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Aventure Ebike

As beautifully elegant as it is rugged the Aventure is the most powerful and versatile ebike we’ve ever designed. With a front suspension fork, fat tires, and exceptional handling you can be sure of the most comfortable ride across whichever terrain your spirit chooses, whilst built in fenders and integrated front and rear lights ensure that wherever you go you’ll be both seen by others and protected from the terrain beneath you.

While the Aventure ships as a class II ebike, it can be configured into a class III with its high capacity battery and powerful rear hub motor. Topping it off with its color display that syncs to the new Aventon app means that this bike is first in its class and packed full of the technological innovation required for it to stand up to the test of time.

Aventure Ebike
Backlit LCD Display W/App Sync
Easily view important ride metrics such as speed, pedal assist level, battery capacity, distance traveled and more. With the touch of a button you can change your ebikes class rating, control the integrated lights, or share your most recent ride with your friends through the Aventon app! You can also plug in your smartphone via USB cable.
Aventure Ebike
Front Suspension
Take your Aventure Step-Through anywhere with confidence! A suspension fork offering 80mm of travel, will absorb even the harshest terrain and provide you with a level of ride comfort you never thought possible out there on the trail!
Aventure Ebike
Integrated fenders mean that you can keep your adult-side happy whilst you release your inner-child and take on all the mud and puddles you can find on the trail!
Aventure Ebike
Integrated Lights
Stay safe with lights that run off your ebikes battery. Never worry about your lights dying on you and turn them on and off with the push of a button on your handlebar mounted, color display.
Aventure Ebike
Fat Tires
Stay comfortable and in control on the trail and on the road with these 4" fat tires. while on the trail these fat tires provide you with unmatched stability.
Aventure Ebike
Hub Motor & Battery
Equipped with a powerful 750W motor, you'll be taking the Aventure Step-Through on trails, roads and hills with ease! Pair that with our high capacity 720Wh integrated battery and you'll be traveling even further and discovering new places every time you hit the trail or street!
Aventure Ebike
Pedal Assist & Throttle
No human power needed with a throttle on demand you can go as you please! But if you are out for some exercise there are five levels of pedal assist there to help you should you want to push yourself right to your limit.

Real World Range Testing

On Throttle
top speed
20 MPH
27 Miles
Pedal Assist
11 MPH
53 Miles
16 MPH
45 Miles
21 MPH
33 Miles
24 MPH
26 Miles
28 MPH
19 Miles

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Customer Reviews

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David Kimmey
Great bike but be realistic.

It's a good fun bike. The torque drive is very nice and you hardly feel it working. Best way to describe the feeling is as if you always have a stiff wind at your back. As a recovering knee replacement guy, feels good to get the exercise without the pressure of having to pedal hard all the time.
All that said, it's a tank. It is big and it is heavy. It's more HW beach cruiser than MTB. Those 75 pounds dropping out of the sky over a jump is a hard hit. Great on road and gravel. Also an excellent beach bike. Wish wide beach cruiser bars and set up was available. I may get a 2nd for my wife. This is good around town and occasional off road (dirt road) excursion. I wouldn't be single tracking this down a mountain. BTW, brakes are soft and spongy.

Great Aventure Bike

This is my second Aventon bike and I love this bike! My first one was the Sinch ST in Moss green. These e-bikes have great build quality and components.

Wilbur Sarino
First E-bike

Well designed and built. Great speed, handles well in various terrain. Loving every mile.

Quality, Price, Fun

Been looking at all kinds of e-bikes and the Adventure.2 is by far the best quality to price option out there. Assembly was easy taking about an hour to complete. Had to work on getting the front caliper and wheel in alignment to keep the pads from rubbing but was able to get it by loosing the caliper bolts, aligning, and retightening. One thing that isn’t mentioned and I subsequently learned from my local bike shop is how to embed the brakes so that the pads and rotor make less of a grinding noise. Had a regular Trek bike before and didn’t ride it much but getting this e-bike has brought the fun back to riding. Planning on taking some long rides in various parts of the country.

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback on your recent experience with us. Cheers to many great rides and welcome to the Aventon Family!

Gerald Slayman
Great value

I received my new Aventon Adventure Ebike a week ago, I put it through it the ringer. The Aventon worked very well, I would recommend it, definitely the biggest bang for the buck.

Perfect thanks for the review!