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Aventure Front Rack


This front rack is specifically designed for Aventon's Aventure and Aventure.2 fat tire ebikes. Get additional cargo space with this wide front rack that can easily hold a small cooler with drinks or a small picnic set up. With simple installation, you can unlock new possibilities with more cargo space for your Aventure ebike.


  • For Aventon Aventure and Aventure.2 Ebike
  • Load Capacity: 20lbs
  • Black Matte Finish or Green Finish


VIDEO: How to install the front rack on Aventure ebike

Aventure Front Rack

What People Are Saying

Customer Reviews

Based on 755 reviews
Scott Sheffer
Loving it

Love the color, it’s durable and looks good on the bike

Thank you for the review!

Richard Singer
Exactly what I needing

Easy to install highly recommended

Thank you for the review!

Great rack!!

This is the perfect rack for the front of the bike. I put a net with bungees over the top so that I could hold anything that would fit.

Awesome! Thank you so much for the review. Happy riding!

Todd Doolittle
Perfect for small stuff

Was excited to get this rack to keep a better eye on small stuff during my rides. Mounting was fairly easy, but mine won’t align perfectly but goes to the right a bit. Tried adjusting with the little bit of play available in the mounting holes but won’t center. Doesn’t keep me from using it and still believe it’s a solid little rack.

Guy at the store said to spread the handlebar cables to the side when installing but they actually go through part of the rack to ensure they aren’t bent or twisted in any way. Aventon has a cool and simple video how to install. As handlebars have to cross over the rack, you’re a little more limited height-wise what you can secure onto it but still good for a lot of items you might need.

Love that its light weight looks great too. Having a little snap-on barrier for the front to make it into a shallow basket would be kind of cool for a future revision perhaps. Been thinking of ways to customize the rack with lights or other useful gadgets to make it into somewhat of an overlanding bike…we’ll see what the future holds.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! Happy riding!

Kurt Steffen
Nice Rack!

Perfect little rack. I love it have an upfront so I can keep an eye on anything special that I’m carrying while I’m on my ride even though the back rack is secure. I feel safer keeping an eye on my stuff in front. This rack is made high-quality and holds a lot of stuff.

We are so glad that this item is a match. Thank you for the review!