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What The People Are Saying

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Great bike

Cant wait to ride this bad baby

Aventon Mataro Reveiw

Overall I love the bike beautiful design and color . Its rides smooth and easy assembly. Its unfortunate that the bike dose not come with tools to assemble it or with a adapter to put air in the tires! I do like that there was a payment option for those who cannot afford to pay the cost all at once. Fast shipping. Overall I am very satisfied with Aventon and their product.



Just basic

i would not recommend this product however would recommend the bike itself aventon 500

Awesome Bike So Far

Bike has held up, had mine professionally put together and lubed after trying myself. (Highly recommend if you never pit together your own bike.) Rides well in wet conditions and even better on dry roads. White color is nice too.

Fun bike - Easy to assemble and well built

I purchased 3 bikes (1 Pace 500 and 2 Pace 500 Step Through). I was hesitant to assemble them myself since I would not consider myself to be very dexterous, but went ahead and took it on to save the cost. To my great pleasure, the assembly was very straightforward and easy. The video Aventon provides was helpful with the first bike, but I assembled the other two bikes without it and had no (or really only minor) issues - what one might call "user errors" though easily remedied. The fully assembled bikes look good and have a very solid and well constructed feel - they have been admired by several neighbors!

The bikes were for my wife, my adult daughter and myself. We live in a hilly area and riding a regular bike proved to be a challenge! I had researched a lot of bikes but was reaching analysis paralysis. Also I did not want to spend a small fortune since I needed to purchase 3 bikes. The Aventon bikes proved to be a cost effective option since they were priced reasonably fro bikes that offered features that were typically not available on bikes in that price range (e.g. Throttle).

My wife had some reservations to begin with about riding the e-bike ("I have not ridden a bike in years! and I don't know if I can handle the power"), but she had a lot of fun and became a convert when she was going up the first hill and did not have to pedal so hard!! Her tone turned to "this is fun, makes riding a breeze! I would not ride a regular bike again!"

Overall no issues at all, but we've only had the bikes for a month and ridden sporadically - busy schedules! - but it has been a joy to be able to ride around our home where it is very hilly. I look forward to riding again.

Perfect Bike for long rides on lake shore drive

Awesome A

You need look no further...here is an honest, independent review from a former racer and avid cyclist from childhood to my 60s.

The Aventon Pace 500 did not have as much as a Scratch. perfect condition. Assembled shifter and it was perfect. Excellent fit, finish and function.

Bike performance is awesome. From my favorite level 1 to blasting in level five down my favorite hill. The seat, is good, brakes are very good, and the tires very cushy. The bike works as expected and it is fun!

I am very happy. I think you will be too. Happy e biking

Great Fixed Bike!

Honestly, bought this to train me back to my racing road biike period break. Everything great quality, just needed to change out stem and handlebars. Reason is I am 5’11, bought the 55cm frame. Customizing to me! Like the lifted saddle and longer reach, but smaller frame. Nothing bad to say about it! Love the seat post look and frame design!

Aventon Level

Unfortunately I only been able to ride the level for about 10 miles due to Ohio whether,but for those few miles I can't wait for summer . It handles great , gears shifted easy
disk brakes work great. A great looking bike easy assembly [ THE TOOL PROVED IS ALL WAS NEEDED] In 3 assist I was cruising around 18 mph with very little effort totally awesome.
So far customer support has been great 'Luis even call me back concerning question I had about replacement parts if I would need them. I like to give it 5 star rating now but I'll know
by the end of the summer if it rates 5 stars!

First take.

Assembling the bike is very easy. What I was impressed about with is the way everything lined up And fit.
Very impressed as of now

Way bigger than it looks and pictures and much heavier, but overall it’s a great bike. I ride it in NYC and I feel unstoppable when I’m cruising through town

I worked in a bike shop for years...

I’ve owned bikes that have cost more than the car that carried them. Carbon fiber, dual suspension....
but that was a while ago. I wanted something practical to get back in the saddle.
After unboxing and assembling this bike, you could easily have told me that this was a $500+ bike. Get a good pump with an air gauge on it, put a flat repair kit under the seat and ride this thing. The value is genuine. It’s a super solid bike, and they look dopeAF

Pace 350 ebike

For the premium in price, include the right bolts

The PDW fenders fit well enough but for the premium in price and shipping fee here Aventon should include an M6x65 socket head cap screw and an M5x25 cap screw necessary to mount them on a Pace 500. They’re cheaper and quicker on the big “A” site and you still have to source your own hardware, and that would seem a reasonable trade off. Otherwise there’s no reason to order them here.

In the end they fit, are a little wiggly and seem to do the job.

Weak crank

Not even a month of riding, I had to replace a new crank because the bolt would not fit to its arm anymore

Initially impressed but...

I was initially impressed with my new Aventon Cordoba. After a few days and while switching from freewheel side to fixed gear side with the bike upside down on it's seat and handlebars, i noticed that the rear drop outs are not perpendicular to the centerline of the bike. Even though the wheel/tire is centered between the brake clipers the wheel is a few degrees off centerline of the bike.

Light for electric bike

I found the bike to be light especially with battery removed-it rides surprisingly well with no front suspension-has no front or rear lights for safety-fast and quick-throttle does not engage at dead stop which causes fishtailing at dead start in certain situations-rear rack if added is no where near as stable as if mounted to frame making a flimsy feel if carrying even small amount of weight-handle bars do not allow room for acc. such as lights,horn,etc.-if you are looking for a sporty unit and not a city cruiser for groceries and the like I give this 5 stars-if you want a bike for grocery and errands look elsewhere. I needed a light bike for my 2nd floor condo w/no elevator and have been quite pleased so far!

Nice Bicycle

Beautiful aerodynamic frame bike. Nice bang for your buck.

What a blast!

I received my bike just as stated on the delivery schedule. The bike was packaged very well. Assembly wasn't that hard but like some other reviews a few minor things were a little confusing. WOW! What a fun bike to ride. I have a road and hybrid bike but this thing is shear fun and that is what it is all about. I rode this bike on a 28 mile path with some hills I dread with my other bikes and this bike conquered them flat out. I am 69 years old and love riding rails to trails paths but my range has gone down. With this bike I know I will have the reserve to get back. My wife is going to get one so that we can ride together. In the past she didn't want to go because she knew my rides would be drastically shorten. I could keep going but one more final note was the excellent customer service. I wrote in three questions before purchasing the bike and all three were answered the next day. Good job Aventon!

Good quality

Pretty heavy duty.. I think this stem is perfect for those who want a more upright riding position...

Straightforward assembly and good materials

I purchased a Pace 500 on the weekend and within a couple of days the big box was here. Prior to its arrival I reviewed the instructions and the video available to get an idea what would be required.

The assembly followed along pretty closely to the video. As a plus, a small hex wrench and a pedal wrench were included in the box. I had plenty of tools anyway.
The only glitches in the assembly was the derailleur hanger, which was shown as already installed in the pics and video. In my case there were two hangers in the box but neither was installed.
Unfortunately, I noticed when I was attempting to mount the rear wheel. Also don’t forget to mount the black plastic plug in the handlebar stem. I don’t think it is mentioned and looking at other people’s pictures online, it is often missing.
Had to adjust cables but this is to be expected. But once together, zoom, off it went. I think it is a great value.

Good product

Quality starter bike. I'm returning it because it doesn't fit my needs but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to someone else wanting that style of bike.