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Aventon Foldable Hitch Rack


The Aventon Hitch Rack features a quick hook adjusting system designed for convenience and security. With quick pins for rapid height adjustment and keyed safety system, this rack ensures a secure hold on your bike.

The Aventon Hitch Rack is equipped with a 2" hitch bar, making it compatible with most vehicles. The integrated anti-wobble safety system guarantees a stable and secure ride, providing peace of mind during your travels.

Designed to accommodate wheels up to 5" in size, this rack is suitable for most Aventon ebikes. It has a maximum capacity of 77 lbs for each bike, with a generous load capacity of 155 lbs allowing you to transport your precious rides without worry.



  • Keyed safety system ensures a locked hitch pin.
  • Ebike and bicycle hitch platform rack.
  • Integrated anti-wobble safety system.
  • Quick and responsive tilting system for easy loading and unloading.
  • Folding system for lateral beams.
  • Three rear reflectors.


  • 2” hitch bar to suit most vehicles
  • Designed for wheels up to 5”
  • Maximum number of bikes: 2
  • Max bike weight: 77 lbs
  • Maximum load capacity: 155 lbs

Advisory to remove ebike batteries during transport and cover exposed frame.

Please see Aventon Hitch Rack Adapter Bar for Step-Through frame compatibility.

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F Danley

I wanted to give an update on the Aventon foldable hitch rack. Up until now we had only taken it around the block a few times however, yesterday my wife and I took our two bikes (Aventure2 & Pace 500.3) on a 50 mile trip using our new Aventon foldable hitch rack. Even though it has an internal anti-wobble system, I also added an external anti-wobble U-boat bracket Just for extra measures. The bike rack work perfect! The bike racks did not wobble one bit and rode smooth. I was on a highway doing up to 75 miles an hour and holding that speed for a while just for a test. No problems! The bikes road smooth as silk. I bought the rack because the two bikes that I bought from Aventon are great bikes. Why would the hitch rack not be? I debated long and hard between the Aventon foldable hitch rack and the Hollywood rack and now I’m glad I saved $100 because this rack is great! 👍🏻🚴

Thank you for taking the time to update your review. We're happy to hear that you are satified with your purchase!

Works great 👍

Just used it for the first time last weekend for our two Aventure bikes and it worked great. We did have to get an 7” (~$30) hitch extension for our 2022 Bronco to allow the inside bike to clear the spare tire.

Awesome, thanks for reviewing your purchase!

Tom Walters

Aventon Foldable Hitch Rack

Thank you for reviewing this item. Happy trails!

Great Hitch Rack

Easy to install, easy to use and works great!

Thank you for taking the time to review this item. Happy trails and safe travels!

Works great on long or short travels :)

I like the hitch i ordered here, the Aventon Foldable Hitch Rack.
I can adjust for my Fat Sand Bike, my new Aventure .2 or one of the kids smaller fat bikes with the adjustable wheel hoops and vertical J-hooks , holds solid and as i watch the nearly 90lb bike loaded down with all my things- rides nice and no bouncing or tilting. Quite honestly the best bike rack I have ever owned and i turned 60 this year - .

Hi Tony, thank you for the feedback!