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Julie Boteilho
Fun riding

My husband and I are older now, I am short and have osteo-arthritis and have knee and back issues, but
love to be in the great outdoors. I got the Pace 500 step-thru. Since our old bikes were stolen my husband has not wanted to ride and now we are riding together again. He got the same but the large frame step over. Love that it gets me up those hills and through the wind. More for fun than cardio, but you can get excercise using lower assist and longer rides. One I ordered came with a ripped inner tube, but the mobile service had parts on hand thankfully. It takes getting used to a bit
and it is important to gear and assist down to 0 for me anyway when stopped and hold onto those brakes, as every half petal thrusts you forward including on turns, so be aware. Then only thing I would change is it is always nice to have shocks on the front, but at least the seat does. Even our paved trails and county roads have bumbs and cattle guards. We took a 34 miles ride using assist 1,2,3 and even 4 coming back, but not to many hills and long grades and still have 50% battery left. Anxious to see how it does on long uphill grades like 15 miles worth, of course coming down will need very little assist. So far...loving it!

Hi Julie,

Thank you so much for your support and five star review! We are thrilled to hear you and your husband are enjoying riding with ease!

-Team Aventon

Happy Camper

I have had my New Aventon Aventure for about 2 weeks now, the only thing wrong with the bike on delivery was a bent back fender that was easy to fix. The box on the other hand had a hole in the side of it that FedEx taped up, thank God there was on damage done to the bike... Over all this is a Great Bike it does what Aventon said it would and Some, the only thing I found that I had a problem with is the throttle it is all or nothing difficult to feather in the woods on the move. Is there any way to fix this problem? If so please Advise me on this matter. This is a wonderful Bike to ride and look at very well put together... Keep up the great work. Ken M

Came broken

My bike came with a bad throttle.. bad and none working lock out fork... front brakes with fatal broken internal parts,
I got a non talented dealer that I got it from who did not detect and of this like I paid them to do(whitmans) and aventon won't assign me a different dealer that is not hours from my house and with that loopwhole they are sticking to, my bike will never get fix.. and I am an elderly disabled man. Way to go aventon!

Rear Rack for Pace 500

The Aventon rear rack fits perfectly and is very sturdy. I initially purchased a less expensive generic rack, but it wasn't as sturdy and didn't fit as good with the front of the rack being under the seat. For only a few dollars more it was an easy decision.

Aventon Bikes
Leanne Goetze
Fun journey

My husband, daughter, 2 grandchildren, and I rode our bikes 9 miles to Dairy Queen and then back home. Our reward was having a DQ treat. My husband and I rode our Pace 500 bikes the others rode their regular pedal bikes. Our granddaughter had a little difficulty going all the way but she did complete the journey. My husband's and my Pace 500 bikes made the journey possible for us. We are in our 70's.
Thanks Aventon for making this journey possible for us.

Hi Leanne,

Thank you so much for your review! We appreciate you and your support!

Warranty backup

Living in central Washington, my s
nearest dealer was Amped Adventures in Lake Forest Park 170 miles from home. My battery would disconnect on bumps. I became concerned when I could not find a phone # to call. But Aventon answered promptly by email, assuring me they were " on
it". A new battery and connector was sent out. It seams to fit tighter! So this is a double shout out, first to Amped adventures, then to Aventon for excellent customer service.

Aventon Bikes
anthony venters

would not recommend advent bike bad customer service no one wants to get on phone spoke with al lack of respone iam shore if I wanted to buy one i get response9

Aventon Bikes
Denise Tapscott
On the road (and Trails) with "Spot" & "Rover"

After I bought my Aventon Commuter bike my wife half-joked, "It's your "Rover" he takes you all over." And it does. I jump on it without thinking to get in the car to attend evening meetings, run errands, etc. I bought mine in the fall of 2021. My wife planned to get hers in the Spring of 2022. But after 2 weeks of my almost daily riding (and joy) we ordered hers. So glad we did! We named hers "Spot" (for the black & white markings). We have already logged hundreds of miles in NE Iowa, where we live, many on the Trout Run Trail (pictured). We have ridden all over Iowa (Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Cedar Falls, Des Moines, Decorah) and in Minnesota and Wisconsin as well. We are just getting started. We routinely POST pics of "Spot & Rover" on their adventures. And ours! We have become advocates of Ebikes and specifically AVENTON as they are so easy to use. Just like riding a bike.

