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Aventon Bikes
Randy Myers
Enjoying our bikes

Handy to have in Dawson City Yukon. Next stop, Alaska.
RV, camper, and both bikes.

An awesome ebike!!

Aventon, thanks more making such a high quality bike!! I love everything about the bike. I’m glad I made an upgrade from my other e-bike. This bike has fulfilled how I feel about about other bikes. I did an extensive research on other e-bikes and made Aventon my choice. My son loves that the Aventure 2 comes with turn signals. My weekend has been out biking with my family and it has changed our weekend culture of just staying home. We get to explore the outdoors more now. Thanks again!!

Hi Tousay,

We're glad you enjoy your Aventon ebike. Thanks for taking the time to write it!


Aventure 2 is fantastic

The Aventure 2 is a fantastic ebike. This is my first ebike but I can never see myself going back to a normal bike. The quality of the bike is great and so far I have had no issues. I ride 40-50 km a day and so far range has been no issue. Love the torque sensor and integrated tail lights and turn signals. If I have one suggestion it would be that when you turn on the light you should have an option on whether or not you want the screen to dim. Even better would be a photo optic sensor in the screen so it could sense the ambient light and adjust the screen brightness accordingly. Currently when you turn on the lights the screen dims and this sucks as I like to keep my lights on during daytime rides for safety to make me more visible to vehicles on the road. Once the lights are turned on and the screen dims it makes it more difficult to read in daylight conditions.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for leaving your feedback! We hope you take many adventures!


Easy to decide, order and install

I purchased (2) Pace 500.2 eBikes. We chose this model for the extra power and raised handle bars to match our cruising style.
I personally assembled them with ease. Took as long to unpack as to assemble because it is packaged really well to protect your investment. Watch the Youtube video on assembly in addition to the included instruction sheet. The bike is really well made and works great. At 62 years of age, this bike made biking fun again!

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the great review! We're glad you're enjoying your Pace eBikes and appreciate the feedback.


Aventon Bikes
Rupert Rockhill
Customer Service

Both my wife and I purchased the adventure 2. The bikes had some small damage on delivery ( dents in fenders). Been trying for two weeks to get a response from the Adventon team to no avail. Customer service at this company is the worst. Would send both bikes back if I could. What is wrong with a company that sells a product for $2000+ and wont respond or stand with it.

Hi Rupert,

We apologize for the lack of response and inconvenience. We will work to resolve the issue with the damaged fenders promptly. Thank you for your patience.


Aventon Bikes
Rachel C.
Aventure-Soooooo fun!

I love this bike. I've now put 50 miles on it and can say that it was a really good purchase. I ride mostly on old logging/forest service trails that are not maintained and can be pretty rough. The tires have held up and the suspension is great. I would agree that it is a little bulky for single track but I do pretty well on some narrow trails despite the size. If you are riding on rough terrain and not one to get up off the seat I would add the suspension post for sure. The seat it comes with is really nice though. This bike definitely inspires me to get out there more, and I mean really out there. I can't believe how hard I can ride it up hills and still have so much battery left! The only downside to this baby is it's HEAVY, but, it is clearly high quality parts that are really well put together, especially for the price. I did lots of research and I have zero regrets choosing this bike out of a sea of ebikes that are out there and I don't think you will either.

Hi Rachel,

We're thrilled to hear that you're having a blast with your Aventure bike! It's great to know that it's performing well on rough terrain and providing a smooth ride with its suspension and tires. We appreciate your feedback on the weight and understand that it's built with high-quality parts to ensure durability and performance. Thank you for choosing our bike and happy exploring!


Thanks Aventon

Just enjoying a typical Spring Day riding the bike trails in Delaware! Our bikes allow us to catch some fresh air, shoot pictures of the scenery & wildlife while cruising on our Aventon Pace 500.2’s. The freedom of biking long distances without the dread of peddling home facing headwinds, hills, & the occasional bumpy terrain is why we bought electric bikes. Aventon has been a great company to deal with on the purchase and support end. When we had some issues they were handled in a timely fashion with no hassles whatsoever.
We love our bikes and have recommended them to all our friends!

Hi Gary,

Thank you for your kind words and recommendation! We're glad to hear that you're enjoying your Aventon Pace 500.2 and that it has provided you with the freedom to explore and enjoy your bike rides without the usual challenges. We appreciate your support and are always here to assist you. Happy riding and capturing those beautiful moments!


