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"Aventon, Simply the Best"

Adventure is a wonderful ebike, yes. The customer service support is Simply the Best.
I have only had one small issue with the kick stand.
Aventon's smooth professional response was a 10 out of 5.
You will get my business again.
Thank You.

Fun journey

Purchased our bikes in February 2022. Take them with us camping and enjoy trails where ever we are. They have worked beautifully for us. Very glad we purchased them.

Aventon Bikes
David Dostie
An ebike that handles like a regular bike

Received my new Pace 500 NG bike yesterday and took it for a good spin today. I was pleased with how well the bike handled, even in PAS 0. The motor assist was really appreciated on uphills and riding into a headwind.

Hi David,

Thank you for your review and support! We are happy to hear this worked for you. Happy riding!

Aventon team

Best E-bikes & best Company for new and experienced e-bikers

My wife and I purchased our bikes at an authorized dealer (Jack's Bike Shop) in Michigan. We did so because I was skeptical of purchasing online. I had been told that local shops would often refuse to do even routine repairs of online e-bike purchases, and you would be stuck with either poor or nonexistent support if you had problems or questions. I don't know about the entire industry but that is certainly not the case with Aventon. I am happy that I found an authorized dealer near me, and I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase experience. I'm merely saying to those yet to purchase that you can do so without reservation at Aventon. I have an Aventon Aventure step-over and my wife has the next-gen Pace 500 step-thru. I have been an avid road-bike enthusiast for over 40 years. My wife rarely rode a bike. We both love our Aventon e-bikes. We purchased in early May 2022 . . . I already have over 950 miles logged and my wife nearly 300 miles. I call mine the "age neutralizer" because I'm able to ride like I did 20 years ago and I can combine pace, gearing and rpm to get a better calorie burn and fitness workout than I ever did before.

I've had one issue and a couple of questions that prompted me to contact Aventon and they have treated me like family. A special shout out to Michelle Yabes and John H. in customer support and technical support. Both were knowledgeable, courteous and anxious to work to resolve a problem or answer a question. I can't say enough about my experience except I am so glad I chose Aventon from the three major companies that I narrowed in my research. The bikes are innovative, carefully built and miles ahead of their competition.

I'm going to have to get a referral number or something from Aventon . . . I ride the bike trails in my area, and I can't count the number of people who have flagged me or started conversation at a stop . . . asking me about my bike and buying experience. I know some of those have had to result in sales at Jack's or online as I sing the praises of my experience. This may be a longwinded review, but I am passionate about cycling and I am SOOO happy to be on the road again and enjoying the outdoors doing something I love with my "age neutralizer". Aventon is a very big part of this feeling.

Hi there,

Thank you for your review and support! We appreciate the feedback. Happy riding!

Aventon team

New to eBiking

Very happy with my So Cal sand Adventure step through. I'm 6 foot 190lb and the M/L step through is a good size. I purchased the rear rack and didn't screw it on tight enough, i recommend using loctite when securing the rack.

Hi Koert,

Thank you for your review and support! We appreciate the feedback. Happy riding!

Aventon team

Aventon Bikes
Terry Dercks
Aventure Review

My wife and I purchased the Aventure thru a local dealer. The order arrived in three days, they had bike set-up, tuned and ready to ride. I have over 400 miles on my bike,both on and off road miles. The bike has performed flawlessly!

Hi Terry,

Thank you for your review and support! We are happy to hear this worked for you. Happy riding!

Aventon team

Highly recommend

It has been a pleasure working with Aventon. I purchased two bikes, an Aventure & Level, about a year ago. Aventon has fulfilled on every level, even during the supply chain crisis, when local bike shops could not give me a delivery date, Aventon did and came through. The bikes are top quality and, customer service is impeccable.

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for leaving a review as well as your support! We are ecstatic to hear that our cs team was able to assist you. Happy riding!

Aventon team

Aventon Bikes
Charles Brown
First long ride

Just bought 2 Pace 500 Next Gen, our first ebikes. I tend to analyze to death a decision like this and we looked at a number of other bikes before buying. Now very happy with our decision.

