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Aventon Head Light V10-500

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Our headlight offers an incredibly bright beam in a sleek, compact package. A headlight is a must for riding in low-light conditions and enhancing your safety. This light can output up to 500 lumens so you can see, and be seen.

The included handlebar mount can be left permanently on your handlebar, while the light itself slides on/off the mount as you need it and for easy recharging.

Compatible with every Aventon ebike and traditional bike, as well as almost every other make/model of bicycle on the market.


  • USB Rechargeable, built-in 2000mAh battery
  • High, Medium, and Low modes; plus daytime flash and SOS functions
  • Charges easily via USB
  • Includes handlebar mount

Runtime and Lumen Output

  • High: 500 lumens, 1:30hr runtime
  • Medium: 250 lumens, 2:40hr runtime
  • Low: 100 lumens, 6:30hr runtime
  • Daytime Flash: 500 lumens, 21 hours runtime
  • SOS: 250 lumens, 3:30hr runtime
  • Strobe: 500 lumens, 3:00hr runtime


  • IPX6 waterproof rating
  • Weight: 108g

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
barry middlebrook
fantastic bike, support has improved drammatically

Initially, i had problems with a faulty battery switch. It would sometimes take quite a bit of fiddling and retries before it would turn on. When I contacted support they put me through the ringer providing them photos and videos. After 6 weeks, I gave up.

But then, they contacted me again, gave me someone else in support who looked at all of my supporting evidence and had a replacement battery on the way within 24 hours.

I am very, very pleased that Aventon did the right thing for me. That kind of response is exceptional and now I'm a big fan of their bikes and their support efforts.

Buy one. You won't regret it. Aventon will take care of you if anything goes wrong.

Lonnie Klein

Very good light. Very bright and the charge lasts for a long time!!👍🏽👍🏽

Chris Koran
Great wide light - better for being seen that seeing.

My wife’s Level needed a headlight so Aventon was kind enough to supply us with the V10-500. Super easy to mount with the rubber bungee, stays in place on level surfaces, rotates a little when on rougher roads, and charging is a snap with the quick-release mount. We did notice that it doesn’t seem to focus the light quite as well as the round light hard wired to my Aventure, but instead cuts a wider swath from side to side. Additionally, the rim light does a great job of making her bike even more visible from the side because that little lip really is bright. Overall I’d buy it again if needed and am happy that we have it for all our daytime rides and is a welcome tool for evening rides as well.

alan foster
Bright light, bright light!

The Aventon headlight does a great job. It has good distance lighting up surroundings and really shines on signs well.

Owen Flanagan