Aventon Bikes
Jim Kovatovich
Great store

I wrote before out of frustration. The store I bought from been great.. Got the parts there yesterday. Being installed this morning so I'll be back riding.. parts did come just wish it was sooner. Thanks

Hi Jim,

We're glad to hear that the store you purchased from has been helpful and that you received the parts you needed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the delay and appreciate your patience. Enjoy getting back on your bike and happy riding!


LOVE Biking!

I always hated biking before this - now I love it. I can still get a workout by leaving the assist at 0 or 1, but then when I need help up the hills or the last stretch home - I've got it. The Aventure Step Through has made me a bike lover!!

Hi Barbie,

Thanks for the great review! We're so happy to hear that you've found our bike helpful and enjoyable to ride. We hope you continue to enjoy it!


Aventon Bikes
Ikuna Mataele

The bike is amazing but its the customer service that made my purchase so much more valuable. My agents were Erin, Jeanette and Bertha. All of them were professional and went beyond to take care of me and my purchases. Be sure to ask for either of them and you'll see what world class service is all about. Plz thank those ladies for me with a bonus or something. I am referring all my friends and family to get these bikes and be assisted by these ladies. To give some context, my bike box came opened and damaged. Luckily nothing was missing or damaged but these ladies were ready to send out replacement parts, email videos to assemble the bike and even gave me items that were promoted after my purchase that I just made a week ago. I was having issues with Fedex getting my extra battery and they made some calls and arrangements to appease my frustration. Outstanding ladies!!! Aventon is luck to have you guys.

Hello Ikuna,,

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback on your recent experience with us. Cheers to many great rides and welcome to the Aventon Family!

Ride More, Be Happy!

Aventon Bikes
Vic Yepello
The Abound is boundless quality

I'm a bike mechanic and I just got my Abound yesterday. In half an hour I had it road ready. What an awesome ride. First time I've had a rear hub drive eBike with torque sensor and it's the best. I get a better workout and can really tune in how much work I do.

I can't wait to use this bike more. I am car-free for 2 years now and wish I had gone with Aventon from the start. This bike will be a game changer for my care-free lifestyle.

LOVE: Torque sensor, turn signals, handling and tires (actually love it all).

Maybe: I'm not a fan of the dropper seat and may install my Suntour suspension seat post.

Still to come: ordered panniers and from basket which should be here soon

Shown are the bike and my personal add-ons

Hi Vic.,

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad to hear that you're enjoying the Abound eBike and that it's enhancing your car-free lifestyle.


Sinch .2 trail ride

Great bike. The ride is so comfortable. Ease of transporting the bike, build quality is top notch. The bike comes completely assembled take it out of the box and you are ready to ride. I love my bike. Would recommend Aventon to anyone interested in an ebike.

Hi Ryan,

We're thrilled to hear that you're enjoying your Sinch .2! Thank you for your kind words and recommendation. Happy riding!


Aventon Bikes
Bill Miller
Power is Great!

I got my Aventure yesterday delivered and it took me less than an hour to assemble. No missing parts. I was amazed at the power. I hit 28.5mph on an empty smooth road. So far I am delighted with my new ride!

Hi Bill,

We're thrilled to hear that you're enjoying your new Aventure! It's great to know that the assembly process was smooth and that you're impressed with the power of the bike. We hope you continue to have many enjoyable rides ahead.


Aventon Bikes
Jill Dursky
Love my bike!

I purchased a Pace 500.2 in March. I have not been on a bike in 25 years and had never ridden an electric bike. I have MS and my balance is poor due to numbness in my lower legs and feet. I tried one at my local bike store and absolutely loved it. It does take some getting use to but it has enabled me to get out on a bike which I could not have done without out that assistance it gives me! So glad I tried this bike! It is very solid and very easy to ride! Thanks for a great product!

Hi Jill,

We're thrilled to hear that you're loving your Pace 500.2 and that it has enabled you to enjoy biking again despite the challenges you face. Your positive feedback is greatly appreciated, and we're glad that our product has made a positive impact in your life. Thank you for choosing our bike and happy riding!


Aventon Bikes
Julie K
Powerful bike

We have taken our Adventure 2 through various terrain and it has exceeded our expectations. Our first off brand ebike was a good time but these Aventons are another level of fun.

Hi Julie,

We're delighted to hear that your Aventure.2 has exceeded your expectations and provided a whole new level of fun in different terrains. Enjoy the ride!


Aventon Bikes
Theresa Barnhill
Meet Sky

Love my new bike! Pace 500.3.

