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Best Electric Bike Gift Ideas for 2021

Best Electric Bike Gift Ideas for 2021

November 12, 2021

’Tis the season to begin thinking about the season of gifts! Soon Thanksgiving will be past us and the end of year holiday season will be fast approaching. As regular readers of our blog will know, owning an ebike isn’t a one and done type of purchase. Well, it can be. But there are many optional extras available in the ebike world to help riders make sure that their time spent in the saddle fulfills its potential of being the best time possible.

As a group of passionate ebikers, we at Aventon realized this fact a long time ago. It is for this reason that we have created a line of high quality accessories that feature everything an Aventon ebike owner may need in order to maximize their potential fun, comfort, and peace-of-mind when they’re out and about on their ebike.

Here we’re going to feature many of our most popular ebike accessories, as well as a few of our ebikes, to give you gift ideas for bikers that are on your list this holiday season. You may even find something that you want to put on your own wishlist for Santa! But first:


A Note on Domestic Shipping

Before we begin, we want to reference a post regarding domestic shipping that we published back in September. In this post we highlighted the various issues affecting the domestic supply chain, and how these issues explained why packages are no longer arriving within their promised delivery window, often being 2-3 days late. We also touched on how larger packages, such as those containing Aventon ebikes, are being held at local shipping centers -sometimes for weeks!- as shipping companies choose to deliver a large amount of smaller packages instead of a small amount of larger packages.

We are re-highlighting this point and these issues because, unfortunately, they have not been resolved, and it doesn’t look like they will be before the holiday season. There are even predictions that the busyness of the holiday season will exacerbate these shipping delays.

To avoid any disappointment this holiday season we advise placing your online shopping orders sooner rather than later, so you can be assured no one is left waiting this holiday season. Plus it’s much less stressful if you get it out of the way early!


For Converting the Non-Ebiker

An ebike is not just for Christmas! Our range of Aventon ebikes feature something for riders of every type and season, whether they be a boardwalk cruiser, someone looking to take charge of their commute, or someone who loves living their life off the beaten path.

All of our traditional step over bikes are available in 2-3 different sizes: small, medium, and large; and step-through versions are available in 2 sizes. This is with the exception of our compact and foldable ebike the SINCH, which is only sold in one size. Check out our guide if you need a little extra help understanding step-through vs step-over bikes.

The Aventure 

Our Aventure ebike -also available in a step-through model- is as sleek as it is powerful, as comfortable as it is rugged, and as ready for an off-road adventure as Santa is for milk and cookies on Christmas Eve! Fitted with 4” wide fat tires, integrated front and rear lights, a front suspension fork, and featuring our largest motor and our highest ever capacity battery, the Aventure is designed for that rugged rebel who is always wanting to scratch their thrill itch.

Shop Aventure and Aventure Step-Through now!

The Level

The Level is the ultimate commuter ebike, designed for that city dweller in your life wanting to optimize their time traveled. It is available in a step-through model and features a front suspension fork, front and rear fenders, and comes with a pre-installed rear rack; meaning it is ready to tackle any workload the rider may have to transport along with them! An average range of 40 miles using the pedal assist functionality means that the urbanite on your gift list can challenge the commuting status quo or use the Level to explore their concrete jungle with comfort and ease.

Shop Level and Level Step-Through now!

Pace 500

The Pace 500 is our premier cruiser ebike and is available in both a step-over and step-through frame. With a wide and comfortable saddle, a frame that promotes a relaxed and upright riding posture, and a large battery with fast charge capabilities, this ebike will ease its rider wherever they find themselves exploring. A 40 mile average range and a 750 watt (peak) motor means that riders can explore far and wide, and high and low, without worrying about how they might be getting home at the end of their day exploring.

Shop Pace 500 and Pace 500 Step-Through now!

Pace 350

Our Pace 350 is one of our most popular and most accessible ebike! It is only available as a step-through and, by design, promotes a great riding posture. Its wide, cushioned saddle is extremely comfortable, and is seated atop an ebike frame that can reach a 20mph top speed. Not to mention it has an average range of 35 miles and can throttle on demand from a complete stop! The Pace 350 is perfect for the leisurely cruiser who likes to take in the sights, but may also take you up on the offer for a spontaneous, cross-town adventure.

Shop Pace 350 now!


The SINCH is a compact, foldable, storable, powerful, and comfortable ebike that lives up to its namesake! Folding your Sinch ebike truly is a cinch (ebike pun intended!). The SINCH comes with 4” fat tires and a front suspension fork that can handle almost any terrain, from gravel roads to shoreside riding. Its compact nature means that it’ll fit under a desk, in a closet and can even be stored and taken away on RV and road trips! The SINCH is a versatile ebike, with an average range of 40 miles, that is specially designed for anyone and everyone’s lifestyle!

Shop SINCH now!


For The Aventon Ebike Owner

If the people populating your “nice list” are already the lucky owners of an Aventon ebike, then fear not! There are still many accessories that they may not yet possess which you can gift them this holiday season. These range from safety equipment to ebike accessories that can expand their ebike’s capabilities. Check out our list of biking accessories gift ideas below!

