Learn more about Electric Commuter Bikes

As the number of cars on the roads grows year after year, more and more people are searching for alternative ways like commuter ebikes, to drive around, get to town, and visit friends or family. Public transport is one alternative, but with average train fares increasing by 3.1 percent and a remarkable 55 percent rise in bus fares in the last decade, it might not be the most cost-effective way to improve your commuting habits. With price hikes, train delays, and congested roads, commuting can be a nightmare, leading many people to consider purchasing a commuter ebike.


Swapping four wheels for two, a commuter electric bicycle certainly sounds like an appealing alternative. Instead of sitting around and driving on a daily basis, cycling can have tremendous benefits for you - both physically and mentally. While cycling isn't for everybody - and some people can be put off by the thought of having to pedal their way around - thanks to the recent rise in popularity of ebikes, cycling to work has just become more accessible than ever before.


With commuter ebikes, turning the chore of commuting to a pleasure is now possible. But it's absolutely essential to find the bike you're going to be able to ride for the foreseeable future. If you're considering buying an electric bike to go to work, here are several reasons why you should be an ebike commuter.


What Is an Electric Commuter Bike?


Electric commuter bikes are optimized for urban travel. Rather than being designed and geared toward a specific niche usage, such as speed for racing, a commuter bike is ideal for casual, safe city travel.


Electric commuter bikes generally have the following characteristics:

-Wide tires for stability, as well as to support the added weight of the motor and battery

-A sturdy frame

-Often comes with metal racks for carrying your things

-The best part is that they are light enough to maneuver city traffic!

Things To Consider Before Purchasing An Electric Commuter Bike

Obviously, the most important consideration when purchasing an electric commuter bike is its ability to get you to work. With an assisted ride, simple pace, and a relaxed pace, an electric commuter bike is designed to get you to the office with intent and style. However, not all electric commuter bikes are built the same, leading to several other important considerations for a consumer to think about before purchasing theirs.


Below you'll find a few more things to consider when looking for the perfect electric commuter ebike for you.


Length of Your Commute

Long journeys are likely to require a fast, efficient ride — so while a standard bike may look stylish, you're going to want something with a little more efficiency. Depending on your ride's duration, you may also want to make sure that you get a bike with a big enough battery to get you to and from your destination on a single charge. Aside from the motor, there are several variables that can affect the ebike driving range, and here you can read more about our motor requirements and range estimates.


Geography of Your Commute

Additionally, if you're going to ride on some rough terrain, choose a bike with stability and strength to maneuver quickly and efficiently.



A commuter bike should be comfortable. You're going to need the right frame size, seat height, and handlebar positioning to get to work refreshed rather than tired.


Desired Speed

If you need a fast, comfortable ride to work, you'll probably be looking for a light bike with a powerful battery and engine.



A commuter bike should be a high-quality bike, but you should be able to find the best match at a fair price.


Bike Weight

If you're looking for a respectable pace or need to carry your commuter down the subway stairs or up to your apartment, a lighter-framed bike is perfect.

Aesthetics and Style

A good-looking bike won’t get you to your destination any quicker, but it's certainly going to make you more likely to want to get on it.


If you're going to take a lot of things with you, whether it's bags or briefcases, you may want to invest in a durable bike that has or can help rack for easier transport. Commuter bikes also combine some features of other conventional bike types. Below you'll find a few common types of bicycles and what distinguishes the commuter bikes.

Benefits of E-Bike Commuting

There are so many reasons why an electric bike is a perfect alternative. An e-bike commuter offers you all the benefits of commuting, as well as: 

-Eliminates the physical challenges of cycling

-Helps you calibrate your level of physical activity

-Leaves you with all the enjoyable aspects of your time.


Take a look at a few more benefits that commuter ebikes offer.


Weekend Adventures

When the fat and sturdy tires of your commuter bike are itching to break down some dirt, you can take it anywhere - from the park to some mountain trails. Just because a bike is intended for commuting doesn't mean it's not a strong, powerful beast that's tough enough to handle whatever  it is you're up to. Many electric-assisted road bikes are robust enough to cope with far more challenging rides than a traditional block run.


Have you had a tough week, so you're not really in the mood for a relaxing day off? Why don't you pick up some food and a bottle of wine and head out for a lovely evening of food and drink in the park or by the river? Bring your friends - whether they're on e-bikes or on standard bikes.

Since commuter e-bikes always come with helpful side racks and are durable enough for panniers, taking everything you need for a beautiful, relaxing night will be no problem.

Running Errands

You're no longer driving your car to work, so why would you drive to the store? Also, walking distance destinations can be much more enjoyable with an e-bike, particularly for errands such as grocery shopping, which will lead to a lot of bags being brought back. You can quickly keep those back in the rack of your bike and be on your way.

Getting Fit

Errands are a breeze with an electric shuttle wheel, and there's always workout. With the assistance of the pedal, you can start small and slowly increase your fitness objectives before pedaling harder. Just because you have an electric motor that helps you doesn't mean you don't work — studies have shown that people are successful 95 percent of the time they're riding an e-bike.


Whether your sport is cycling, tennis, soccer, or something else that needs strength and endurance, a trusty ebike workout will be sure to exercise the same muscles. A strong, steady ride keeps your muscles toned and your overall fitness up. The electrical strength of your bike doesn't mean you're going to exercise less — it means you're going to be able to work out a lot longer than normal, which has tremendous benefits for your stamina.