Hi Denise,

Thank you for leaving a review! We are so glad the both of you get to enjoy cruising together! Happy cruising!!

Aventon Bikes
John Hannon
So far so good

I waited until I had 50 miles on my bike to review it, it should be known that my wife has a step through version of the same bike with 20 miles on it. The bikes arrived in good shape with one stripped bolt on the fender mount on the front fork, rather than warranty I tapped it out oversize and all is good. I have went through and applied lock title to most small screws and dielectric grease to all of the connectors, To avoid trouble later. I’ve also added “flat out” tire sealant, large size lizard skin chainstay protectors for both stays and a skid plate off of eBay. The best and first mod should be a suntour suspension seat post. I did add an Aventon rack to both bikes. When unlocked it cruises nicely at 14mph in assist level 2. It will easily go 30 in level 5, with battery range suffering accordingly. I had to contact customer service when I ordered the bike and they where very helpful. I would like to order a spare battery but they need to be in stock.
Overall I am very pleased with our bikes. I did measure how close my crank comes to the ground, it is within an inch of all my other bikes. So of your striking the ground when pedaling you should stop paddling in turns, it s not a perfect bike, but a very good bike. Be aware when reading reviews that not everyone knows how bikes and other things work, I’m no expert but that’s my take. Cheers

Hi John,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a detailed review! We appreciate your honesty and hope you enjoy your bike.

Well worth the investment!

We purchased the Synch bikes and they are definitely well worth the money. The foldable bikes came very easy to assemble. We choose the foldable bikes so that we can keep them in the back of the truck cab at night when camping so we didn't have to worry about them coming up missing. They fit perfectly. We are very pleased with our bikes, and I recommend the Aventon brand to anyone. Our friends have the Aventure, and that is great as well. We feel we still get a good workout, and have assistance for those hills on the camping trails. LOVE !!!!

Hello Julie, thank you so much for your review! We are so thrilled that you are loving your Ebikes. We truly appreciate all your support.

The Sinch is amazing.

I am a healthy 70 year old who looks like 40. So I'm told. I really favor the appearance of the Sinch. I was worried it would have too squished of a riding posture. I have a Cannondale Jekyll that has a generous riding area. I am 6'2 with long arms, torso and legs. A 450mm post solved those problems. I have more than enough inside the frame and that that is exposed is longer than the oem post. $26. If you're tall don't worry.

Another attractive feature is that Aventon has been in business for awhile. Like the days of PCs, startup companies are assembling ebikes from parts. Some have amazing frame designs. I wanted a company that has a name, history and quality control. I am not speaking ill of any company.

I paid for an authorized Aventon shop to tweek it as I am not a bike mechanic. The rear brake needed some adjustment. For the price I have a year of labor and an included fitting. I know from experience that fitting is paramount. The shop installed an identical saddle to my road and mtn bikes. (It was fit for me with the three screens and seat sensors to avoid any numbing.) My initial test ride was on a Sinch step through. I didn't love the seat for me. The original Sinch has a longer reach than the step through. Meaningful for my body. After the setup, new post, new seat, it feels very much like my other bikes.

The pics don't show how long this bike is. It's not tiny like some folders. It's wheelbase is the same as my Jekyll that has 26" wheels and full suspension. When walking it easily maneuvers around obstacles. It's folding feature and reasonable weight make it ideal to carry and store inside of vehicles.

Pedal assist 1 allows me to climb serious hills while getting a workout.

Thank you Aventon!

