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Kimberly Holmes
Sketchy Company

I bought a Pace 500.3 a month ago. I received the bike, but not all the other things I ordered. I tried calling the company for 2 days and it just rang. I have sent emails, used the "contact us" option on the website, as well as spoke to someone in customer service who guaranteed me the parts would ship over 2 weeks ago. I tried calling again, only to be on hold for over an hour. I think it's time I open a fraudulent case with my credit card.

Aventon Bikes
Kristen Van Saun
No parts or support

My brother and I bought a pace 500 for my sister less than two years ago. While riding in Vt. it stopped working: error code 24 appeared. The bike shop we purchased it from doesn’t deal with Aventon anymore because of their lack of support so we took it to another bike shop which is having difficulty finding replacement parts. It has been three months with crickets only.. we spent a couple thousand on the bike and my sister has been renting with no fix in sight!

Hi there! We're sorry for the technical issues that you are experiencing with your e-bike. Please email us at socialsupport@aventon.com. Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

Aventon Bikes
Andrea Deyo
Bad Brakes

Loved my Aventon Pace 500 for the 1st year, but now it keeps losing fluid in the front brake & I've had it into the bike dealer 3 times in the past year to have the brakes bled & my husband has bled it 2 times & it keeps losing fluid. googled the Zoom breaks online & read about a lot of people having the same problem & that these brakes are really cheap ones & that is why they are so bad. Not happy. Went out & bought a different brand of bike with Shimano brakes, hopefully won't have a problem with them.

We're sorry to learn that you are experiencing issues with your brakes. We hope that you hare back on the road again soon. Thank you for the feedback.

Aventon Bikes
David Gelineau
Colored replacement parts

Can I get colored replacement parts for my large Adventure 2? Like seat post and clamp, pedals, rims, sprocket etc? Wanna be a little different.

Hi there! Yes you can change the components on your e-bike. Please note that this will void the warranty. www.aventon.com/pages/warranty.

Aventon Bikes
Kevin C
Aventure 2

I own the original Aventure large black. Have had it since last March. It’s my daily commute in the city of Raleigh NC. Bike has been awesome. Tons of compliments. Saw the sale for the Aventure 2 with free battery. Incredible deal. I did not really need another bike but I couldn’t pass on the free battery and torque sensor upgrade. Also the turn signals and brakes on both sides is really nice. I will ride both bikes. Prob going to use the first one for hitting the dirt trails. Battery’s are back ordered so hopefully I get that soon. Aventon’s customer service is top notch. Also instead of chat which I had to do last year I can call which is a plus. They also have an Aventon dealer a mile from me. Keep up the great work. I will say in closing I research everything heavily. I don’t buy cheap either. So if you want a great product this is it. A lot of other companies are copying the Aventon design.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you so much for taking time to leave a review! We're stoked to hear you loved your Aventure so much you bought an Aventure.2 ~ Happy riding!


Last year model Aventure I

Purchased Aventure Labor Day sale.
Arrived next day .
Spent the day unpacking & assembly.
This e-bike is really built - ROCK SOLID!
Only one glitch - rear fender slider bar U-shaped plastic piece broken in transit.
Notified Aventon - still waiting for replacement.
Meanwhile, used super-glue - so far is still holding.
Three hours later was ready to ride.
Rode for about a mile w/o battery.
Only one complaint - rear brake was squeaky & hardly braked.
Notified Aventon & they would reimburse me up to $50 to have it bleed.
I took it to nearest bike shop & they charged me $45.
It was time to ride with battery & motor.
Battery came 45% charged.
On level 1 it gave me mild boost
On highest level 5 - Wow - this was intoxicating!
Used throttle control - this bike has power.
Found myself exceeding 20mph.
When I got home - setup the app w/o a hitch.
Unlocked the 20mph to 28mph.
I am 70 years old & haven't rode a bike in 60 years.
This thing is fun!!!!!
Go get one - you will not regret it!

Awesome, thank you for taking the time to review your e-bike. Happy trails!

Aventon Bikes
Roger Vander Beek
Keep On Riding

I just had my two year anniversary on my Aventon Level bike with over 7000 plus wonderful miles. Everything is working well with the bike, it gives me a nice daily workout for my 76 year old body but realistically I can only ride 8 months of the year because of our winters in Michigan. I love my Aventon bike and would recommend it to anyone (which I have). This is for Aventon dealer people - have you ever thought about a Recumbant bike or trike? Just a thought.

Awesome, thank you for taking the time to review your e-bike. We appreciate your feedback and product suggestions. Happy trails!

Aventon Bikes
Alyssa Milligan
Aventon stands behind their product

We live full-time and travel the country in our RV. Getting deliveries is sometimes a challenge. We picked up Level 2 bikes from a shop in Utah instead of ordering online because of this. Aventon customer service has been great in getting us minor repair items under warranty wherever we have been.. When my wife’s bike stopped working on PAS recently, they sent a new controller ahead to our next stop to try to resolve the issue. When that didn’t work, they coordinated and sent a whole new bike free of charge and no shipping cost to a location in a 5 day window when we would be there with a return label to return the old bike. They definitely take our unique situation into account and have taken the right steps to make us satisfied.