My wife and I went for our first long ride yesterday after receiving our bikes a few days ago. Great fun and looking forward to our next ride. The buying experience was excellent. Customer service was very responsive to my questions. The bikes were packed really well. Assembly instructions for the bike were good. The instructions for the fenders could use some work as the line drawings are poor.

One reason we bought the Pace was the two frame sizes. My wife is 5' 2" and found it hard to find a frame that she was comfortable on. The S/M Pace is great for her. Screen is easy to read. Adjustable stem makes fitting the bike to you easy.
Gears shift smoothly. My only, and very minor, complaint is there needs to be a peddle assist between 1 and 2. At times I wanted a little more assist than 1 but it was a big jump to 2.

Hi Charles,

Thank you for leaving a review! We appreciate the support! We also appreciate the feedback and will relay this with our team.

Aventon team


Bought My first ebike, AVENTON AVENTURE Step thru, and i dont know why I waited so long ! I'm 68 yo and retired, and ride almost every day again. I love my Aventure, its durability, and feel of power. Now I'm trying to talk my wife into getting one!

Aventon Bikes
LuAnn Mello
Aventon Aventure Adventures!

Bought my Aventure a month ago and love it more with each ride! In the neighborhood, or on the gorgeous California Coast, this bike rides and handles beautifully! Having never ridden anything with a throttle before (I usually ride horses), and being older and wiser, there was a learning curve, and a need for confidence building. This bicycle is stable and solid and a real blast to ride! With each ride I gain confidence and know I bought the perfect e-bike for me. I can easily keep up with my husband and have enough battery life to use either pedal assist or throttle, whenever I feel like it. Long, beautiful rides without exhaustion or burning thigh muscles! Fun, fun, fun! Looking forward to many years of Aventure adventures!

Aventon Bikes
Diego Jimenez
Good times

The wife and I have 2 we love them. I have the Aventure and the wife has the Cinch both are great
If your in the market in Colorado I strongly suggest going to E-Bikes of Colorado

Aventon Bikes
Rob McDonald
My Next Gen Retro

Whether its cruising thru town, surfing a country road, or off to a picnic: I just Love this bike. Really a smooth ride with a lot of power and thrust. For this 72 YOM, I get a good stress free workout. So, this is my PACE 500 Next Gen with an added retro touch. The discounts and reward points came as a real bonus. Got the fenders, rear rack, mirror, extra lights at no charge. Plan to use rewards points towards a backup battery for long excursions. It arrived nearly fully assembled and well packaged: so a breeze to put together. Customer service is also very responsive.

Hi Rob,

Thank you for your support! We appreciate your review, nice pictures! We are glad to hear our cs team was helpful. Happy riding.

Aventon team

Aventon Bikes
Rose Saulnier
Pace 350

I got my new pace 350 a few days ago. Let me tell you, it was the best purchase ! I am 5’2” and it’s hard to find an e bike to fit me. This one in the s/m fits me great and it is so much fun to ride. Some of the hills on country roads around here can be pretty hard to pedal .Not a problem for me anymore. Pedal assist makes it so easy !!! This bike is well worth the price.

Aventon Bikes
Hassan Fquihi
Engine noise when accelerating

My only problem is the engine bike makes a noise when accelerating

Aventon Bikes
Manuel Miranda
Dame dos✌🏻

Hola! We own the Pace500 and Soltera. After riding road bikes for many years, Aventon bikes are a welcome addition to our household. I can ride sitting straight up - no more neck and shoulder pain. I can ride my 30 miles circuit in half the time. I can ride into the wind and enjoy it.
Solid bikes!

Hola Manuel, thank you so much for your review! We are so happy your household is enjoying the Ebikes! We appreciate all of your support!

Top notch customer service

Just received our bikes we purchased two levels . Had them put together professionally the bikes are solid had a couple minor issues they were handled immediately thank you Aventon

Hi Tim, thank you for taking the time to leave such a great review! We truly appreciate all of your support!

Aventon Bikes
matthew legas
Disabled Veterans, please do yourself a favor, if you have mobility problems look into this bike.

