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Aventon Throttle


Replacement throttle for a damaged throttle on your Aventon eBikes.

Compatible with: V1 Models

  • Level
  • Pace 500
  • Pace 350
  • Soltera
  • Sinch/Sinch Step-Through
  • Aventure

Compatible with: V2 & V3 Models

  • Level.2
  • Pace 500.2/500.3
  • Pace 350.2/350.3
  • Sinch.2
  • Aventure.2
  • Abound

What People Are Saying

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
John TenBrink
Go Fast, Throttle Up!

I was disappointed the original throttle failed. The replacement was shipped promptly and easy to install. Any disappointment has vanished and the Aventure is rockin & rollin again!

Hi John,

Sorry to hear about the disappointment with the original throttle, but I'm glad to hear that the replacement was shipped promptly and easy to install. It's great to know that your Aventure is back in action and you're enjoying it again! Happy riding!


Kim Hilliard

I received the throttle controller and LCD screen all under warranty due to continually having a throttle error, and only having my bike less than a year with 181 miles on it, Spokes in Leechburg fixed my bike with all the appropriate parts that were sent from the company and I am off and riding again 100% satisfied with Aventon and Spokes in Leechburg

Hi Kim,

It's excellent that you received the necessary parts under warranty, and you're now back to riding and fully satisfied with both Aventon and Spokes in Leechburg.


James Rokos
Failed to help my problem

After my bike was dropped it has acted sporadically by surging ahead even when I'm not using the throttle, it stays in assist mode even when I stop pedaling, and sometimes the assist function doesn't work at all. i hoped a new throttle would be the fix but it isn't. I might need a new controller but they have been on back order since fall of 2022 and now Aventon makes the Level 2 and I'm hoping they still make parts to support the Level 1.

Hi James,

We apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced with your bike. It sounds like there may be an underlying issue with the controller or another component. Our customer support team should be able to assist you further with troubleshooting and determining the best course of action. They can provide you with information on available parts and assist you in resolving the issues you're facing. Please reach out to them directly for personalized assistance. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to get your bike back in optimal condition soon.


Throttle Aventure v1

My controller displayed an E22 error. After speaking with Aventon , it was determined to be faulty. They sent out a new one and was here within a week. I can not be any happier with the service and products they offer. We have 2 of their bicycles and are completely satisfied. Great job Aventon

Hi Bo,

Glad to hear that we provided great customer service and resolved your issue with the E22 error promptly!


Paul Blackley

The replaced throttle did the trick. Back in business. Easy to replace the old throttle and the technical team did a good job helping me to diagnose the issue.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your feedback, we are glad to hear that the replacement throttle fixed the issue and that our technical team was able to assist you. We are always here to help with any technical issues or questions you may have in the future.