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Bruce Pooler
Aventon sets a high standard

My Level2 replaced a low end brand ebike that just couldn’t handle NYC streets and the difference is evident in every single aspect and component, from the frame, lights and paint to the hydraulic brakes and battery life. The torque sensor is a game changer and a must have. Think uphill rides and the difference between torque and cadence is clear.

I only had it for 4 months before a hit and run driver destroyed it 2 weeks ago in a brutal hit and run collision from behind. When I contacted Aventon for advice about handling and recycling the lithium battery La Ron’s response was immediate, his concern genuine even before I sent the photo and video from my helmet cam which are disturbing. Aventon responded by replacing it at no charge along with a new helmet! They had no obligation and I had no expectations but they did the one thing that will make a difference in a world where a cyclist in the bike lane walks away from a collision that destroyed his bike: get me on two wheels again and for that I am deeply grateful and can not recommend a better company to buy from.

Hey Bruce,

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to leave this review, and are so glad that you are enjoying the Level.2 model. We are glad that you are ok and that we could help replace your e-bike in a quickly manner. Don’t forget to register your new e-bike at https://www.aventon.com/pages/bike-registration! Happy riding!


Aventon Bikes
Catalino Ortega
My aventon pace 500 battery don't change

La Ron S . From aventon helped me out really quick and they sent me and other battery for my bike. This aventon company is the best in electric bikes.

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback on your recent experience with us. Cheers to many great rides!

Aventon Bikes
Ralph Leggett
Sinch ST and customer service 5 stars

I love my Sinch ST. When I moved to a town for retirement, one of the factors was a place where I could walk and ride a bike. I wanted to be able to almost live without a car. I had biked throught the years, but now that I am older, I wanted something that was electric too. I found the SInch ST - I live in a condo and I needed it to fit into a closet. It is perfect, only problem I had is that the display/command button broke. I emailed Aventon and they sent me a new display immediately. Great customer service too.....highly recommend.

Hi Ralph,

Thank you for leaving a review! We are happy to hear the Sinch ST worked out for you. We appreciate your feedback, enjoy riding!


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Dwight C
Top Quality E-Bike.

I purchased the Aventon Pace 350.2 after reading reviews and seeing videos. My girlfriend has an older model of this bike and I wanted to get her the exact same for this location with no learning issues. The ordering process was great, no issues. The bike came with NO damages. Pictures with this review shows how great the E-Bike was protected! Even thou I saw building videos, it was simple to assemble. It came with all necessary tools. I also like the built in LED taillights located in the frame, a cool idea. The only issue was that the computer was a newer design and a little harder to read than the older one but my girlfriend says she can work with it. Due to the weather, we have only had one fairly long ride but it worked perfect. Thank you AVENTON !!!

Hey Rider,

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos of your new e-bike. So glad that your e-bike was delivered perfectly! We can’t wait to see where you will go next. Don’t forget to register your e-bike at https://www.aventon.com/pages/bike-registration!


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Mike Wallace
Was there when I needed it

I'm not a big review writing kind of guy but I felt the need to write this one. On January 12th a pretty powerful tornado did much damage to my town. At the time my adventurer was stored in shed that was picked up by the tornado and landed in a neighbors yard. On impact the shed exploded apart scattering our things, we later found items in three different neighbors yard. After the storm downed trees blocked the roads and traffic was backed up to making travel by car near useless. I was able to pick up my adventurer, straighten the tire to the handle bars with my knees, unwound the cables from around the frame and ride. The display was cracked and illegible, the seat was missing, and some cosmetic damage, but buttons and motor was still functioning. I was able to volunteer myself to make wellness checks for concerned family members that couldn't contact love ones. Using the bike was much faster than any road and with a functioning motor I had no problems. I will always appreciate the durability of this bike.

