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Aventon Full Color Display, BC 280


Our feature packed Full Color Display(BC-280) keeps you informed with essential data such as speed, distance covered, pedal assist level, and more—all beautifully presented on the vibrant LCD screen. Illuminate your path with the integrated light, while effortlessly connecting to the Aventon App to share your adventures with friends and the Aventon community. Elevate your ride with enhanced connectivity and performance.

Display Features

  • Full Color Display
  • Switch between Pedal Assist levels
  • Sync with the Aventon Mobile App
  • USB Charging Port to charge your devices
  • Additional Metrics and Data
  • Control Speed limits

What People Are Saying

Customer Reviews

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Terrence Chay
replacement for a non-working one

the one that came with my Aventon Abound did not have working bluetooth. This replacement worked fine.

In general, for an eBike display this is top notch. It’s rare to have all these features as well as a torque based pedal assist in the controller and a full color dipsplay. For instance my $4k Shimano eMTB didn’t have anything other than indicator lights and modest app compatibility.

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Lon Tran

Works like a charm and very easy to install

We’re so glad that this has worked out for you. Happy Riding!

Aran Levasseur
Excellent customer service

The customer service has been excellent!

So glad to hear that, Aran!

Josh Bobst
Parts were less modular than I'd have preferred, but otherwise no complaints

The rubberized cover came undone from the power button, multifunction control, whatever it's called. My bike stays outdoors mostly, and a few weeks after that, because we are having the El Nino this year which means unusually rainy weather in Florida, the controller began glitching. At first the lights wouldn't turn off, then power delivery would stop after a couple miles, then it stopped turning on at all.

You can't buy just the controller I discovered when I looked to replace the part, you must also buy the display. When it arrived I saw why. There is no pluggable interface between them. They are hardwired together. The parts arrived in half the time predicted, and everything was in order. About ten minutes of labor was required, and it was obvious what went where. I'm satisfied.

Thank you for leaving a review. Happy trails!

David Fields

Aventon Full Color Display, BC 280

Thanks for the review!