Ebike Lights

Ebike lights are an uber-important safety mechanism for anyone who might be riding an ebike at night! They are also just as crucial a tool to have for those who may get caught unaware by the setting sun when out on their adventures. In short: the importance of having lights on your ebike, even if it’s just for that “what if” scenario, cannot be understated.

Ebikes lights can vary greatly. Front and rear lights are the most common, and most important, as they help the rider see where they’re going and make them visible to those behind them. Other lights, such as those that are integrated into tires, increase visibility and help cars and others approaching from the side recognize that there is an ebike crossing their path up ahead. Fun fact: both of our Aventure models come equipped with integrated front and rear lights!

Shop Lights now!


Ebikes are extraordinary! But they’re also quite expensive, and the worst thing that can happen to anyone’s possessions is to have them stolen. A high quality lock is necessary for a high quality ebike, and at Aventon.com, we only stock locks that we ourselves would trust for our own ebikes. A high quality lock is a perfect and timeless gift that the recipient will undoubtedly appreciate day-in and day-out.

Shop Locks now!

Ebike Racks, Bags, and Baskets

Ebikes are fantastic machines that make it possible -but not necessary- for someone to transport a full, family Thanksgiving dinner in one trip! But to do so, one’s ebike must have the right accessories. Racks, bags and baskets can expand the capabilities and horizons of an ebike owner. They can allow them to finally carry all they need to their workplace on their ebike, or to bring a full picnic to the park with ease. With the right ebike accessories the possibilities are endless. One of the best things that ebike racks, bags, and baskets facilitate is getting the backpack off a riders back, making their ride more comfortable and lowering their center of gravity, making their ride a safer experience overall. Not just that but our ranges of racks, bags, and baskets don’t skimp on style!

Shop Aventon ebike Racks, Bags, and Baskets now!


On top of everything, helmets are the most important accessory an ebike rider can own. The days of not wearing a bike helmet and being “cool” are over, and everyone of every age understands the benefits of wearing one. Now, wearing a helmet is the cool thing to be doing! Helmets come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes; most importantly, they’re all designed to protect the head of the person wearing them should an accident ever occur. Getting into a bike accident without a helmet on can change someone's life forever; gifting someone a helmet is like saying “I love you just as you are! And I don’t want anything to change that”.

Shop Helmets now!


Trailers allow an ebike rider to transport everything from cargo to children! Bike trailers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and can accommodate a wide variety, and quantity, of items and children. Many child-friendly trailers come with built in mesh and rain covers as added protection so your kids or grandkids stay extra safe while still maintaining the same amount of fun!

Shop Trailers now!


The saddle is the main point of contact between a rider and their ebike; thus, it is the main point of contact between the rider and the road beneath them. It makes sense then that a saddle is one of the biggest pain points for electric bike riders and cyclists, and getting the right saddle that suits the rider and their style of riding is crucial so that a rider enjoys every minute of their time on their ebike. Give someone the gift of comfort this holiday season and give them a saddle that is made for their type of riding!

Shop Saddles now!


Fenders help to protect ebike riders from the dirt and debris that their tires may kick up from the road. Having fenders ensures that the rider arrives at their destination free from the splatter of water and dirt: looking as clean and tidy as if they’d just pulled up in a limo! Show someone you care about how they arrive at their destination this holiday season by fitting their Aventon ebike with a beautiful set of fenders.

Shop Fenders now!


For The Aventon Fanatic! 

Our Aventon ebikes are top of their class, as are our beloved customers! Our Aventon and ebike branded merch is very popular amongst owners and fans of our ebikes and we are delighted to be able to offer a larger range than ever for this holiday season! Give the gift of Aventon apparel this Christmas and allow the Aventon fan in your life to show off their passion for our ebikes in style!

Shop Aventon Merch now!


Gift Card

On everyone’s list lies at least one person who it is impossible to decide on a gift idea for, and no matter how much you rack your brain or ask family members and friends, you just can’t come up with a gift for them. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! If these folks in your life are owners of an Aventon ebike or another ebike for that matter, then we’ve got Gifts Cards, varying in value, that are the perfect gifts for bikers! Can’t work out exactly which size they are? Then gift them the value of the item and nudge them in the right direction. Can’t work out exactly what will suit their current needs? Then get them a gift card so they can put it toward the item they find perfect for themselves on Aventon.com! An Aventon gift card neatly fills the hole that didn’t seem possible to fill and truly is one of the best gifts for bike lovers.

Shop Gift Cards now!


To Close

These are just the highlights from our store on Aventon.com and we offer much more than you see here. Other items on our digital store include: ebike phone mounts, water bottles and cages, vehicle racks, ebike covers, and much more! Head on over to Aventon.com and view our collection of gifts for bikers that are currently in stock, and don't forget to place your orders before the holiday rush so you can ensure everyone on your list gets their gifts on time for this holiday season!

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