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Aventure Ebike
Dennis Ryan


Aventure Ebike
Scott Marr
Just got it!

Great bike. Easy to assemble, fast, comfortable. Good looking.

Aventon Rear Rack for Sinch
Happy Sinch Owner
Great Rack!

Very sturdy rack! Should be standard.

Love my Aventure

This bike is amazing. I have been riding it for almost 2 months using it exclusively as my ride to work. It is downhill (hit 33+ mph) one way and up hill the other. I can easily reach 26 mph going uphill. I live in the highlands of Denver and work downtown. The step through is a nice feature but the fatties make the ride most excellent on Denver's crappy roads. My buddy has a great ebike but has just purchased another one to add to his fleet. He's getting the Level. At 55, this was a great purchase.

Customer service

I am amazed on how fast and good service was, thank you guys

Aventure Front Rack
Anthony Ribich
Sturdy rack

Look great on the bikes now if only it would warm up a bit so we can use them


We bought 2 and we are enjoying it so much we look forward to finding more greenways to adventure out on!


Just Terrible! For one, the Fenders should have been included wit the initial sale!
Then the difficulty in trying to assemble them is not clear at all! The directions are very complicated. I found a Youtube video and it details how by deflating the tires? This is ridiculous! For all the money I have spent, I wish I never bought it! Then you idiots will not accept phone calls. Perhaps you can raise your price another 20% so people can answer the damn phone. This entire purchase has been a nightmare and the entire assembly has been horrific!

Aventon the Great

Best bike I’ve ever owned. Great performance. Easy to assemble. Great power. Very comfortable to ride.

Aventure Rear Rack
Adirondacks, NY
Best Back Rack

Easy to install.
Sturdy and strong.
Nice welds and finish.
Highly recommended

Very good bike, minor quibbles

I’ve only had my Level for short while, so what follows are first impressions. Overall, I like the bike a lot—it’s fun and practical. Assembly was relatively easy, except for the front fender. The allen screws that attach the fender to the fork were a little short, and I had to be very careful not to cross thread them. The bike has plenty of power and is reasonably comfortable. The minor issues that I have with the bike mainly have to do with the power controls. I’d really like to have the ability to modify the PAs; that is, change the speeds for the five levels. It’d also be nice if one could control the transitions between PAs--as it is, the transitions are too abrupt. The display unit could use some improvements, too. Two identical trip meters? No clock? Despite these minor cons, I’m quite pleased with the bike.

Nice Lightweight Rack

Very well made from lightweight aluminum but still heavy duty! Great Rack!

Oh not installed yet how ever it is on my other Aventon bike and like it’s features


It all worked

Love my bike

Got the Aventon 350 step-thru bike. Ordered my bike and it was delivered in 4 days. Was easy to assemble. Haven't ridden a bike in 40 years and this was the perfect bike to get back out there on.

Aventure Ebike
Austin Uhl
Amazing Bike - Excellent Value & A Ton Of Fun

Absolutely love this bike! It looks good and it rides extremely well. I love the tech integration with the app and the color screen - this adds a lot to me personally. In addition, it wasn't too difficult to put together and the build quality was great. I really like the fenders, the back rack and the suspension is incredibly smooth with the big tires. I also love the integrated lights. So far, the only issue I've had is that the bike chain sounds really loud in certain gears and very quiet in others...not sure about that. Maybe it will go away after a few more rides? Regardless, it's an excellent value & a ton of fun!

Pace 500 ebike
Scott D.
Just what we needed

My wife and I recently retired to a rural area outside Nashville.We have always enjoyed riding but the hilly terrain in our area had taken a lot of the fun out of it for us. We bought a couple of Pace 500"s and LOVE them. You have a lot of control over how much or how little the bike helps you move. Well built and good looking bikes. Prompt shipping. Very happy with our purchase

Awesome bike! What a blast!

We consider these bikes one of our best purchases ever! They are a total blast! We couldn’t be happier!

Not installed yet - shipped super quick

Ordered two of these at the sale price for our Pace 500’s mainly for the USB port for our phones. Ran out of season so haven’t installed - will probably do so over winter. Ordered on a Wednesday and received on that Friday even though the estimate was 2 weeks into the future. Been having great luck with accessory orders!

Aventure Front Rack
Robert Tindall

Aventure Front Rack

Aventure Rear Rack
Michael Bartlett
Great bike,Aventure

Excellent power and high end bike ,built like a tank ,I also have a trek ebike this one is built just as good as more expensive bike

Pace 500 ebike
Terry Foster

We did a tremendous amount of research before the purchase. We were looking for a full-size street commuter bike for my wife with a frame for her height (5'4"), that was a step-through style with a comfortable seat but could still had "class three" performance. This bike met all of the criteria and then some. We are both over 70 years of age and use our bikes as a form of exercise and usually ride about 60 miles a week. I like to average about 15 miles per hour on the rides but it was becoming difficult for my wife to keep up. But now with her new e-bike, she has no problem. In fact, I have a hard time keeping up with her even though she only keeps the bike in the lowest level pedal assist (1) but gear 8. The bike has a very comfortable seat which is unheard of on new bikes today and usually the first thing we have to replace. You can change the bike's performance level through the bike computer to a level 3. Even though the bike's top speed is stated to be 28 mph, I have had the bike at 32mph on a level street. The riding range is stated to be 25-40 miles but we find it to be much greater. We don't know the real range but after 40 miles both the computer and battery show over 75% of the battery left. Also, the bike is incredibly light (49 lbs) and about 13 pounds lighter than most full-sized e-bikes this style. Why is this important? Because I did not have to replace the bike rack I already had (hitch mount rated 120 lbs) with an expensive platform rack that wouldn't fit in my garage. Since the bike is a step-through I use a Yakima bike adapter for mounting but also a heavy-duty 36" x 2" nylon cinch strap around the bike mount and bike frame to secure the bike (picture). We have driven hundreds of miles with the bikes and they ride perfectly without movement. The bike's brakes (full pneumatic and disk) are excellent. The bike's computer face is large and easy to read (even in full sun) and adjust. However, even with the correct tire size the odometer/speedometer is not quite as accurate as what is on my bike which I have had calibrated so I put one on my wife's e-bike. But the e-bike was a great value and she loves it.

Great bike - advertising overkill

Aventon has a great product. We bought two. However, our lives are now saturated with Aventon advertising. It’s on every search engine, text messages everyday, YouTube, FaceBook, some times 5 or more adds on one page. How can we turn it off, or even dial it back? WTF. I bought a bike, I didn’t know I was joining a cult. It’s far worse than the “love” campaign of Subaru. Aventon’s marketing and social media folks are off the rails.

Aventure Rear Rack
James Lewis
Very functional,great quality! Easy to install.

Excellent product!

Level Commuter Ebike
Sheri Jefferis
Great Bike

Great price, great bike!!