PLEASE READ COMPLETELY BEFORE ORDERING THIS RACK FOR USE WITH A PACE EBIKE This is the recommended rear rack for the Pace 500 and 350 series ebikes. Some sizes of bikes may also need an add-on mounting kit for compatibility. If your size bike requires the add-on mounting kit, this rack will...
Replacement charger for the Aventon ebikes. Replace a lost charger, or keep a spare at the office or vacation home.  USA Plug Please select your ebike model
Extra-Long mounting kit for the Planet Bike Eco rear rack. Size Small and Medium Pace ebikes need this kit in order to mount the rack with the shelf level with the horizon Size Large Pace ebikes do not need this kit Rack not included: this is only the mounting kit, not the...
Replacement display for the Aventon Pace, Level & Sinch series of ebikes.
Extend your range with a secondary battery. Each battery is built with premium battery cells for a long service life. For use with Aventon e-bikes Lithium-Ion cells Does not come with charger. NON-REFUNDABLE
Protect your ebike display with this custom fitted Aventon display case. Please be sure select the correct display model. 
Replacement kickstand for Aventon ebikes.
We developed this socket wrench especially for our Pace line of ebikes. It features a special cutout shape, allowing the motor cable to pass through so that the cable placement doesn't interfere with the wrench - greatly simplifying the installation and removal of the rear wheel. The perfect addition to your...
This display and controller bundle provides 2 modifications to the functionality of your Aventon ebike: Throttle on demand: Engage the throttle from a complete stop. No need to begin pedaling before you can start using the thumb throttle. Smoother PAS Acceleration: Reduces the minor jolt feeling going into PAS levels 1 and 2 giving...
Replacement derailleur hanger for the following Aventon ebikes: PACE 500 PACE 500 Step-Through PACE 350 Step-Through LEVEL LEVEL Step-Through SINCH AVENTURE AVENTURE Step-Through PLEASE ENSURE YOU'VE SELECTED THE APPROPRIATE EBIKE MODEL BEFORE PURCHASING  
This inner tube is designed for 27.5" / 650b x 2.1-2.35" tires - like the Pace 500s, Pace 350s, and Level ebikes. You should always be prepared by carrying a spare tube while riding.  Butyl rubber Schrader (automotive-style) valve 
Replacement wheel including tire, tube, brake rotor for Aventon Pace 500 series ebikes.
Replacement throttle for a damaged throttle on your Aventon ebikes. Compatible with: Level Pace 500 Pace 350 Sinch Aventure 
Replacement speed sensor on a damaged e-bike sensor.  Please choose the appropriate bike model. 
This is the replacement headset that features a tapered head tube.  Compatible with: Mataro Cordoba* Level Ebikes Pace Ebikes *It will not work on older Cordoba frames that use a straight 1 1/8" head tube. Includes star nut.
Replacement brake for the Aventon Pace 500, Pace 500 Limited Edition, and 500 Step-through line of e-bikes. Features electronic connection for motor inhibitor (turns off e-bike motor when lever is applied) Sold singly. Order qty 1 front and 1 rear to setup a complete bike. One kit includes brake lever,...
This is the stock saddle used on our Aventon Pace 500 and Pace 500 Step-Through ebikes. It features standard rails so you can upgrade many other makes/models, too.
Replacement spoke nipple for the Aventon LEVEL  **Sold singly
This is the factory pedal set for Aventon Pace 500 and 350 ebikes.  Order quantity "1" for a set of 2 pedals. Made up of a medal body and cage. 
Replacement seatpost for the Aventon Pace ebikes.  Select 31.6mm diameter for Traditional Pace models Select 30.4mm diameter for Step-Through Pace models.
Replacement rear wheel for Aventon Pace 350 series ebikes.  Includes fully-assembled rear wheel with hub motor, spokes, nipples, and rim as pictured
Replacement front wheel for Aventon Pace 350 series ebikes.  Fully assembled with rim, hub, spokes, and nipples as pictured
Replacement brake lever for Aventon Pace 350 ebikes. Features connections for motor interrupt, so the ebike motor turns off when you squeeze the brake levers.  Sold singly
Replacement head badge for Aventon Pace 500-series ebikes.
Mr. Tuffy tire liners help stop flat tires from thorns or glass. This is the extra heavy-duty liner from Mr. Tuffy, built to handle the higher speed of ebikes, in the size to fit Pace 350, Pace 500, and Level ebikes.  These strips are installed in between the tire and...
Replacement mechanical disc brake caliper for Aventon Pace 350 series ebikes.  Sold in a set (order qty 1, receive 2 calipers, enough for one bike) Includes brake adapters appropriate for Pace ebikes