P.S. When first assembled the screen wouldn't turn on. We talked about contacting Aventon. The fix was plugging the charger in. Pow! Screen came right on showing 3/4 charge. Just sharing this in case this happens at your unboxing. It's worked great ever since.

Hello, thank you so much for your amazing review! We are so happy that you are loving your Sinch Ebike! Your support is greatly appreciated.

Aventon Bikes
Tami Talbot
Great Mother's Day!!

My boyfriend bought two Aventon Adventure E-Bikes. We took an 11-mile ride today. I AM IN LOVE, with him and the bike. I really enjoyed myself. I keep it in either 0 or 1 assist most of the time. The trails were hilly and level so I was able to get a good idea of how the bike will work. I am looking forward to a long ride. I am just sorry I have to go to work tomorrow. I am looking to a good long ride. Thank you Aventon for making a great product.

Hi Tami,

Thank you so much for your five star review and support! We greatly appreciate you and your time! Happy late Mothers Day!

-Team Aventon

Aventon Bikes
D Behling
Aventure literally stops traffic!

We have had out Aventure ebikes for three weeks now and I ride 6-7 days a week and my wife rides her bike 5-6 days a week! Tonight while on my ride I was stopped by someone who may soon be a customer! I happened to be on a side street approaching the bike trail when a car pulled along side and asked if I would/could answer some questions. They have been looking at the three similar ebikes (Aventon, RadRover 6 Plus and Himiway) and I could honestly say that I have seen all three in action and have been impressed by my Aventon Aventure the most in many ways, not including looks, multiple sizes and overall quality. When asked if I ordered it online I told them "no" and I recommended that they contact California Bike and Snowboard (nearby by dealer) as having a local contact is awesome!

I have over 350 miles on my bike in just three weeks, some nights I only get in 5 miles, but my goal is usually 15. I have been very impressed with the battery life -- but then I typically leave the bike in pedal assist 1 and try not to rely on boost unless I really need it. With over 300 miles on the bike I have only had it on the charger twice and it has never dropped below 60%. My wife uses the pedal assist a bit more, especially on hills or towards the end of her rides if she is feeling the ride in her knees.

Great bike

Had my Aventure for about a year now, as well as a Pace for about 9 months. Both are great bikes. Wish they gave you the full color display on the pace, but I get that they're trying to keep the price down. These are hands down the best value for the money that I've found. Sure you can spend thousands more for a big name brand if that's out thing. But as far as a budget e-bike goes, you can't beat Aventon. Great performance, disc brakes, well-built, we've loved pretty much everything about them. The Aventure is heavy, so be prepared for that. You might need a special weight-rated rack to transport it.

The only thing I wish is that Aventon would make more of a mountain bike style, but currently it's either street, or fat-tire.

Overall, great bikes, and a really good value.

Hi Seaira,

Thank you for leaving us a positive review! We are so glad to hear that both of your bikes have been enjoyable!

Aventon Bikes
Peter G.
Lovin' it!

I'm really loving my Aventure - I've gotten involved with promoting bike trails in town. With the kinda hills we have in this mountain town, for me it's the difference between biking or not. The elk around Lake Estes don't mind it at all ... though when I have a big dog or two tethered to the bike, they do get a bit nervous! I get groceries etc. on it, and feel both virtuous and thrifty when I pass gas stations.
I got one that's not a step-through, being concerned about sturdiness on rough 4WD roads. I think I'd choose otherwise now; with a bag on the rack behind it's a little awkward stepping over, though I'm fairly flexible. Handling rocks and such is a learning process ... I've dropped it a few times, and it's been just fine. (For the bike, anyway!) With the fat tires, curbs are no problem. With baskets on the side + panniers, I've picked up the makings for a Thanksgiving dinner for 6 and ridden them home up hills - no sweat (unless I want to sweat a little)!

Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for your review! We are so glad you are loving your bike!