Hello there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback on your recent experience with us. We will forward your feedback to our Customer Service Team. Cheers to many great rides and welcome to the Aventon Family!

Ride More, Be Happy!

Bad brake poor customer service

Just purchased a brand new bike and it was delivered in 3-4 days. Front brakes make so much noise with only 10 miles on it that I can't ride it. I called tech and they are sending new pads and rotor great I get to fix my new bike.
Fast forward 9 days later still waiting for pads. Called back 3 time 25 min each time on hold trying to get through. Finally 3rd time 30 min they answer. Hey where's my brake pads?? Not shipped yet the warehouse is backed up due to order issues?
They have no idea when they will get around to shipping and they can do about it? I have no recourse to get them it is what it is.
My recommendation DO NOT BUY DIRECT go to your local trusted bike shop and purchase through a vendor with service. DO NOT PURCHASE DIRECTLY FROM AVENTON.

Hello there,

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback on your recent experience with us. Your feedback has been forwarded to our Customer Service Team for further evaluation. We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused and understand your frustrations.


Aventon Bikes
Wolf I land
Great Aventure for great Adventures

I ride my A1 mostly on gravel roads. 20mi+ most days. haul it to explore other areas. Made mods that work for me. I take care of my Aventure, it takes care of me. N0 issues.

We’re so glad that this has worked out for you. Happy Riding!

Perfect bike

Bought a bike on Amazon, no power at all. Bought this bike and more then satisfied. Has plenty of power and speed. Great choice, great price.

Hi Domenic,

Thank you for the great feedback! Welcome to the Aventon Family and safe travels!

Ride More, Be Happy!

Aventon Bikes
Jason Thomas
Great Customer Service!

Ordered 2 bikes during a sell. Received both in 3 days. The boxes for both bikes were pretty beat up from shipping. (Almost refused one) Luckily no damage was caused to the actual bikes. Had issues with each bike within 2 weeks of purchasing. Called support both times and had the issues solved same day or at least replacements ordered. Very happy that I went with Aventon!

Hello Jason,

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback on your new e-bike! Cheers to many great rides and welcome to the Aventon Family!

Ride More, Be Happy!

Aventon Bikes
Bill D.
No support

This is ridiculous!! My bike is inoperable for 2 weeks and nobody can respond? Don’t do it, get your bike at a bike shop where someone can talk to you.

Hi William! We apologize for the delayed response and the frustration that this has caused. We are experiencing longer hold times than expected due to an influx of calls and emails. Our team will be reaching out as soon as possible! Please note that you can also visit an Aventon dealer for warranty support if needed. Talk soon!

Aventon Bikes
Thomas Hanson
Adventure 2 lowered my blood sugar

I purchased an Adventure 2 in May of this year. I am 63 and diabetic, I have ridden almost 800 miles this summer. Just had my yearly checkup and my A1C went from 6.8 to 5.7.
The only change in my life is riding my adventure, I am amazed how it helped lower my blood sugar.
Thanks Aventon!

Wow, that's great! Thank you for choosing Aventon. We're happy to have you apart of the family!

Aventon Bikes
Dave Gobeli

I received my Sinch 2 today. Battery was 45% out of the box. Charged it to 100% and decided to ride the neighborhood. We have some hills in the Ozarks. I headed to the biggest one we have and for a 500 watt hub motor it scaled it no problem. I was very impressed. I started out to ride 3-4 miles ( first day) and ended up riding 11. I am very impressed with my Sinch 2 so far. Wish I would have done this a couple years ago.

Aventon Bikes
Mary Stoe
Love love love my bike!!

I purchased an adventure and adventure 2 e-bike at the beginning of summer. We absolutely love them. Our neighbor noticed how much we enjoyed, she took mine for a spin yesterday and went to a local dealer today and purchased her own.

Hi Mary, thank you for the review!

Aventon Bikes
Larry Lachmann

I took a chance and I am incredibly happy that I did. I have another ebike, but it is a commuter model. I've had it for two years and put about 30 miles on it total. Pretty sad! It's very good actually, but what I forgot when I bought it, was that when I was riding a non electric bicycle regularly, I preferred a big cushy ride. I went through a couple of street bikes with skinny tires but I was never comfortable. I wound up getting a plush full suspension mountain bike with big wheels, and I rode that amazing bike every day! I don't know why I forgot that valuable lesson I'd already learned when I ordered an ebike two years ago, but I did. I finally realized my mistake and went shopping for the best fat tire bike I could find. Several bikes were in the running but I finally chose an Aventure 2 for several reasons. 1. The reason I just discussed about what kind of ride I wanted/needed (I'm 6'4" and 280 lbs). 2. ALthough I'm not the best mechanic around, I looked at the assembly video and reckoned that I could assemble it myself ( and I did, with no issues) 3. ...and the price was right. Although if I had waited just 2 more days, I would have gotten an even better sale price!!!! I took it out for a ride yesterday, and the difference between my Aventure 2 and my regular commuter bike was everything I'd hoped it would be. THis bike is SO COMFORTABLE and easy to ride. Within 10 minutes it felt like I'd been riding it for years. I put 15 miles on it here in Brooklyn on my very first ride, which is about half of the total miles I put on my other bike over a two year period. I';m taking it out again today and I'm sure I'll pass my previous 2 year total in just two days. The Aventure is an outstanding bike, and I love it. It's best purchase (of any kind) that I've made this year for sure. Thank you for an excellent bike! I'm a big fan!!