Wow! We are so sorry to learn about this and hope all is well. As for the display, if you have yet to replace this please submit a request and address you email to our Customer Service Rep, Ivy. https://rideaventon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Soltera Step Thur 7 speed

Purchased two of these bikes for my parents who are in their 70s with the hope that we would be able to use them too. My parents love the bikes and ride them daily during the spring, summer and fall. The bikes are light and stable and provide a little push on a hill and extend the distance that my parents ride daily. They love the bikes so much that we never get to use them! Guess we need to get our own!

Hi Kerry,

Thank you for leaving a detailed review! We are happy to hear this worked for you and appreciate your feedback. Ride more, be happy!


Not Only Product But Service!!

My wife and I have purchased 2 Pace 350.2 in the past year. We could not be happier with the bikes! However, the thing that stands above that is the service provided by the folks at Aventon!

I am a little "ready-fire-aim" and my beautiful wife can support that! I ordered fenders for her bike without reading the big statement in red that told me the fenders I was ordering were not for the models we own. I am a man, I don't read I just punch buttons. Plus, I didn't figure it out until I was in the process of attaching them! Genius! Nor did I notice one of the fenders had been bent, probably in shipping. Super Genius!

So then I was facing the dilemma of returning a damaged part that was the wrong part in the first place in exchange for a different part. You can imagine how that would blow most companies minds! But, after a couple emails back and forth the problem was solved. The correct part is on it's way and the damaged part need not be returned. This is the kind of solution we dream about!

Thank you Avneton for all you do and I promise to let my wife take charge on the next orders! Unlike me she listens and reads!

Hiya Paul,

Thank you so much for the positive feedback! We’re so happy that you’re loving your new e-bike. Welcome to the Aventon Family and safe travels!

Ride More, Be Happy!

Aventon Bikes
2 bikes and love them

We own 2 Aventures. We are so happy with them.
We make work deliveries, ride the streets and take into the desert and mountains.
Reducing our carbon footprint and having a blast at the same time.
Highly recommend Aventon products.

Hi Derek,

Thank you for writing a review! We are happy to hear this worked out for you, enjoy riding!


Aventon Bikes
Josh Clemons
Customer service experience amazing

I had a friend gift me a level commuter E-bike recently, which is amazing in itself , but now I know why he Aventon for his E-bike needs. Customer service is top notch. I had someone stubbornly try to steal my bike the other day and long story short they took the thru bolt assembly and I got online , stated my problem and in less than an hour , I was contacted and problem solved!! Y'all have made me a life customer

Hey Josh,
Thank you for this phenomenal review of our customer service. We are so glad we were able to take care of everything you needed. We're happy to have you apart of the Aventon family! Happy riding!
-Aventon Support Team

Aventon Bikes
anita galli-jarvis
This is one satisfied bike owner

Hello to all my fellow aventon adventure bike riders, and for those of you that are still thinking about one. The adventure medium was for me! Great bike, that gives you all the speed and stability without the exhaust fumes! I
There is not enough i can say about what a great bike this is, except there is transportation after cars..I can shop, run errands, go just about anywhere anytime. Thankyou aventon for making such a great bike and getting me mobile again.

Hi Anita,

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to leave this review! We are so glad that you are enjoying your new e-bike. If you ever need any technical support or have any questions please feel free to reach out at info@aventon.com.

Happy Riding, Safe travels, and Welcome to the Aventon Family!

-Aventon Support Team

Customer Service

order a rear wheel for my Soltera 7 speed. The protective cover for axle had come off in shipping and arrived damaged. Contacted Aventon and 1 hour later has a return shipping label and a new wheel was shipped which arrived undamaged. Issues happen in shipping and Aventon quickly remedied them. Great service.

Glad we were able to get you back on the road quickly, Paul! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Customer service

I just want to give a shout out to a great bike and the company that stands behind it.I read so many positive reviews about these bikes and the customer service it was hard to imagine, especially after owning several other e-bikes from other companies who did not have the best support.By far my customer experience before the sale,during the sale and purchasing accessories after the sale have been (PERFECT)! It has been so refreshing to be treated like a real person and not just a number.
I want to thank Aventon and their group for doing a great job and YES I do recommend them 100%

T Thompson

Hey John,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a positive review! We appreciate your support!