Aventon Bikes
Tim Holland
Pace 500 is a cool breeze

Well I gotta tell ya this bike is like totally awesome. Here at the beach the afternoon winds come up nearly everyday and riding against them can totally harsh your buzz. Now I can power up to #2 and dominate those pesky winds. I can ride when I want, catch some awesome sunsets over Catalina and still get home with happy legs. Still got to get one of those cool coconut cup holders for the handlebar but I’m on my way to a righteous summer. Thanks Aventon.

Buy a Rad

Terrible customer service...Issues with my new bike and it's like pulling teeth to get help. Absolutely terrible. I had my new bike for 2 weeks now and it's sits in the garage because Aventon sent me a bike that the battery doesn't work and my bike makes a loud noise from rear wheel. Seriously I wouldn't recommend buying an Aventon. All they want you to do is send picks and you never get a response. I watch my neighbors ride their rad biked while I wait for Aventon to do nothing. Oh wait they did send me a wrong part. Terrible, Terrible Terrible.

Aventon Bikes
Daniel Hayes
Amazed at the Two Pace 500 Step Thru Bikes We Bought

About two months ago, I bought Pace 500 Step Thru bikes for my wife (60) and me (74) -- hers a Small and mine a Medium. I completed (easily) the assembly a couple of weeks ago and because we have late Springs where we live just got around to completing the finishing touches (installed mirrors, rear racks, bike bags for rear racks, and flashing tail-lights) and test riding them today. The bikes are incredible. We have plenty of hills in the Finger Lakes (New York) region where we live, and I easily navigated the hills in gear 6 with no more than a pedal assist at level 2! I don't think we'll even need the level 4 or 5 power assist. Throttle works fine too, though I much doubt we'll ever need to use it at its max speed.

Before buying the bikes I was a little worried that the weight of the bikes would make them hard to navigate without pedal assist on a flat, level surface. However, I found in test riding them today that they are fine on a basically level road, with no pedal assist at all, and just using the various 8 gears.

We are truly very happy with these bikes and could not be more pleased.

Aventon Bikes
Kenneth B
Perfect for what I was looking for in an e-bike

Simply put, the Aventure is dope! The power that this beast has is incredible. The thrust that it produces is highly addictive. I typically ride a regular bike about 1200 miles per year, as I live in Michigan and my riding season is short. I wanted an e-bike because I thought that I could push myself further to take longer rides and if I got tuckered out, I could always just rely on the throttle to get me home. The pedal assist has five levels, and my plan was to just use pedal assist level 1 or 2, so relatively low. I still wanted to get a workout in, at least that was my rationale. If someone had told me before my first ride that I'd prefer pedal assist level 5 (the highest), I'd have said they were crazy. However, after riding for the first time, it's difficult to use any other level. I still have to pedal my butt off, but going 32 mph on this thing is everything. I can't get enough of that speed, it's freaking exhilarating. So I've learned that I actually get a better workout on this thing, because I'm constantly trying to keep that speed up, and it's a lot of work. So anyone thinking they may workout less on this, that's not necessarily true. The ride is also very comfortable, thanks in most part to the fat 4" tires. They absorb so much of the pavement imperfections. Then you add the suspension on the front fork, and the comfort is incredible. The battery life isn't great, but it's actually better than they advertise. I just rode two days in a row, and got 23 miles in before the battery puked. They advertise "Real World" battery data and they state that if you use pedal assist level 5 and go 28 mph, you'll get 19 miles. Well, I used pedal assist level 5 both days, and got 23 miles. And keep in mind that I'm going 32 mph, not the 28 mph they list. To increase the max speed, you just go into the app and change it. If you only plan to use pedal assist level 1 or 2 for instance, I suspect you'll get 40, 50 or even 60 miles out of the battery. They advertise a 27 mile range if you choose to not pedal at all (100% throttle use). The stock seat is pretty okay, and will be good for most. I upgraded the seat right out of the gate because I love the seat on my normal bike so I replicated the setup for this one. I also changed the seat post to one with hydraulics, which adds even more comfort. I had one issue as soon as I unboxed the bike...the kickstand bolt threads were stripped, so I could attach it to the bike. One email later and they sent out a new one. It took about a week to get it, and it fit perfectly. Overall I can't really find a reason why this bike wouldn't perform great for anyone. If you're more of a casual rider, I suspect the Pace 350 or 500 would work just fine. But if you want Aventon's Mercedes, go with the Aventure.