Hi Theresa,

Congratulations on your new Pace 500.3! Enjoy your rides on Sky.


The more the better

This is the 3rd review. The more miles I put on this bike, the more I like it. Bought a aventon rack and a kemimoto bag . Since I find myself riding only on the pavement , I bought some street tires. Highly recommended. If you use the bike like a cruiser, the tires are smooth and you get a little more miles on a charge. Put another 15 miles on the bike today. Just wanted to put 4 or 5 miles on her but just kept riding . Amazing bike guys. I’m 67 years old and love this bike. Thanks for getting me out of the house.

Hi Bruce,

It's great to hear that you're enjoying your Aventure more and more as you ride it! The addition of a rack and bag can certainly come in handy for carrying items on longer rides. It's wonderful that your Aventure has encouraged you to get out of the house and explore. Keep on riding and enjoying the freedom that biking can bring!


Aventon Bikes
Bruce Owens
Quality and Customer Service Excellence

Purchased an Aventon Adventure a little over a week ago, and everything has exceeded my expectations. The quality of the bike, ease of assembly, appearance and performance is phenomenal. Was so impressed, my Wife immediately wanted one, and an order was placed 2 days later. There was an issue with the shipper delaying delivery. Contact with the shipper for 3 consistent days, did not resolve anything. Literally a simple 3 minute phone call to Aventon relaying my concerns, and that delayed shipment was cancelled, and a new order created. Could not be more pleased with Aventon.

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with us! We're thrilled to hear that you and your wife are enjoying your new Adenture bikes and that our customer service team was able to quickly and efficiently resolve the issue with your delayed shipment. We take pride in providing high-quality products and excellent customer service, and we're glad that we could exceed your expectations. Happy riding!


Great bike!

I just rode my Level2 for the first time and WOW! what a difference from my conventional bike.
I'm 60 years old and going up hill was a task. Now I only need to use the peddle assist at 1 or 2 and hills
just seem to flatten out. love it!

Hi Jeff,

We're thrilled to hear that you're enjoying your Level2 e-bike! It's great to hear that the pedal assist is helping you conquer hills and making your ride much more enjoyable. We hope you continue to have a great experience with your e-bike.


2 month update aventure 2

Just wanted to share with the community. On my commute to work today I passed 640 miles. I've had my bike for 2 months now and I have enjoyed it immensely. Even if my friends say I have a cheater bike it has made me love bike riding again at 52 years old. Thanks aventon I'm looking forward to future products 👍🏼☺️

Hi David,

We appreciate the review! We hope you continue to enjoy riding! Have fun!


About my Aventon Aventure 2

About my Aventon Aventure 2 large step over in grey purchased March 2023.
I am 6'1" 218lbs 60YO from Minnesota.
For comfort, I swapped in a wider C9 seat and a Suntour NCX seat post with the red spring.
I added the Aventon front rack and bar end mirror.
In the first weeks, I have ridden in sand, mud, through puddles, grass, snow, pavement (of course) and even over ice (not recommended).
The 4" fat tires do a great job off pavement, enjoy the lack of pedestrians and vehicles.
The front suspension absorbs the smaller bumps like jumping down curbs.
Exclusive daytime riding for me so no comment on the lights other than they illuminate.
Torque sensor works extraordinarily well with immediate pedal assist, I may never need the Thumb throttle button.
This is an 8-speed the trigger shifters are smooth and a joy to use.
Gears 1 and 2 must be for when pedal assist is switched off and going uphill.
Usually I start in 4th gear and use Tour Pedal assist mode, plenty of get up and go from a dead stop.
Sport pedal assist allows me to ride up the steepest hills without leaving the saddle.
Disk brakes work well on the way down from those same hills, with some chatter from the front.
Range? It will go farther than I care to go.
Brand new I rode 20 miles and that turned out to be 25% of the battery.
I estimate 30 miles would be 50% of the battery.
The eco packaging was beaten up in the 7 days of shipping, only one of the four plastic buttons? arrived with the box.
Bike was unharmed, easy to assemble, watch the video and use the supplied tools. Thanks for that tool kit.
I used alcohol to remove sticky adhesive residue from some of the packaging tape.
I Paired the app with my phone, tells me how far I traveled and my top (25mph so far) and average speeds, and remaining battery.
If there is any nits to pick, #1 I can't see the display when wearing polarized sunglasses.
#2 I have to dismount to reach the kickstand by the back wheel, supporting the heavy powerful motor.
I noticed the back of the 80lb bike is heavier than the front when lifting it into a hitch rack.
No curb hopping for me, other than that, the weight is unnoticed steering, breaking or riding off pavement.
I already received a few positive comments from acquaintances and random strangers on how good it looks.
I would 100% buy this again, if not the step over perhaps the large step through in blue?
Cheers, rubber side down.

