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Aventon Integrated Headlight


The Aventon Integrated Headlight was designed to seamlessly integrate with your Ebike, this headlight enhances visibility and safety during low-light rides. Illuminate your path with confidence, enjoying both style and functionality in one sleek package.

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Integrated headlamp.

My original headlamp and stopped working. I contacted customer service and was provided with a replacement free of charge. I installed it and it works as it should.

Glad we could get this taken care of for you!

Its Bright, Its Compact, Encourages night rides.

The integrated Headlight is nice and bright and encourages me to take night rides.I like the rectangular shape of the beam from the LED.I wish it had some options like a flashing mode and Hi/Low setting for daytime safety that would limit the power draw on the main bike battery .It would be nice to see the Ebike industry establish some connectivity standard’s so all aftermarket components .All in all its a great light.

Thank you for your review. We're glad to hear that you're happy with your purchase!

Mark S.
Two different lamps

Light was easy to install. Looks like good quality. I did notice after going to my bike shop, that Aventon Avenger has two totally different lamps on there bikes. One lamp has a convect lens over the LED and the other does not. The lamp that possess the outer lens works much better.

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Loose light

In 17 miles the light came loose and needs the mount tightened INSIDE the light. Is there any way to do that, I can't find it.

Hi there! We suggest visiting your local dealer for assistance.

Mike Buda
Pace Headlight

Problem solved….Thank you

We are so glad the problem was resolved!