-Aventon Support Team

Aventon Bikes
Mark Davis
Pace 350v2

After 6 months of searching for the right ebike for me, I bought a Pace 350v2. One reason for the 350v2, was it was rated in the top 10 of "all around" bikes. I like to do my own repairs, so I had the bike sent to me. I ordered it online with Aventon. I REALLY like the fact that I could pay with Paypal. The bike arrived in 2 days. After the bike arrived, I made sure all the parts were there. Before assembling it, I took the front tire to my local repair shop that sold Aventon Bikes. I told them I do alot of riding on trails with "goat head" (thorn). They fixed me up with thorn proof tape and a synthetic sealant. Sorry, I don't remember the name (not Slime) but each tube required 1 bottle. I also got a half dozen zip ties that are necessary when removing the rear tire. At the bike store, I also got a set of wire cutters that are needed to cut the zip tie on the bike to remove the rear tire. I then went to the hardware store and got a 2X4, which I cut two-3 foot lengths from. The 3 foot lengths of 2X4's are for turning the bike upside down to work on the bottom of the bike, and not damaging the computer display or light.
After installing the tape and sealant, I put the bike together. The instructions are easy to read. Aventon provides a tool kit, which is okay, but I highly recommend purchasing a Allen wrench set (mine is 7 piece) and a 8 inch adjustable wrench. The adjustable wrench that Aventon suppies is okay, but I prefer a beefier handle. The Allen wrench set is okay, but I prefer a Allen wrench with a longer handle.
I've had the bike for 2 months. I've put almost 800 miles on it. It runs like a dream. I only see a couple draw backs. It does hills, but doesn't "fly" up them. If you do alot of hills, I suggest a more powerful bike. It doesn't fair well against a wind. Again, if you live in windy areas, get a more powerful bike. Most of my riding is with battery only. I get about 18 miles per charge. I could probably get a couple miles more, but I don't let the battery run completely down. I also bought a extra battery. It takes 5-6 hours to charge the battery. On most flat surfaces, I get up to 20 mph. If there is a wind or hill, the bike goes around 10-12mph.
The bike is incredibly sturdy. I've hit some chuck holes that would normally snap a spoke on my mountain bike. Not so with the Pace 350v2.
For your first month, I suggest taking with you the Allen wrench set and the adjustable wrench. I've had to use both, but only a couple of times. I always take tools with me anyway.
Another reason I chose the 350v2, is that it weighs less then 50 pounds, which is lighter then most ebikes. When you have to work on the bottom of the bike, take the short lengths of 2X4's, and place them on the ground in a manner that when you turn the bike over, the handle bars land on the 2X4's. The easiest way I found to do this ,without having a hernia, is to grab hold of the handle bars as if you were going to get on the bike, set the brake on the rear wheel (right lever) so the bike doesn't move, and flip the bike back so the handle bars land on the pieces of 2X4's. You might want to have someone standing by the first time you do that. The 2X4's should allow enough clearance to keep the computer screen/headlight from touching the ground.
You will need a zip tie if you remove the rear wheel. The Aventon web site gives you instructions on how to remove the rear wheel. Follow the instructions to the letter. Note-the Aventon web site has a number of "do it yourself" repairs on your bike. Some have videos.
Thankyou Aventon for making a REALLY great bike!

Hi Mark,

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to leave this review! We are so glad that you are enjoying your new e-bike. If you ever need any technical support or have any questions please feel free to reach out at info@aventon.com.

Happy Riding, Safe travels, and Welcome to the Aventon Family!

