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Discover the versatility of Aventon's cargo ebike, the perfect choice for your transportation needs. Need help finding the right ebike for you? Discover and compare our entire lineup of electric bikes.

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What is an electric cargo bike?

A cargo electric bike is an ebike that’s designed to carry cargo! Whether it’s your precious cargo (hint: kiddos or grandkids), small cargo like groceries or packages, or larger, heavier, more spacious cargo. A cargo ebike, sometimes also referred to as a ‘family ebike’ or ‘utility ebike’, features an elongated frame with an oftentimes higher payload capacity than a traditional ebike specifically designed to withhold carrying all that a rider needs.

Read on to learn more about cargo ebikes and to see if a cargo electric bicycle is the right style of ebike for you!

What are the benefits of choosing a cargo electric bike? And what features does the best electric cargo bike offer?

The benefits of owning a cargo ebike typically align with its top features. Cargo ebikes generally feature a large front or rear rack to hold heavier loads of cargo. Some models offer both a front and rear rack to transport goods. Offering an elongated rear rack is beneficial for a variety of reasons, and, cargo ebike typically have a wide selection of add-on accessories to tailor the bike for specific needs. 

For example, riders can attach boxes to the rear frame to transport their items wherever they go. Or, seat pads and handrails can be purchased so parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or other friends and family can transport children safely and securely. Not to mention, children’s bike seats can be added to the rear rack to securely strap children in, who otherwise would be unable to grip onto handrails, along for the ride!

Another key benefit of choosing an electric cargo bike is the electric component. Having an electric motor assist also allows riders to more easily transport heavier loads. If both pedal assist and throttle features are offered, riders can enjoy the assistance at various levels or simply enjoy the ride going full-throttle. Features that alert to being among the best electric cargo bikes when browsing for one are safety certifications such as UL for its electrical components, a healthy total payload capacity, and integrated features such as lights for lower visibility conditioned riding, among others. 

What’s the difference between a family ebike and a utility ebike? What is the best family electric bike? 

A cargo ebike can sometimes be considered a ‘family ebike’ or a ‘utility ebike’ in the sense of what it is used for. While the electric bike itself doesn’t change, the intent for using it does. 

A family ebike is intended for use by families. For those wondering how this differs from any electric bike with a passenger seat, we’re here to explain. Some of a cargo ebikes’ prominent features (as opposed to just an electric bike with a passenger seat) for familial use may be a low step-through frame and intentionally designed additional rear seating for small children. Whether it is via a seat pad and handrails for children who are slightly older or the capacity to hold a bike seat for young children who need to be securely strapped in. A higher payload capacity also ensures that you and your passengers are within safe bounds of riding the cargo ebike.

A utility ebike is designed for carrying cargo or assisting in work-related tasks. Some of a cargo ebikes’ prominent features for utility use include a large cargo rack, the ability to attach a box or a basket to the cargo rack, or even a flatbed on the rear of the bike. 

Cargo ebikes are equipped with a powerful motor and healthy range battery, so riding along with extra weight will require less physical exertion. Some cargo ebikes also arrive with a suspension fork to better support the weight of cargo and provide a more comfortable ride. Ultimately, there is not one best family electric bike on the market, but rather, which is the best family electric bike for your needs. 

What are the legal requirements for a family ebike, an electric bike with a passenger seat, and cargo ebikes transporting children?

The age requirements for riding a cargo ebike can vary depending on the laws and regulations of the area you live in. If being utilized for utility, or leisure, with no intent to carry passengers who are minors, the federal minimum ebike riding age is 16. However, it is always strongly advised that you consult with your local regulations to confirm.

To determine the legal requirements for using a cargo ebike for transporting passengers, it is also strongly advised that you consult with both federal and local regulations for confirmation. It is always best to stay within the manufacturer's payload capacity recommendations for cargo capacity, therefore if the maximum rear rack capacity is 150 lbs as an example, equipment utilized to accommodate passengers and the passengers themselves should not exceed such limits. It’s also important to note that in the absence of federal or local regulations, it is best to proceed with extreme caution when transporting passengers on a cargo ebike. For example, if a child, or passenger, does not have the physical strength or coordination needed to hold onto specialized equipment (i.e. add-on handrails), it may not be safe for them to rise as a passenger. 

Does Aventon offer a cargo ebike?

Meet Aventon’s electric cargo bike: Abound! The electric utility bike, Abound, is designed to haul it all. Equipped with a front suspension fork, rear rack, fenders, storage bag, and footboards, and integrated lights with turn signals. It’s also available in a step-through frame, so riders have the versatility to make it their ride, their way. Whether they need Abound for recreational family time, leisure, or utility, Abound can do it all! 

Where can I find Aventon’s electric cargo bikes for sale?

Aventon’s cargo ebike can be purchased online direct at, through one of Aventon’s dealers, or through or network of big box retailers such as Best Buy. Use Aventon’s Dealer Locator, to find a bike shop or retailer nearest you that may carry the electric cargo bike you’re looking for.

Owning an Aventon cargo ebike

Aventon exists to spread joy through motion. By owning our own manufacturing facility, we have complete oversight of what we produce, how we produce it, and who we produce it for. We do everything with our riders are the forefront, to ensure that when they ride their Aventon cargo ebike, they feel happiness. 

Contact us for more information about Aventon’s cargo ebike, Abound. A member of our customer service care team will be delighted to speak with you! Or, visit our Help Center for more information on our electric cargo bike.

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