Pedal Assist Electric Bikes

Elevate your cycling experience with Aventon's pedal assist ebikes. Regardless of your purpose, our pedal assist tech allows you to conquer longer distances and challenging terrains. Overwhelmed by ebike choices? Use our comparison tool to steer you in the right direction.

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    What is a pedal assist bike?

    Pedal assist bicycles are electric motor assisted bikes. The function of the pedal assist is to augment the rider's own physical power to save energy, so they can ride farther and longer with as little effort as possible. Aventon ebikes have five levels of pedal assist. That means more assisted power as you increase the levels while you ride. In addition, when it comes to pedal assist there are two types of sensors that are industry standards when it comes to the mechanism behind this function: cadence and torque.

    The cadence sensor, when in use, produces a prescribed amount of power as soon as it recognizes the rider’s activity on the pedals. The power increases with each PAS level, and is sustained throughout the entire ride until they stop pedaling. Below are key benefits that the cadence sensor can offer each rider and how that translates to their experience.

    The torque sensor is all about rhythm. There is a natural relationship between the bike and the rider that can feel like they're riding a standard bicycle. A torque sensor picks up on the riders pedaling pressure and augments it. The more pressure applied by the rider, the more power they’ll receive from their ebike. 

    Where can I ride an electric assist bicycle?

    While pedal assist electric bikes are still considered bicycles, they do have limitations as to where they can be ridden, such as local trails or national parks. Aventon ebikes are considered Class 2 ebikes with the addition of the pedal assist and throttle functions, in addition to a top speed of 20mph. Some models, such as the Level.2, arrives as a Class 2, but can be modified into a Class 3 with its capability of reaching a top speed of 28mph. To find out more about where you can ride your ebike, contact state or federal agencies so that you can comply with their regulations and continue to ride safely and happily.

    What is Aventon’s best pedal assist bike?

    There really is no best when it comes to Aventon power assist bikes, only what is best for you and your preferred riding style. All Aventon electric pedal assist bikes have the capability of giving all types of riders a boost. With five levels of pedal assist on each bike, Aventon ebikes make riding more enjoyable. While each electric assisted bike comes with its own features, such as the Aventure’s 4” fat tires or the Level.2’s torque sensor, all Aventon models are pedal assist electric bikes ready to take you where you want to go, whether that’s on an adventure or simply around the block.

    What are Aventon’s electric assist bikes?

    All Aventon models are pedal assist electric bikes powered by a rear hub motor. Each ebike offers riders a unique experience depending on their use case. Whether you want to go off-road, ride around the block, or commute across town, Aventon has you covered to keep you rolling wherever you want the road to take you.

    Aventure: The Aventure is a fat tire ebike with pedal assist that can offer riders an extra boost while they’re exploring more of the outdoors, on and off the road.

    Level.2: The Level.2 is our flagship commuter with a torque sensor. In addition to the pedal assist, the torque sensor works in a symbiotic way in relation to the rider’s natural riding cadence.

    Pace 350.2: The Pace 350.2 is our classic cruise designed with leisurely rides in mind. With an upright frame and cushioned saddle, this ebike comfort in motion every time you ride.

    Pace 500.2: The Pace 500.2 is an upgrade of our classic cruiser with a more powerful motor that makes cruising more fun.

    Soltera: The Soltera is a lightweight quick-trip zipper that can get you around town in no time at all.

    Sinch: The Sinch is our foldable electric assisted bike that is compact with off road capabilities. Take it in an RV or the back of an SUV and hit the road.

    Where can I buy an Aventon pedal assist bike?

    Aventon’s motor assisted bikes are available online at or through one of our 800+ partners nationwide. This includes Hawaii and throughout Canada. To find a dealer nearest you check out our Dealer Locator. Aventon ebikes are also sold through our big box partner, Best Buy, online or at participating locations.

    Ride Aventon.

    For a decade Aventon has proven to be a force in the two-wheeled world with our customers at the forefront of all our products. We use quality materials and the latest technologies to ensure that every ride is one that is filled with joy. Our aim is to be persistent in this endeavor, from design to manufacturing to our partnerships and customer support. 

    For further questions or inquiries about Aventon and our pedal assist bicycles, please visit our Help Center where our team is standing by ready to make your ride more enjoyable, or contact a customer service representative here

    Ride more. Be happy.