At Aventon, we believe that every person deserves the power to move freely.

Aventon is the first ebike company for the real world. Every ride we make is equal parts form and function, giving you the freedom to go where you want to go, do what you want to do, and be who you want to be.

We were born a fixed-gear bicycle company and transitioned to ebikes starting in 2018, and we firmly believe the direction we’re headed is the right one for our customers, our team, and the greater good. We’re proud of where we’ve been, and we’re proud of where we’re going. We owe our foundational success to the original and early die-hard Aventon fans. They inspired and instilled in our brand an unwavering commitment to the people we serve.

That means, no matter what, we prioritize the human experience with our product, and their well-being, above our business and bottom line. We live in a constant state of “what-if” and “what’s next?” We foster continuous improvement, learning, and forward motion.

We are rapidly growing and need people who share in our passion for mobility and align with our values to join our team.
Aventon Headquarters

our values


We believe in creating experiences for people that bring them joy, whether on their bike or in the workplace; we care about our customers and our employees and put ourselves in their shoes to drive our focus and decisions; we believe that bikes should be for everyone.


We make all of our decisions with integrity and honesty.


We’re inspired, forward thinking, disrupting, industry experts.


We believe in excellence at every turn, from the product we create, to the passion we work with, to our entrepreneurial spirit that keeps us pushing boundaries.

Happy Aventon Employees
Happy Aventon Employees

how you will thrive

Data Driven

You thrive on data and use it to guide your descision making, recommendation, and priorities.


You can work with ambiguity and are committed to helping Aventon level up. You can shift perspectives, priorities, and deadlines.


You're accountable and you don't shy away from a challenge and take every opportunity to learn and grow.

Solutions Oriented

You can identify a problem and find a solution for it. You strive for continuous improvement and aren't afraid to speak up about what is working and what isn't.


You love the work, love the product, and believe in the mission.


You lift up yourself, your team, and the organization. Your energy is infectious. You can carry a positive mindset, and value optimism, even when times get tough.



Join the team.


your next job should be your last job. join us.

Our company is seeking pasionate, talented, and driven people who care about what they do. We believe our product is an extension of how well all work, live, and play.

Happy Aventon employees
Happy Aventon employee
Happy Aventon employees
Happy Aventon employees
Happy Aventon employees

we strive to create an environment that helps you thrive. every person deserves the opportunity to thrive.

We’re guided by our core values in our everyday work. We know how special this is, especially where we are now, but also where we’re going. We use the data to make decisions and consider the ripple effect so that we don’t end up being short-sided. We put people first and believe that a customer experience trumps everything and our employee experience trumps profits.

We’re all about feedback and love celebrating the wins when they come. We challenge each other to learn and grow and want to support the growth and development of our team. We have a learning mindset and can reflect and continuously improve. The failures help us figure out how to succeed.

We give people the tools that they need to learn and grow. We’re willing to be wrong and say the hard things, because we know it helps us to level up. We reward inspired passion, collaboration, and initiative. We have no time for egos, apathy, and not asking for help.

What we offer
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401(k) program
  • Paid time off + 10 paid holidays
  • Life Insurance
  • Voluntary short-term and long-term disability insurance
  • Flexible Sppending Account (FSA)
  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Pet Insurance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Professional Development Program