Hi Larry,

Thank you for the great feedback! Welcome to the Aventon Family and safe travels!

Ride More, Be Happy!

Aventon Bikes
Dan schluga
Level 2 ebike

A follow up from my previous post about the level 2 my wife has the SMALL LEVEL 2 STEP THROUGH. This bike is smaller and the neck is shorter. So this bike doesn't need the longer front brake cable for the pace 500. So now she has the adjustable pace 500 stem installed. Pace 500 seat. Aventon suspension seat post. Pace 500 handle bars. Proper pace 500 headlight bracket. She is extremely happy and totally comfortable. I have done exactly the same to my level 2 step-over. Only difference is you need the pace 500 front brake cable being a large bike.

Hey Dan,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate your support and feedback!

Ride More, Be Happy!

Aventon Bikes
Dan schluga
Pace 500 accessories.

Used all these pace 500 accessories on my level 2 . Now Super comfortable. With the adjustable stem I sit upright now. You need the longer front brake cable from the pace 500. Then purchase the pace 500 headlight bracket for perfect mounting and centering in it's original position. I also did the seat, suspenion post, handle bars. WOW, what a difference and a fantastic bike now. Have over a thousand miles on mine and still like new.

Hello Dan,

Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback! Cheers to many great rides and welcome to the Aventon Family!

Ride More, Be Happy!

Aventon Bikes
Cheryl Schluga
Adjustable stem. Suspension seat post. Pace 500 headlight bracket, seat, handle bars.

This is a must item for all those who own a level 2 ebike. So what you have to do to make this entire bike comfortable is first get the pace 500 adjustable stem. Then you have to purchase the front brake cable for the pace 500 because this one is longer, which you need. It comes complete. Then to make the headlight mount correctly, you also have to purchase the pace 500 headlight bracket. This may be on backorder. Now you need the pace 500 seat. Super comfortable. Then you need to purchase the aventon suspension seatpost. Also super comfortable. The you also need to purchase the pace 500 handle bars. Also Super comfortable. You won't find these items in the aventon accessories. You need to talk to the aventon teck. Call and hit number 3 to talk to them. Now my level 2 is extremely comfortable. Couldn't be happier. Believe me this is worth the change. All these accessories are very cheap actually. To bad the level 2 wasn't offered like this.

Hi Cheryl, thank you for the review!

Aventon Bikes
Darrell Crooks
Just bought 2 level 2 bikes

While this is great bike I may have to return them for us they are to uncomfortable for a long ride this bike really needs the adjustable stem. Also I was given $200 each bike for accessories so I was gonna just buy a stem but Aventon is out of everything literally every single thing is on back order why give a promotion if you can't fulfill it.

Hello, we are so glad that this e-bike is a perfect fit for you. Thank you for the review!

Aventon Bikes
Volt Vlog
Aventon Aventure is a Beast

I mean, I just towed my friend's Tacoma truck with my Aventure. Enough said!

Hi there,

That's amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!


Aventon Bikes
Vernon Maxwell
Spent 2000 on a bike that has not shipped

I have tried for 2 days in every capacity to get a response from anyone at this company about my order. I orders an Aventure.2 from the site that specifically says ships 3-5 days. I have called 35 times, sent emails and contact information through customer service. Still nothing.

This company is fraudulent. I have contacted the BBB ( there are TONS) of bad reviews about Aventure there.

All I want is my purchase delivered. I will seek legal action

Awsome quality

First time purchasing a bike on-line. I was sceptical like purchasing everything online - looks great on picutres but when you get it you want to cry. This was the other way around - build, quality, presence way better then on all those commercials and pictures - I dont think I was ever so pleasently suprised !!!! Unbelivable bike !!! Will buy anpther one soon !

Wow, that's great to hear! Thank you for reviewing your experience, we're glad to hear that it's worth 5 stars!

Aventon Bikes
Richard Goldstone
Thanks for the memories

Just want to say thanks for creating such a great product. We have owned our bikes for two years now and have over 2,000 miles on them.
We ride for exercise and site seeing mostly, the bike has never needed any repair, the tires are still in great shape (no flats) and still works like new..

Today I came across your website and just wanted to thank you, we have gotten a lot of fun with your quality bike and well worth the investment.

Of course. Thanks for choosing to be apart of the Aventon Family!