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Sinch Foldable Ebike
Barry Kelley
Too Much Fun

I can’t say enough good things about my Sinch! It’s fun, it’s fast, and it has an awesome look! It’s so much fun riding the 20 mile bike trail around the city! Wish I would have bought one much sooner!

Aventon Saddle
Amanda Luchini
Very comfortable

Would buy again

Pace 350 Step-through ebike
Kimberly Thibodeau
Adventures await!!

Love 💕 my new bike!
I have a partial knee replacement and soon to have another. I just about gave up riding a bike but now I can get back to the adventures!
Thank you!!

Aventure Front Rack
Dennis Baker
Seems Well Made . . .

. . . but limited space with cables above. Good for carrying laptop, books, etc

Wouldn’t ride without it

It’s so versatile and strong. It makes those trips to the store possible when you can put it all in a trunk bag or panniers. Takes the bike from a recreational to a utility vehicle.

Well packaged, easy to set up, and a joy to ride!

The bike arrived in great condition, and was easy to unpack and set up with the help of the video on the Aventon Web site.
It feels robust and well made, and is so easy to ride. You can get the exercise you need at zero or 1 pedal assist settings, or can cruise effortlessly at higher settings if you prefer. The saddle provided is very comfortable, and the disk brakes give easily controlled yet powerful stopping power. The tires are a bit fatter than my previous hybrid bike, and provide a lot more comfort. Also, the customer service team at Aventon were very responsive and helpful with the few questions I had. Very satisfied!

Pace 500 step thru ebike

I love this bike!!!!


Ordering was simple and easy. Customer Service provided accurate updates.
Bike arrived when predicted, well crated and in perfect condition! It came out of the box 80% assembled and tuned by factory pros. Installing the front wheel and fender, handlebars and accessories was a breeze. Everything needed is supplied.
Aventon’s online assembly video proved a comfortable companion. Pleasantly surprised to find the Engineering, Build Quality and Performance had not been overhyped. The Aventure is truly worth the wait!

Level Step-Through Commuter Ebike


Love,love,love our new bikes! We bought 2 and we are over 200 miles in our first month! So much fun. I have 3 artificial joints and these bikes allow me to keep riding and still use my joints.

Great bike!

Riding around nyc got many questions and complements. Rode for 40 miles at 2/3 pedal assist with 4 bars left on battery. Don’t wait and get one and forget about it!

Level Commuter Ebike
Henry Daniels
VERY high quality

Very easy to start out if you "feather" the throttle. Also, the motor will not engage if you happen to have your brake engaged; a nice safety feature.

All told, this is a fantastic bike; we love ours!

Pace 500 ebike
Patti Sutter

Great bike!


I bought a bike for my wife last Christmas. She won't ride it because of how it jolts and takes off on her even at assist level 1. Your customer support person said this is supposedly the solution. Waiting now for 8 MONTHS.

I can't in good conscience recommend Aventon to anyone.

Sturdy Rack

The rack is not only sturdy but it looks great and is easy to install. I mounted a ammo can to mine to hold my lock and chain and some bike tools.

Great eBike for Commuter and Trails

Great looking and performing eBike! Rides very well on both pavement and crushed limestone trails. Battery lasts a long time as the bike is easy to peddle and very stable. Handles very well.

Level Commuter Ebike
daniel garcia
Grate bike one of the best

I had for a 4 month and I love it

Pace 500 ebike
Uday Poonamallee
Best $1500 spent!

I got this as an anniversary gift from my wife. I didn’t think I would use it as much as I do or how much fun it is to ride! I live in Sacramento where there are extensive bike trails. I’m exploring large portions of it that I never would have with a regular bike. I’m riding 12 to 15 miles without blinking an eye. I’m trying not to overuse the electric motor too much, so that I actually get a workout. But it’s great not to struggle going up inclines or when my legs get a little tired.

The bike performs extremely well, very easy to ride, looks good and looks like a regular mountain bike hybrid. Brakes are a little squeaky for some reason. Need to figure out why, when they’re brand new.

I have already recommended this bike to a few of my friends looking into buying an electric bike. The price point is great for what you get with this bike.

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Awesome eBike - Aventon Pace 500

I love my new eBike. I got the small frame for my size and it fits great. Bought it mostly because I needed ped assist to help my bad knee out. 3rd time out I took it for a 10 mile ride and tested ped assist at level 5 in 8th gear and got it up to 28 mph. Fun times ahead!

Love Love Love !!!!

As an older woman, there is a learning curve with riding an e-bike safely!! I learned that lesson twice in one week!!!! Ouch!!! However, even with two little mishaps, I am now loving my Pace 500. It is a beautiful aqua color with lots of power!!! We are loving riding our Pace 500’s(my husband has a black one) on the Ghost Town Trial near our home in PA. We are so happy we invested in these bikes. Thank you Aventon!!!!

Aventure Ebike
Ryan Bishop
Aventon Aventure

Awesome bike with great speed and handling. Easy assembly and shipped quicker than anticipated. Overall very happy with this purchase!

So Very Happy

So very happy with my Pace 500 step through bike. Pretty too - love the color. Easy to assemble. Fast shipping too. Fun awaits!

Great bike

I love my new Pace 350. Great ride, great assist on hills , but also a great workout. Highly recommend.

Display Cover

Got these for our Level Commuter, Pace 500 and the Sinch. Displays just looks better with. Added Protection, but not sure if needed unless you do flips on your bike.

PACE 350

Bought bike for my wife and she loves it! Really helpful on hilly terrain.