-Aventon Support Team

Aventon Bikes
Mitchell Fineman
First ride

Start with unfortunate. Bought my pace 350.2 for my 59th birthday. Arrived from best buy on 11/26 my bday perfect. Then went down hill from there. Promised professional third party e-bike experts. Geek squad showed up. Strike one. Strike two they never put one together. Didn’t follow any directions and even tried to put handlebars upside down. Drilled the pedals on. Then saw scratches all over display. Sent it back. But strike three is they also were supposed to show me how to use it but they didn’t know how! Yet the worst was that if they had known they would have realised that it was a screen protector on the display. So waited a week canceled install put it together myself. Which was a breeze watched a video and took it for my first 7 mile ride today.

Well all I can say is the bike is fantastic!!!
Loved it!!!
Can’t wait to ride again!!
So moral of the story. Best buy sucks
Aventon pace 350.2. Five star!!!

Hi Mitchell,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review on your recent experience with Best Buy. We apologize for this and. the inconvenience that this has caused. We will be forwarding this on to our team to look further into so that we can improve this buying experience. Thank you for your time and continued support!

Happy trails and congrats on your purchase!

-Aventon Support Team

Aventon Bikes
Jonny Cobb
Level of Excellence!

Six months ago, all the ebike research and studying paid off when my new Aventon Level arrived at the door. Straight out of the box, assembly was quick and easy. First ride was amazing and after some small adjustments, the bike fit like a glove and rode like dream. With a forty-five mile round trip commute, I was looking forward to the relief pedal assist could give my legs after a long day or pushing through a stiff headwind on the way home. The Level not only made my commute less physically straining, but also cut my travel time down dramatically. Plus, I finish the ride with biggest smile. This bike spectacularly takes cycling to the next level. On pedal assist setting 3, I make it to work with half the battery charge left. Using setting 4 and spurts of 5 on the way home, I still have two bars of battery power left. If I never changed a thing, I would love this bike just like it was built. However, being an old-school cyclist, I had to tinker. So, I personalized my Level with Schwable Marathon E Plus tires, SQlab 611 saddle, lights, mirrors, and wider platform pedals. Performance, versatility, and value all molded into a magnificent mode of transportation. I highly recommend the Aventon Level.

Hi Jonny,

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to leave this review! We are so glad that you are enjoying your new e-bike. If you ever need any technical support or have any questions please feel free to reach out at info@aventon.com.

Happy Riding, Safe travels, and Welcome to the Aventon Family!

-Aventon Support Team

Aventon Bikes
Richard Jury
Quality Company = Quality Service Representatives

Owning two Aventon Pace 500 Step-Thru E-Bikes in Northern Michigan, we decided that we liked them so much that we just purchased two additional Pace 500 Step-Thru E-Bikes for use at our home in Naples, FL
Because we ordered these bikes on-line, we did have a couple of questions regarding accessories & delivery. The two Aventon Company representatives that we spoke with (Brenda on the first call, and then Alex on the second call) were not only knowledgeable, but they were also "friendly" in the way that they responded "professionally" to our different inquiries.
It is gratifying to find a Company that not only makes a quality product, but it is equally if not more gratifying to speak with their representatives that demonstrate a care and concern for their customer; "Brenda" and "Alex" both did a great job and it is much appreciated!

Richard & Karen Jury
Naples, FL

Hi Richard,

Thank you for leaving a review! We appreciate your feedback and support, we hope you enjoy riding!


Aventon Bikes
Kacie Moore
Problem solvers!

We loved our bikes…till we had an issue…then customer service solved our problem with a new part sent right away and we now love them and Aventon even more! Great job.

Hi Kacie,

Glad we could help get you back on the road! Happy riding this holiday season!


Aventon Bikes
Jeffrey Burnley
Great Customer Service

Took off early today for my first ride, great bike, well designed and the interface on the display is great. Highly recommend as we are first time e-bike riders, looking forward to riding!

Cycle-Fit of Delaware County - Considered purchasing online, but visited this dealer, the staff was top notch, sales through service, outstanding!

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you so much for all your support as well as your five star review! Happy riding!

Team Aventon

Aventon Bikes
valerie mangino
Superb customer service from Alex!

