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Aventon Front Rack


This Front Rack is specifically designed for Aventon's Pace.3, Pace.2*, Soltera*, Soltera 7-Speed and Soltera.2. Get additional cargo space with this wide front rack that can easily hold a small cooler with drinks or a small picnic set up. Start unlocking new possibilities with more cargo space for your Aventon ebike.


  • Pace 500.3 and Pace 350.3 ebikes.
  • *Most Soltera ebikes - Before you purchase the front rack for the Soltera, ensure that the bike contains mounting holes midway down the fork. Pictured here.
  • *Most Pace.2 ebikes - Before you purchase the front rack for the Pace 500.2 or  Pace 350.2, ensure that the bike contains mounting holes midway down the fork. Pictured here.


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James Eisenhauer
Nice But Smaller than I thought it would be

I like the rack a lot...but was a little surprised when I took it out of the box..that it was not bigger. So make sure to look at the measurements so you are not surprised like me :-). But still a great rack!

Mark F.
Front Rack

Easy to install and really great addition to the bike’s look and usability!!

Thank you for reviewing this front rack. Happy holidays!

Ron Rubens
Front Basket is quality but a bit smaller then I thought

Was easy to install. It's a bit smaller then I expect and sits lower then I thought. Its reachable but lower and closer to the wheel base then then the handle bars.

We’re so glad that this has worked out for you. Happy Riding!

Practical *and* Stylish...!

I bought this rack to expand the carrying capacity of my Aventon Soltera 7, and it checks off all the boxes...! The rack has plenty of room to carry my book, tablet, and jacket (with bungee, of course), while also compelling me to grab a cafe mocha at my local coffee shop and slip it into the perfectly-sized cup holder. I really appreciate the bamboo platform and extremely lightweight allow construction too. Installation was about 10 minutes on my Soltera, and I was off to the local cafe. If you are looking for an affordable, customized, and well-designed front rack for your Aventon e-bike, look no further...!

Thank you for the review. We are so glad that this has worked out for you! Happy Riding!

Katherine Ratcliffe

This item is such a thing of beauty -- the wood work! It should be in a museum. Very steady (we have some punishing bumps and hills on our mile-long dirt road). Love it!

Awesome! Safe travels!