t one provided, stay as far to the right as possible), and be aware of your surroundings. You can learn more about road safety here.

    What it means to ride Aventon.

    At Aventon, our customers are the center of our world. Everything we do is to ensure that you, the customer, continue to ride happily. That’s why Aventon’s support team is available to answer any ebike questions, including troubleshooting that will get you back in the saddle to enjoy your ride. To find more detailed information on Aventon’s electric road bike models, visit our Help Center