Aventon Bikes
Harold Croom
good bike.

this is a great bike, and good price point. easy to put together, my local dealer wanted 200 bucks for this 30 min job! one problem i feel needs work is not answering the phone, the covid crisis is over answer the phone. Had a battery problem and had to go jump through hoops to get help. finally, some one called instead of back and forth on email.

Aventon Bikes
David Johnson
Sinch Battery issue

I want to thank Aventon for their quick response and battery replacement for my sinch. They are great! Now I'm enjoying my bike again. I'm a veteran and riding has saved my life. Thank you Aventon!

Hi David,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We are glad to hear that our agents were able to help you, quickly! Enjoy riding!

Aventon Bikes
Dennis Morin
So good I bought another one!

I had been toying with the idea of getting an ebike for probably a year.
I researched and price-shopped.
My conclusion was that Aventon had a solid reputation for a great bike at a great price.
So I finally placed my order for an Aventure.
Now this part should be a separate review of FedEx, cause FedEx suck ass. But I understand their ineptitude is not in any way linked to Aventon or their bikes quality.
I was not an easy customer either…I regularly barked at Aventon support inquiring about when I would receive my bike. They were always patient, professional and consistent.
Once FedEx and their white cane finally found my house, I excitedly but patiently opened the box and proceeded to assemble my new bike.
Everything went perfectly with one exception; the set up manual made no reference to a power button on the bike’s battery. This needs to be turned on before any of the bikes electronics will work.
But the bike itself went together very smoothly and when assembled looked bad ass!
I was able to find out about the battery power button when I reviewed the bike assembly instructional video. This is the only place I found mention of that but it is essential information.
After test riding the bike and being more than impressed, I just ordered a second bike.
I haven’t yet pushed the limits if it’s power, speed and range, but I ecrfdem plenty of 2 wheelers and this is a total blast!
I highly recommend Aventon bikes and if you’re on the fence, come over to the Aventon side…it’s more fun here!

Hi Dennis,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review!


I bought the aventure. I watched several videos and read all kinds of reviews of ebikes. I was not sure if I made the right decision. I had the bike shipped to a local bike shop and they assembled and did everything to set it up. After my first ride I was blown away. I have had 3 other people take the bike for a quick ride and they all came back with a huge smile on their face. This bike is everything it says it is and is more fun then you are expecting!

Hello Adam, thank you for your review and positive feedback. We are overjoyed that you are loving your Aventure! We truly appreciate your support.

Aventon Bikes
Fred Goodman
Soltera Rear rack

I found the Transit TD-1 to be a perfect fit for both the Soltera 7 step through and a Soltera 7 regular. The only adjustments needed were slight bending of the rack stays when they were fully extended. All parts needed were included.

Aventon Bikes
Shawn Boatright

I purchased the Aventure about 1 month ago from a dealer in San Clemente, CA (Trestles Electric Bike Co.), & we couldn’t be happier. I am disabled now due to cancer, whereas before diagnosis I was very active, including riding MTB’s. I am unable to comfortably pedal a non-electric bike due to my disability. However, now I am able to ride once again with the pedal assist, and this has allowed me freedom!

The bike is a workhorse & super fun to ride. I take my son to school everyday on it, over hills and through school drop off / pickup traffic: The Aventure handles great! Powered up to go fast when I need it to (over 30 mph with pedal assist 5), & agile to safely maneuver through vehicles. I will soon purchase another Aventure and hope to outfit the entire family so as to not rely upon driving our vehicles around town…. Thank you Aventon, for the joy and for the reliability!