Hi Duane,

It sounds like you're really enjoying your Aventon Aventure 2 e-bike! It's great to hear that you're finding it comfortable to ride, and that the wider seat and seat post upgrade has worked well for you. It's also great to hear that you've been able to ride it in a variety of different terrain and that the fat tires and front suspension have performed well.

It's good to know that the torque sensor and pedal assist modes are working well for you and that you've found a comfortable gear to start in. The range on this bike sounds impressive as well.

It's too bad that the display is not visible when wearing polarized sunglasses and that the kickstand is difficult to reach, we will pass this along to our team but it's great to hear that you've received positive comments about the bike's appearance.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, and happy riding!


Outstanding eBike! 6 stars if I could give it

My 3rd eBike. My 6 month old Trek (paid $3K) was stolen recently. I did a lot of research before ordering a replacement...

Wow! I ordered the Aventon Aventure2 fat tire step through, my very first Aventon product. It shipped very quickly and was delivered a couple days later, very well packaged. Very easy to assemble (manual plus video online) and I was really impressed with the build quality and that Aventon provided all of the required tools. I was missing one small screw - but no worries, Aventon included a few extra of various sizes in the box! Then I inflated the tires and took a test drive of my beautiful new eBike.

First impression riding? Very powerful eBike! With only Eco assist, I climbed a very steep hill just by changing gears. It was effortless. The 3 other assist levels seem to just add speed as desired. The color display is simple and shows everything you care about - speed, odometer, etc.. I thought the all terrain fat tires might be a little bumpy but no issue at all. Very comfortable saddle. The throttle that I didn't have on my previous eBikes is awesome. I easily hit 30mph peddling with the max assist mode... The integrated head and tail lights and the included rear rack save you the cost of adding those must have things - plus I don't need to buy a bike multi-tool as it was included with the bike. Everything you need was included...

This is the best eBike I have ever owned at a great price. I would highly recommend to anyone. The one issue I had was just a learning curve thing. I kept pushing the power button on the handle bars when the battery power button is on the battery at the top. Figured that out fairly quickly and was just my confusion...

Hi Mark,

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with the Aventon Aventure.2 step-through! We're glad to hear that the bike was easy to assemble and that you were impressed with the build quality, powerful capabilities, and included features such as the lights and rear rack. We appreciate your recommendation and hope you continue to enjoy your new e-bike!


Aventon Bikes
Michael Harrall
WOW this has enabled me to do so much more

I did not think an ebike would be so profound that it would make me prefer to grab the bike instead of the car but that is it just that simple. Why you would not chose Aventon is beyond me the customer service has been amazing and the bike are just solid. Thanks Aventon for changing my life

Hi Michael,

Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our products and customer service. We are thrilled to hear that our e-bike has enabled you to do more and made you prefer biking over driving. We always strive to provide excellent service and quality products to our customers. Thank you for choosing Aventon!


Aventon Bikes
Michael L
Updated Review

Still overall pleased with the bike. Range slightly better now, and the PAS for 1-2 is quite tolerable for distance, much different than my previous E-bike.
A complaint, however.

The battery charger connection to the battery is horrible. Why this design was settled on is beyond me. It's tiny, it doesn't simply plug in, has to be twisted the wrong way to slot on to the (of course) hard to see, miniscule connectors on the battery. In short, it's a nightmare. The designer should be assigned to something a bit less fussy. Perhaps 2x4 block production.

Most everything else has been as expected or better, with the exception of the handlebars. Can't imagine why they would be so far on the low side for a large frame. Have to buy a riser to not have a screaming back in ten minutes or so.

All in all a pretty good bike. Could be better, but a great effort, and satisfying ride for the most part.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your updated review. It's great to hear that you are overall pleased with the bike and that the range has improved. However, we understand your frustration with the battery charger connection and the handlebars being too low for your comfort. We will pass along your feedback to our team.


Loving the new bike

Received my adventure not to long ago and took it out this past Sunday and really loved the new bike!’

Hi Jon,

Thank you for leaving a review. That's great to hear! Ride more, be happy!