Load image into Gallery viewer, Aventon Tail Light W08-40A
Load image into Gallery viewer, Aventon Tail Light W08-40A
Load image into Gallery viewer, Aventon Tail Light W08-40A
Load image into Gallery viewer, Aventon Tail Light W08-40A
Load image into Gallery viewer, Aventon Tail Light W08-40A
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Aventon Tail Light W08-40A

Price: $26.99
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Our Aventon Tail Light offers a fast and convenient way to increase your safety when riding in low light conditions. 

This tail light offers a variety of modes and attention-grabbing flash patterns. Mounts easily to your seatpost with integral rubber strap so it can be installed or removed in a flash. 


  • USB Rechargeable, built-in 680mAh battery
  • Flashing, Steady (solid red), and Daytime Flash modes
  • Power-saving mode: if the light does not detect motion for more than 120 seconds, it will enter sleep mode, then power back on when motion is detected
  • IPX6 waterproof rating
  • Just 40.6 grams! 

High Steady: 40 lumens, about 3.5 hours of runtime
Medium Steady: 20 lumens, about 5 hours of runtime
Low Steady: 5 lumens, about 33 hours of runtime
High Flashing: 40 lumens, around 18 hours of runtime
Low Flashing: 5 lumens, around 85 hours of runtime
Daytime Flash: no lumen output, about 25.5 hours of runtime 


Works with Aventon Pace series, Level, and Sinch ebikes, as well as the Cordoba fixed gear bike. Also fits most other makes/models of bikes that use a round seatpost. Will not fit the aero wing-shaped seatpost on the Aventon Mataro. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Brian M
Bright Tail Light!

Tail light works great, it's bright and fits nicely under the seat on the seat post of the Level.

Susan Harman
Love it!

Easy to see me riding in the dark. Super bright!

Brenda Mitchell
I can keep up with my hubby!

My husband has been biking for years, while I have hardly been on a bike since my school days. As our kids get older, we’ve been seeking new ways to spend time together. We went 20 miles on our first trip out. The boost helped me keep pace with him so he could get the workout he wanted. Controls were easy to adjust so I could work hard when I chose to and then recover. He quickly learned to send me on up ahead of him on the big hills! Now he’s telling everyone about my amazing new bike. :)

John from Cleveland
This is a great rear light

This light is well made. Has super bright blinding settings and then it has reasonable ones for group rides. Great battery life. an interesting upgraded mount (Really locks secure better than others I have seen. I love the square shape. The plastic is great quality. and it charges with the regular android cord that you already have a million of. What a great light. and has the Aventon matching logo on top. Look at my pictures it also comes apart and you see a METAL bracket. If you are looking for a perfect basket for your Aventon level notice this Axiom Market basket. This light fits PERFECTLY on the back mount that is made for something with the bracket. At this price. I dont think you will find a better performing rear light.

jeff rader
Aventon Tail Light W08-40A

Excellent light

1 year warranty