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Great rack

Fits, and functions perfect.

High Quality

Appears to be a very well made bike in a great price range. We haven’t had a lot of time yet on the road. Was delivered in excellent packaging and required assembly. Company falls way short with assembly directions. The instructions and pictures were very unclear and I’ve been around bikes a lot. However after several calls to the company we were able to figure things out. Very helpful.


The bike arrived faster than I anticipated and before the ETA on the website but the box was torn at two places when I received it. I don’t know if it was before or after shipping. Building the bike was easy but I noticed the freewheel cog had some damage to it. Not enough to keep me off of it but enough to annoy me after paying $500 for it. I’ve put around 400 miles on it already and it hasn’t given me a reason not to like it.
Overall the bike is good. It’s just details that I’m not satisfied with.

great bike

It performed as advertised. My wife has asthma was able to ride 12 miles without being winded.
Recommend to anybody who wants to get out and enjoy the world


Pretty good bike. Good buy for the price. Push wheels super nice. Clean welds. Pretty light. Nice seat. Don’t like the pedals that come with it though

Super happy

For the price hard to find a comparable aluminum frame commuter bike. 2nd one (first stolen, have to love LA), Only complainti is painted rims - paint wears off pretty quickly, but otherwise love it.

6KU Fixie Bike

Excellent Commuter Bike

Love my new Aventon Pace 350! I purchased the bike as a commuter bike for the five mile each way commute to the university. The pedal assist is great but the full-throttle once moving is even better. Some knowledge of bikes is helpful for the out-of-the box assembly. Glad to not have to face the university's parking issues anymore while enjoying a refreshing and fun means of getting to work.

Better than the original (so far)

The seatpost that originally came with the bike would not hold the seat in place. Every bump it shifted. So far this one seems to be holding way better than that one. Let’s hope it lasts.

Worth it

This bike is great for the price. Assembly was easy and Aventon has a video on their website that makes it easy to assemble. As far as performance; the fixed/single speed works as expected. It’s great for commuting around a city like Brooklyn, NY. I ride in every configuration and have settled within the freewheel front brake attatchment. My only concern is the bottom bracket and hub. There seems to be either a lack of higher quality parts or insufficient grease or both due to the slight irregular vibration I feel through the pedals. Now I have a 61cm frame and I weight just over 200lbs which could have an effect on the feedback I get through the pedals. Then again, this bike is fairly adequate for the sale price. I would recommend this to a friend.

6ku polar

The package of obviously improved a lot. Because my box always come wrecked from fedex but the bike came 100% in tack I was so happy when it came

6ku white frame

The package of obviously improved a lot. Because my box always come wrecked from fedex but the bike came 100% in tack I was so happy when it came

Terrible wheels

I went on my first and only ride and I was on the sidewalk when I hit a small bump and bent both wheels.

Idan, sorry to hear about your experience with our wheels, we can certainly lend a hand. Feel free to send us a video to info@aventon.com along with your order number so that we can help out.

Aventon Pace Replacement Throttle

All around great bike: 4 stars — Customer support & warranty: 5 stars

I love the rigidity, I’m 110kg and ride really aggressive so the crankset was my main concern, but boy that crank is stiff, also responsive, the geometry is fabulous — coming from a wobbly Bianchi Pista I’d take the Mataro any day . If you want speed, control and good power transmission this bike is a no brainer. I give it four stars because the lock ring got damaged on my second day but the guys where super quick to solve the problem and sent me a replacement.

The bike is incredible for 220 its a great investment

Love it!

Love my new bike! Searched for months for a good ebike for a decent price. Ultimately decided this is the best one out there. Didn’t have a local shop near DC so bought on faith and couldn’t be more thrilled. The axle bolts didn’t quite fit but my husband was able to fix. Also, my kickstand broke first week but Aventon sent a new one the next day. Great warranty support so far.

Fast, affordable, joy to ride.

Despite poor assembly instructions with comically low resolution photos, the bike isn't hard to put together. The product itself is excellent for the price and has been a joy to ride in the few weeks I've had it.


Nothing wrong

It's a good scooter. Nothing wrong with it. My kid likes it so I'd like to give this review.

My grandson likes it

I bought this scooter for my grandson for his birthday. And he likes this a lot. I'm glad I chose this scooter.

Good gift

I bought this for my niece as birthday gift. She likes it a lot.

Best bike

Hands down best bike I’ve ever had

Amazing ride

It’s a beautiful bike and is really fun to ride on and skid on