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Aventon Backpack Pannier


Aventon Backpack Pannier is the perfect solution for keeping your belongings close and accessible. Its roll-top design ensures easy access, while the backpack straps conveniently pack away during your ride. When you're off the road, simply deploy the straps for a comfortable and effortless carry. Need quick access to smaller essentials? The front external pocket is designed for exactly that, keeping you on the move with ease.


  • Versatile 3-in-one design: This backpack-style pannier is a true multitasker.
  • Weather ready water resistant fabric.
  • Equipped with Quick-Lock connectors, this bag easily and securely attaches to your Aventon rack with no hassle.
  • Quick and responsive tilting system for easy loading and unloading
  • Storable backpack straps.
  • External compartments for quick access to your essentials.


  • Weight limit: 25lbs
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 13 x 23in
  • 24 Liters

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Great Backpack

Glad this worked out for you. Thanks for the review!

Very roomy!

Backpack connects to the side of the rear bike rack, not the top. Two pretty easy quick release clips on the top with one lower clip that twists to hold it in place. Insert inside the backpack holds a laptop well. Plenty of room for my lunch and some books or papers. Top rolls down and secures with three clips. I stored the backpack straps and took off the shoulder strap. I just take it off the bike and carry it into work by the short handles. Seems pretty secure, and my stuff will be protected from any weather.

Fantastic! Thanks for the review, rider!

Nina B
Easy and useful

It took us a minute to figure out have to attach it, never having done it before, but once it was on, we were laughing how easy it was to actually do it. Backpack is spacious, sturdy and stylish. My husband had it on his bike and he said he did not feel the weight of the backpack pulling on one side. We are very happy with the purchase.

Hello, we are so glad that this item is a match. Thank you for the review!

Jim Welters
Nice Bag, No Instructions

I had difficulty installing this on my bike. There was no manual available in the box or online. The only pannier installation reference on the Aventon website is generic and doesn’t apply to the Quick-Lock system. I was finally able to find out how to do it on the Ortlieb (manufacturer) website. Then it was a snap. Nice solid connection, deep bag. Exactly what I was looking for.

Hey there! We're sorry to hear about this and will forward your review to our team for product improvement.

Phenomenal product, but not as universal as hoped.

I reached out via text to Aventon staff to confirm that the Pannier would be compatible with the front rack before purchase; they assured me it was, so I bought both. The two are incompatible. My intent was to commute with the Pannier on the front, and a backup, charged battery on the back rack. Between the Aventure.1 and and Aventure.2, the front rack was replaced with the back rack I have on my Aventure.2; I see why. The back rack has a grooved back bar for the Pannier's clamps to grip onto, so I was happy with it. However, I ordered a front rack for $34.99 and now it's essentially ineffective. The $15 restocking fee makes my return effectively pointless, so I guess I'll offer the front rack (with a clear caveat) to folks on social media. I love the Pannier and the backrack (and my Aventure.2), but I wish the support staff would have been more clearly trained on the limitations of other accessories.

Sorry to hear that you no longer are in need of the front rack, Aaron. As a one time courtesy, we have made a note on your account to waive the restocking fee. To start your return, please visit Thank you!