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This is the 2nd bike we purchased from them

After purchasing our 2nd bike due to the great customer service and quality of the bike . We didn't hesitate since after the first bike we know they stand behind there product. Thank you!!!!

Extending My Range

I've had my Pace 500 for almost 2 weeks now and I'm very happy with my purchase. The Pace is well built, has a nice finish, has very good equipment for the price, and is as fast as Iowa law allows.

I would recommend this bike to anyone who wants a good ride at a reasonable cost.

Quality at low price

This is my 2nd pace 350 Ive only put 8 miles on it because the other one is set up the way I like it, the new new one is mostly for a loaner. Assembly was easy with the supplied tools that Aventon sent with it. The only adjusting I had to do when assembling was the front brake and it was easy. Shipping was fast Aventon sent it out the day the next day Fedx and I had it in 3 days.

assembly is nearly impossible

I like the bike a lot and had one like this for a couple years and it was great. However assembling this bike is a nightmare. The "instructions" describe multiple kinds of bikes but it's impossible to know what applies to this one and what doesn't. Some of them describe nothing that resembles this bike, and it makes one think there are missing pieces. A lot of them describe steps you seemingly don't need to do, but it's unclear. There is no explanation at all of how to attach the rear wheel. I had to ziptie the reflector because it was impossible to understand how to attach it. I'm not a mechanic but I don't think I'm that incompetent either. It has made me question my sanity though.

Best bike ever I love it

I absolutely love this bike and I’m 100% satisfied!!!!

Well made bike.

Very well made. I am impressed with the build quality and design. The controls have been well thought with the safety of the rider in mind.

Best Bike for the Price

I own multiple high end bikes, ride 15-20 miles per day for a 66yr old male. The Urban Track is now my favorite, simple, easy to ride, and overall best bike for an entry level priced bike
Job well done 6KU.

Thank you for your great customer service

I want to thank you for making our purchase of the 350 a great experience. I love the quality of the bike and the ease of putting it together. Packaging was superb as it arrived in perfect condition. A little hiccup with the charger but there customer service was awesome and we are now riding a charged bike.

Best bike ive ever owned.

Such a great bike. Comes with all the tools needed for assembly and the instructional video on the website is super helpful. Ill be buying another one soon!


Tuve mala experiencia con la compra desde México. El costo del envío y los impuestos fue alto. En menos de una semana se barrió la biela push, en dónde va el pedal. No sé si la garantía cubra eso.

Brandon, lamento escuchar sobre estos temas. No dude en enviarnos fotos de los artículos en cuestión, así como su número de pedido para comenzar una evaluación de garantía.
Great Bike

The bike came relatively assembled and only required a couple of minutes to assemble the rest of the bike. Overall I'm really pleased with the bike and it's a blast to ride around.

5 Stars

Love the 350. My first ebike and it did NOT disappoint.

Fast shipping! thank You!

Christmas gift for my daughter..she loved it!

Fenders are OK; parts provided for install are not suited to Pace 350

The Soda Pop fenders seem OK, although I just installed them and don't know how they will hold up with use. There are 2 problems in trying to install the fenders on a Pace 350 eBike. #1) the bolt provided to attach the front fender is too short (only 43 mm) to pass all the way through the steering column. I had to go to a hardware store and purchase a M6 bolt 60 mm in length (actually, 65 mm would be better). At 60 mm there is just enough purchase to use the included nut; you would need 65 mm length to use the fitted spacer described in the instructions. #2) The hole bored in the bike frame to secure the rear fender is too narrow to accommodate the M6-30 mm included bolt. I purchased an M5-30 mm bolt which was snug in the drilled receiving hole, but could be secured in place using a socket wrench, with appropriate nut, of course. Two trips to the hardware store, but mission accomplished.

Just finished my first ride

Just got my Pace 500, put it together this afternoon, and went on the first ride this evening.

I'm impressed with the quality of the build. The frame is solid with a great paint job, the brakes feel responsive and easy to control, the motor is surprisingly quiet even with full acceleration, and the bike as a whole gives a smooth and easy ride.

This is my first ebike and I'm very satisfied with the experience. Thanks to the good folks at Aventon for their good work.

Best service

Customer service is awesome . Thank you so much

Love it

These scooters are built great and the kids love the lights. I have ordered my 4th scooter. The first 2 were for my kids 3 and 6. They have enjoyed them so much I bought one for my nephew who is 4. His little brother who is almost 2 started riding it so now he got his own. Plus customer is great, I made a mistake on one order and they fixed it with no hassle.

Best $34 I've spent

Gets the job done, easy to use not complicated, 3-4 pumps Gets the job done instead of pumping 20-30 from a portable pump,

Awesome and easy

This is a great first fixed gear bike. Easy to put together and enjoyable to ride. The reflectors (for which there is actually a law that you use them) are not great. The spoke reflectors keep falling off and no real instructions on how to best secure the front reflector which IMO should not be installed on the handlebar.

Mataro Fixed Gear Bike


Smoothest bike Ive ridden before. I believe it’s better than pure fix.

Love it

Surprised at how safe the design of this toy is for my granddaughter. It helps to user to balance on turns.

Brass Bicycle Bell

Don't be too excited. A nice freebie thou: a-hard to mount,b- a delicate ring,c- takes up real estate on the h'bar. It is however fun every now and then to use!


After learning on a rental, this frame makes for a much more stable riding experience. Standing sprints on the corners if the track are no longer scary. I could do without the bottle mount screws that don’t really belong on the track. Seat is a little hard to setup, as rotation, and slide are a single mechanism and there is a lot of play until its too tight to adjust, but it is manageable. I would not make a quick adjustment at the track other than to raise or lower it. But it rides great. Handles well. Stiff in a sprint.

6KU Kick Scooter for 3-8 years old