Long-distance travel on an e-bike tour can be incredibly satisfying for those who are up to the challenge — which is less of a challenge and more of a pleasure on an electric bike tour. For an extended trip, you're going to want a bike that both runs like the wind and has an incredible range so you won't run out of charge when you're just halfway to your destination.

Ease of Use

An electric bike turns even the most difficult cycling ride into an effortless one. It helps with strenuous hills, gives you extra speed, takes far less sweat and energy than a normal bike, and lets you work faster.

Cost Savings

Since there's no gas to purchase and only a battery to recharge once in a while, a bike ride is much, much cheaper than a car ride. And while a bus or subway ride can be considered a miniscule charge, aside from the initial purchase and repairs - a bike ride incurs no cost at all.

Mental Health

The fresh air and nature that you will experience will provide mental stimulation and refreshment, leaving you alert - even energized -  at the end of the journey. In a world where there is no end to the demands of life, it always seems like we are being tired faster than we can recharge. Starting and finishing a working day with a simple, convenient ride gives a much-needed half hour or so of relaxation.


An electric city bike might excel in taking you around town for work and errands, but there's absolutely no reason why it shouldn't take you out for fun with friends and family. With many commuter bikes straddling the boundaries between the conventional styles of bicycles, you always end up with an outstanding all-around bike that can accommodate multiple forms of use.


If it still seems like there's no room in your busy life for a dedicated workout routine, an electric bike ride is bound to change that. The physical workout of the trip ensures that you can get your fitness objectives and your trip to work done at the same time.

Environmentally Friendly

The electric bike is highly eco-friendly. With carbon dioxide emissions currently a hot topic in the news and a primary concern for modern life, every step you may take to raise your carbon footprint has profound implications. The electric bike, of course, emits no pollution at all, and the rechargeable electric battery is also a very green power source.


Perhaps the most important thing: an electric bike is fun. With the more difficult things taken out of your cycle, your trip is more comfortable and truly enjoyable, an incentive to get out of bed in the morning rather than a chore to fill out the list for the day.

Stress-Free and Convenient

People who fly to work on an ebike in urban areas don't lose time in a mile-long traffic jam. Such holdups can be easily bypassed with an electric bike. And there is no need for unnecessary exertion on steep inclines – thanks to the assistance offered by the electric motor.

The ebiker can cope almost easily with distances of up to 15 miles. Commuting by ebike means a safe, comfortable trip – making your destination feel clean and new.

Fast and Flexible

Time is important to everyone, and by using an electric bike, you can gain energy and improve your quality of life. The ebike is also the quickest form of transport in urban traffic over distances of up to three miles. But even over distances of up to 10 miles, the eBike is quick to keep up with the vehicle.

Fit and Healthy

On average, every adult spends 12 hours in a sitting position every day. Office staff, in fact, frequently exercise very little. Commuting by ebike is a practical way to fix this condition.

As the electric drive can be controlled through different support rates, the bikers can determine how hard they want to pedal. Electric bikes are best designed for healthy-conscious people willing to improve their fitness and stamina.

Less Traffic

One of the biggest benefits for purchasing an ebike is the appeal of less traffic. You can sit for minutes at a time, waiting for the lights to change, wondering where everyone else could possibly be going at this time and taking up space on the road, and don't even mention the frustration at driving behind a tractor. When you ride your ebike to work, this wasted time is massively reduced.

You can take the slower country lanes that the school parents avoid, and 9:00 am office workers and cut through the traffic by using bike lanes. Feel free to feel good riding past all those people in cars who have yet to discover the benefits of cycling. 

When you cycle you also get rid of the panic of trying to find a parking space, and one that doesn't cost an absolute fortune, parking in town or city centers can cost up to $20 for a day, and this may still involve a decent walk into town or a long-winded bus journey through every neighboring village.

And most town centers and cities will have ample bike parking right in the middle of all the shops. You can park up for free and be in and out of town in half the time!

Ride More, Ride Free

Did you know, studies have shown that ebike riding is safer than any other form of transportation? With the option of not sweating every time you ride, you're likely to end up riding more. Despite the hysteria of cheating, you have to work hard, which means you can get a good workout with the strength at your fingertips.

Save Time & Money

Experience free parking, reduced congestion, reduced road tax, and job scheme opportunities. Compared to the cost of a car, a tube, or a taxi, it works much cheaper for two years, and you'll end up owning a fantastic ebike. For a growing cycling network, you can keep up the pace on bike highways, cycle lanes, and railroads.

The choice to go from one place to the other without having to look for parking spaces, or commuting from the metro stations would definitely save you time. Feel the wind in your face instead of the armpit on the pipeline!

Travel Happy

Riding an ebike is a magical experience, like driving. Think of the smiles, the exercise, and the relaxation when contributing to a healthier, free-flowing environment. Call us biased, but we agree that the ebike is the greatest form of personal transport for cities in the world.

Get On The Road With an Electric Bike From Aventon

Electric bikes may seem daunting, but they don't have to be. Once you get the hang of them, they're really no more difficult to learn or ride than an easy, ordinary bike. They are great for travel, with plenty of choices for extracurricular usage as well!

Riding a bike to work can be both fun and practical, increasing the enjoyment of your journey while providing a range of measurable benefits, from physical to financial. Start shopping for a commuter ebike and get on your way to reap the benefits yourself.

We love Aventon's electric bikes, and we want to rethink the way you ride yours. Not only are they ideal for people of all ages and levels of activity, but they are also much easier to use than standard bikes, allowing them to enjoy themselves at any point in their lives. Look no further than Aventon if you're looking to buy a high-quality electric bike!

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