I recently had to contact aventon customer service about a promo code. I was dreading this call for a couple of reasons: 1) was afraid that I was going to have to yell at a robot or I was going to talk to a human and get the run around. I was SO pleasantly relieved when none of this occurred!! I was greeted by a human named Alex. He patiently waited while I explained a long story about how I was not given a promo code for accessories. With no questions asked, he simply took my information and WA-LA, that was it!! I was stunned! He relieved all my anxiety about having to deal with customer service. I truly appreciate that he made this so simple and easy. Aventon not only has great products but OUTSTANDING customer service!! Keep it up b/c this is such a service that gets a bad rap. Thank you Alex!!

Hey Valerie,

Thank you for taking the time to provide this awesome feedback. We have forward this review on to the Customer Service Rep that helped you resolve this matter. Thank you for the continued support and love and happy riding!


Aventon Bikes
twyla hendricks
Great Experience!!

Thank you to Locomotion E-Bikes in. McKinney, Texas for making the purchase of our two Pace 500.2 e-bike an informative and fun experience!!! Also , thank you. To Alex with Aventon customer care for being so very helpful and responsive. We enjoy these bikes so much and are so Happy we Chose Aventon!!!

Hi Twyla,

Thank you for choosing Aventon! We appreciate your feedback and are so happy that our Customer Service Team was there to help you. Happy trails and cheers to many rides!

-Aventon Support Team

Aventon Bikes
David Schenck
Best customer service

I bought 2 Soltera's for my Son and daughter in law. I got an email that they would be delivered in 2 days by Fed Ex. Without going into detail, Fed Ex didn't deliver and I had a terrible experience getting my bikes from them but Aventon kept in touch with me and atempted several times to get Fed Ex to release the bikes to me. after I finally got them, I had a few questions about the small assembly required and Aventon customer support imediately responded to all of my questions and followed up to make sure everything was good. I am vary happy with their customer service and excited to give these bikes to my family so we can all ride together now!

Hi David,

We are sorry to hear about the experience with FedEx and we will pass this along to our team. We are happy to hear our team was able to assist you! We hope you enjoy the bike!


Aventon Bikes
joel keller
Customer Service

After I made my purchase on line I received a text from Mandy @ Aventon who thanked me for the purchase and encouraged me to reach out if I had any questions etc. I did so a few times and she responded almost immediately. My wife & I love our new Aventure bikes and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great E bike under $ 2,000.00.

Thank you for the wonderful feedback Joel!

Aventon Bikes
David Boober Boober
This was a rescue bike!

My wife bought me this Level step thru when my other bike (not Aventon) had to be taken off the road for motor problem repair. With shipping back and forth we thought it would be several months which would pretty much finish the season. She was tired of seeing my long face and me missing my rides ,so like I said she purchased this new bike Aventon Level. For those that are thinking of a great road bike may I say this is the answer. Its comfortable, fast and very road worthy. I was very impressed at how easy it was to assemble, did it right in my living room. I have dressed it up a little and I am looking forward to finding a good trunk bag or saddle bags and I will be complete. Thanks Aventon, ....ya did good!


We are so glad you love your Level as much as we do!

Happy riding,

Aventon Bikes
Karen Fischer
Joy to ride.

Wife and I bought two adventure e-bike in August and have been enjoying riding Colorado trails. Makes riding a lot easier on the e-bikes being in are sixties. Bikes where easy to put together with the tool kit that came with it. Easy to operate. Can’t wait to ride again.

Hi Karen,

We are so happy to hear that! We hope you and your wife continue to have many adventures!


Aventon Bikes
minase haile

I bought a level bike on July 2nd and on October 4th the bike stop turning on ,so I took it to the shop where I bought it and they told me that the warranty was for 3 months and it just expired so I called aventon and they were really helpful and professional. Alex went the extra mile to make sure that I was a sudisfied customer and gave me a new battery for free. Thanks again Alex.

Awesome feedback, Minase! Thank you so much for leaving a review. We are so happy that our Customer Support Team was able to get you back on the road in no time!