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Very powerful

Beautiful bike, very well made. Bought online without a test drive. Have ridden other brands but the Aventon Level is much better.

Great Ride

Love this bike. Sturdy, fast, dependable. Love it

Buy One

Buy One

Outstanding E-bike

My wife has the step through and I have a standard frame Level and they are great. The Level performs way above its price and is the best looking commuter on the market. We love 'em!

Didn't like the seat - to slippery. Otherwise, I like the bike. The power response is good.

Pace 500 Step-through ebike

I love it

I really like it

Deserves 10 stars.

Oh how I love my bag. Be forewarned you need the Topeak rack, this slides right on and locks in place. Push the yellow button to release. My daughter has the 350 bike and did not want to replace her rack so I went hunting for something different for her. Nothing comes close to this Topeak bag. It Never shifts despite being overloaded. It has 2 large drop down bags that hold a ton of stuff and never rip, laptops, grocery, not a bulge in the zipper or a dent in the fabric. The only reason you buy a trunk bag is to carry stuff so save yourself some time and trouble and buy this bag. I tried, I never found anything else as good. My only complaint is there is no way to add a lock to prevent someone from stealing the bag. It is simple to take on/off so i bring it inside while I am at work. The stretch cord on top is big enough to hold a helmet. It has a built in cup holder at the back end with a cinch adjust. There is an inside pocket on the flip open top and a divider for the main cargo space (I never use this). The bag is expandable (I use that a lot) adding 2" to the height. I have had my bag 3 years and it is still in great condition and I expect it will still be great after 10 years. I ride to work seasonally, 10-15 months and do shopping runs frequently. The rack it works with is very sturdy.

Love this ebike.

My wife and I love these bikes. We can keep up with the younger crowd.

No Response from Aventon

Have a issue with the monitor and can't get any response from emails or calls. Would Not recommend buying from this company.

Excellent bike

Very happy with the Pace 350. Assembly was quick and easy and no damage in shipping. The only problem I encountered was a slow leak in the front tire.

Decent utility & looks

Also very eco-friendly!

Buy 2

Buy one for you and one for your spouse. You won’t regret it.

Love my new bike

Haven’t been much of a bike rider until I got this. I look forward to riding every day since the weather is beginning to warm up. It is a great bike and so fun to ride. So glad I made the decision to purchase this bike. I did my research and it was rated as the best at this price point and I agree

Great Bike

I would recommend this bike to anyone who isnt scared of a 68 pound bike. There is a good amout of torque for hill climbs. If you're the type that rides at 10 miles an hour you will have to use the throttle. If you turn the bike off and peddle you will be at a steady 7 to 8.5 miles an hour. The bike turns heads even in black and grey. I can't imagine the black and white color. I call it the Bike Mobile. Just buy it. The throttle on demand was a good move for this bike. It's not easy to start peddling even on a flat surface. Great bike, No real complains so far. I'm m 2 weeks in.

A Blast

I ordered one for my wife and one for me because we enjoy riding together. Way more fun than I dreamed. What a blast. I ordered a 3rd bike because friends wanted to try mine and I wasn't willing to give mine up so now I have three.
Thanks Aventon


I received my 350 step through bike 6 weeks ago. Been on 7 bike trips up to 28 miles and could not be more pleased with it. Super customer service. Buy one of their bikes... you will not be disappointed

Great Bike

I love my new bike. Took it out today for the first time and it was so windy but it amazing how fun and easy it was to ride

Really fun bike!

Love this bike! Received it more put together than I expected, and nothing too hard to do. Fun riding on such large tires/really grabs the road. Have plenty of power from the battery and so much fun as an older bike rider who needs the help. I could have used a schematic of the handlebars with explanation of gears and such. Was not sure changing gears any different with ebikes. Have taken the bike on about four trips now and thoroughly enjoyed it! Comfortable seat. Fun fun fun! All good so far.

Pace 500 Step-through ebike

Very Easy to assemble and learn to drive

Great E-bike

I bought this bike for my wife for her birthday, she loves it, very easy to put together and nice looking bike. We live in Northern California and lots of hills, this bike makes going up hills fun and not intimidating. We like getting outside and walking and cycling and this bike will get us out more often. I give this E-bike 5 stars

My New Aventure

I love, love, love this bike (Aventure, red, S/M) and the customer service I've received so far from Aventon. Long story, short, I initially ordered the Level which I loved but really wanted a fat tire bike, of course two days after I received the Level the Aventure came out. Sarah A. very patiently "held my hand" and walked me through the whole process of returning the Level (never out of the box) and ordering my Aventure. I received my Aventure within a week and it is great! It has exceeded my expectations, the overall look is amazing, I love the built-in battery, the fast charger works great and the small fits this 5'3" body perfectly. I highly recommend.

Aventon Pace 500 Bike

I love this bike! It's so fun to ride and easy to use. It's also a beautiful color and just so beautiful <3