Thank you Adventon, how may I thank you enough, I am not able to. This bike is a life changer to those with one or more life disabilities. Game changer. Devil Dogs, and BEEs, I have served with you, I am a devil doc. This bike, is freedom. Go get your freedom. I try to pedal, I can not, I do not even need to. I know that may discourage some, but not me, I am free again. What price? It's worth it. I went for a cruiser, man been to Yemen, Iraq, and other great places, this bike allows me to just go and not think. One last thing, if you warriors are not in therapy, get there and drink water, drink water, drink water... SEMPER FI - Disabled but not dead veteran or better known as Devil Doc (PS: Alex re: Adventon e-mail, Semper Fi buddy!)

Aventon Bikes
Grant Castle
Amazing Bike

I have the Level model. I also have a Rad City, so a good comparison. Except there is really no comparison. The Aventon is better built, more handsome and far better performer. The pedal assist actually kicks in going up hill at a nice pace. I never change from PAS 3, just use gears. I go 30 miles on my regular ride, average 20 mph, have 40% of charge left. When I test out the PAS 4 or 5, it is like a motorcycle. Maybe too fast? I love this bike, makes me want to ride just looking at it. And I am 70 years old.

Aventon Bikes
Susanne Lunders
Beware! Capture Your Serial Number!

Capture your serial number from the box or the bottom of the bike. They cannot get it for you after you've disposed of your box and your bike gets stolen!

Awesome 5+ ⭐️

Did a lot of research and found the pace 350 to be perfect for me. I have been away from bike riding for sometime. This bike has definitely put me back on the road. Love it and the price is reasonable. Ordered it had it shipped to a local bicycle retailer. They put it together for me and I picked it up. Definitely worth every cent.

Stay away from Aventon

Placed 2 bikes, multiple accessories in the cart totaling over $4000. Bikes were on sale, they were removed from my cart by somebody other than me. Tried reaching out to customer support, chatted online ZERO response from them for almost a week now. HIGHLY recommend going elsewhere, like I am. I belong to a bike club of which many members have bought Ebikes, they all say that Aventon customer support is non existent. I'm sure they may come back and say that they are just so busy and overwhelmed with business, my insider info says that is noty the case!

350 Bike Review

Wanted to buy an Ebike for a couple of years just not sure which one to purchase found Aventon and it seemed they had all the process in place to order, ship it to a local bike shop for assembly and easy pick up. Prices were good and ratings as well glad I purchaed my bike this spring every thing went well and have been riding my bike since May use it to get back and forth to work when weather is nice and there are lot of places for me to ride other than work in my area. Would recommend this company to anyone wanting an Ebike. Good job.

Aventon Bikes
John Larson
Awesome E-Bike

I have 140 miles on my Sinch now and my GF has 80 miles on her Sinch. These have revolutionized our bike riding enjoyment. Each weekend brings new ideas and places to go and explore. We pretty much ride in assist level 2 which moves the bike along at about 13mph which is prefect for our style of ridding. I do like to kick it into level 5 when returning back to my truck from playing all day which takes you to 20mph and holds it there. I have put 30 miles on it in a single day with about 40% battery remaining. So many great things I would like to say about this bike. I have had it in the mountains , trails, beach, downtown,, it will adapt to literaly anywhere and I am so happy I went with the fat tires for my first E-Bike. This weekend on the beach was an absolute blast! I love that it can fold down if needed but we are using a Holiday Rack which is perfect for out two Sinch's. I just tried out the Burley trailer with it and now have a way to carry all of our fun stuff where ever we go. I just can't say how happy I am with this purchase and customer service is fantastic. If you buy from the factory and are a VET you will get a 10% discount.

Super bike

Aventon is a great brand all around. The video made assembly a breeze, and the online support addresses all of our questions. We have ordered a second Aventure so we can ride together.

Aventon Bikes
Michael Sereno
Loving our Sinch ST's!

We are loving our new Sinch Step Through bikes. They have been a blast to take on our camping trips and fold perfectly to carry in our travel trailer. So fun to ride and we get so many comments about these cool bikes!