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Pace 500.3 Ebike

Reinvigorate the casual bike ride with Pace 500.3! Feel your efforts amplified with its intuitive torque sensor, then set the pace. How you cruise is up to you. The Pace 500.3’s 500W motor, with a top speed of 28 mph and up to 60 miles in range, gives a whole new meaning to ‘going for a spin’. The all-new turn signal functionality allows you to command traffic with confidence as you enjoy your roll through the neighborhood. Its cushioned saddle, swept-back handlebars, and upright riding position provide the ultimate comfort along the way. Pace 500.3 is leisure with a lift as you switch between its 4 new pedal assist levels: eco, tour, sport and turbo. Take the alternate route, there’s much more to see.

Pace 500.3 Ebike
Backlit LCD Display
Keep up with your riding metrics including speed, battery life and pedal assist level with the Full Color Display. Charge your smartphone with its concealed USB port and sync to the Aventon app to connect to the larger Aventon community.
Pace 500.3 Ebike
Torque Sensor
The Pace 500.3's torque sensor will recognize your pedaling efforts and match them to amplify your natural momentum, ultimately conserving battery life and extending riding range as you cruise the streets.
Pace 500.3 Ebike
Upright Cruiser Frame
The relaxed, upright cruiser frame and swept-back handlebars with a cushioned saddle provides the ultimate level of comfort and ride-ability for more time on the road.
Pace 500.3 Ebike
Integrated Lights w/ Turn Signal Functionality
Integrated front and rear lights allow you to see and be seen on the road, while the all-new turn signal functionality doubles as a safety feature by protecting you on the road and indicating your next move to those behind you.
Pace 500.3 Ebike
Hub Motor & Battery
A powerful 500W rear-hub motor coupled with a fast charging, fully integrated 48V battery means you can cruise farther and faster than ever before.
Pace 500.3 Ebike
Pedal Assist & Throttle
Switch between throttle and 4 levels of pedal assist: eco, tour, sport and turbo, to get more out of your leisurely ride. Add a boost to the way you cruise with a top speed of 28 mph and up to 60 miles in range.
Pace 500.3 Ebike
Adjustable Stem
Pace 500.3's adjustable stem allows you to raise or lower the handlebars to find the right angle that's most comfortable for your next ride.
Pace 500.3 Ebike
Puncture Resistant Tires
Puncture resistant tires will protect you on the road while the reflective sidewalls provide more visibility in low light conditions.

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Sidney Marlette

I fight arthritis and osteoporosis. I need to move but jarring of my joints is painful.
After reading a lot of reviews and comparing a lot of e-bikes, I chose the Pace 500.3 Step
Through. It arrived in only three days, packed well and in good shape. It only took me 45 minutes to assemble by myself as I watched the video they provided.
There are countless ways to adjust the seat, handlebars, and all the gadgets are fabulous!
I was so thrilled with my first ride! No pressure on my hips or low back. I am sold on e-bikes and would choose this bike over any other.
My friend bought a different brand e-bike a couple of years ago and spent a lot more for a heavier bike with less spunk.
I am 5'7" female, and bought the sm/med frame. It adjusts up tall so I sit up straight :)
Love, love, love it!!
Thanks Aventon!

Thomas Frauenhofer
Above and beyond

I’m just on the edge of 3000 miles in two years on my 2021 1st generation Aventon PACE 500. I was in PAS5 last year running late for work on a main thoroughfare in South Florida and was greeted by a driver with no license and no experience taking a left in front of me the impact put me in the hospital for close to three weeks. The only damage to the bike itself was a bent tire and a bent front fork, which I purchased from the company after speaking with them for around $200 plus shipping. every time I’ve ordered spare parts from them , which is been frequently, I just ordered a tire., Their customer service is stellar , second to none. If I could give 10 stars I would.
this just an awesome vehicle to get my groceries and go to the store and go to work and visit friends in another city go to the beach
it’s top speed is as advertised in the tires have lasted me over 2000 miles. 2 flats … yes… in areas of especially littered surfaces..
The brakes are good for about 1000 before the pads need changing… can’t say enough good things about this company I bought the pace 500. because I like the style geometry and the relatively low weight for an E bike of this class 50 pounds I put a rack saddlebags lights in fenders to me. This is the ultimate E bike and where I live I definitely wouldn’t want to spend over 3000 on an E bike because it’s a high crime area but I’m so grateful to the company and this is one heavy duty ride lightweight Hydro formed aluminum
very happy with mine and I’m sure I’ll get at least 10,000 miles on it.

Pamela Barranco
Love, Love, Love

Best bike ever!!

Yay, congrats! Happy trails!

Linda Astorga

We are really enjoying our e-bikes!

That's great to know, Linda! Happy riding and safe travels!

Mark Gaier
Yes the 500.3 is the perfect E-bike

I contacted my local Aventon dealer to purchase a Pace 500.3 bike. Was told they were sold out all over the country and they won’t have them back in stock until September. I called Aventon and was told that was wrong. I ordered it and had it four days later. Assembly was easy using the Aventon video. So far I am very impressed with the quality of the bike and its performance. It really is like riding a regular bicycle and the 52 pounds doesn’t feel heavy or affect riding. I tested it on the steepest hill in town and it went up it with no problem using the pedal assist. I would recommend this bike to anyone looking for a good quality E-bike I bought the step through model and really like the ease of getting off and on the bike. Being 68 years old I really enjoy the pedal assist. If you have been waiting for the perfect E-bike it’s now here. The Pace 500.3 by Aventon. Tell them Mark from Wisconsin sent you. Five Stars

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