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Ramblas eMTB

Carve out the uncommon route with Ramblas, Aventon’s first-ever electric mountain bike (eMTB) with an intelligent mid-drive motor. Rugged and reliable, this hardtail, all-terrain ebike offers the ultimate comfort on mountain trails or city streets. Engage its three pedal assist levels, top speed of 20 mph, and range of up to 80 miles to roam, ramble, and revel in the more dynamic side of the ride. With Ramblas, it’s mountain time, all the time.

Aventon’s Ramblas comes equipped with a first-ever mid-drive motor for the Aventon line-up. The mid-drive is Aventon-designed offering riders personalized tuning capabilities through the Aventon app for an amplified natural riding experience. Adjust the three PAS levels to fine-tune its overall rideability.

Ramblas eMTB
Mid-Drive Motor & Battery
Aventon’s mid-drive motor was designed to give riders full control over their riding experience. With its 250 watts of sustained power, 750 watts at peak power, 36V battery and adjustable three pedal assist levels, you can customize your ride to your liking for trail and daily commutes.
Ramblas eMTB
100 Nm of Torque
Ramblas’ A100 motor produces a smoother, more natural feel when accelerating and decelerating. Its 100 nm of torque helps you quickly reach peak power when needed, then gradually tapers off to a more consistent output.
Ramblas eMTB
Ride Tune
Ramblas' Ride Tune enables motor customization via the Aventon app for a more personalized riding experience. Fine-tune Assistance, Max Torque, and Pedal Response, so you can optimize the full potential of your Ramblas.
Ramblas eMTB
Over-The-Air Updates
Upgrade Ramblas for optimal performance with its intelligent over-the-air updates that gives you instant software updates through the Aventon app without having to plug-in or go to a shop.
Ramblas eMTB
Ramblas comes equipped with a Sram NX 12-speed drivetrain for more efficiency to climb hills, roll around on trails and ride faster on flat surfaces.
Ramblas eMTB
Dropper Post
Ramblas’ dropper post enhances control and comfort right from the handlebars using the dropper lever. Drop it low for more room in the cockpit while navigating steep or technical terrain, or raise it up for a more efficient riding position.
Ramblas eMTB
Ramblas Display
Same great features as Aventon’s Full Color Display, only more compact. The Ramblas Display is slightly smaller and repositioned to protect it from unforeseen circumstances while hitting the trail or streets.
Ramblas eMTB
Hardtail Frame
Ramblas’ hardtail frame is a workhorse for the all-terrain. It's lightweight, durable, and reliable, giving you the confidence you need on mountain trails and rough roads.
Ramblas eMTB
Front Headlight
Attach Ramblas’ optional front headlight for better visibility in low lighting conditions. Simply clamp it to your handlebars, plug it in and shine on.
Ramblas eMTB
Pedal Assist
Switch between 3 levels of pedal assist: eco, trail, and turbo, to get more in the mountains and on the streets. Add a boost to the way you move with a top speed of 20 mph and up to 80 miles in range.
Ramblas eMTB
Enhance your speed control on steep slopes and loose terrain with Ramblas’ Sram DB8 mineral 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes. With four pistons, Ramblas’ brakes offer superior modulation, meaning more brake fluid is distributed across a larger surface area, allowing you to stop when you need to most.
Ramblas eMTB
Ramblas’ Rockshox 35 suspension with 130mm of travel allows riders to find comfort on the roughest of terrain. Roll over rocks, tree roots, and rugged roads and let the suspension take care of the rest.

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Customer Reviews

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Grant Goins

Super awesome! It has been some time since I had real fun on a bike. My first emtb and I am a convert. I love my gravels, but I might be a mountain bike guy now!

Thank you for the review! We are thrilled to hear you are loving your new Ramblas. Happy trails!

Michael Greene
This thing is a blast to ride!!

What a fantastic bike. I'm having fun again. The build quality and parts are great. Dropper post lever is stiff as has been mentioned. I will probably upgrade at some point.
At the price point, it is a great bike, and it also leaves room for your own customizations without breaking the bank.

I've added the Tannus inserts and replaced the tires based on my own preferences, but it was also great right out of the box.

The Aventon Ramblas has re-ignited my love of mountain biking and now I can't wait to get out and ride.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate your support and feedback!

Landy Leon

Ramblas eMTB

Awesome! Thank you for the support!

John Hawley
Never had this much fun on a bike

I did a lot of research and settled on the Ramblas even though it was a few hundred over my $2k price cap. I have a first gen Lectric and was looking for an e-bike that wouldn’t rattle and clunk all over the dirt trails I like to explore. Since I got it 2 weeks ago I have put over 100 miles on it and ridden roads, dirt, mud, sand, gravel, and a few mildly technical stretches of trail.

First the complaints: 1) you need to get creative to accessorize this bike since there are few holes to **** things into, 2) I kind of miss my throttle, 3) it rattles just a little.

But all in all, I love this bike. It’s beautiful, powerful, very well built, and really versatile. Wheels are really big to get you over rocks and logs and, as a side benefit, make it very easy to ride hands free. The bike is very comfortable. Suspension is great and I can ride for hours with no backache. The torque is awesome and gets you up about any hill. The battery life is amazing. Something I did not expect: I can ride it on roads without power and it’s as quick as my regular mountain bike. Don’t pay a dealer $180 to assemble if you can do basic bike maintenance.

Like the ad says, it pretty much goes anywhere. If you enjoy on and off road biking but aren’t a heavy-duty mountain biker, this bike is perfect.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate your support and feedback! We are so glad the Ramblas is allowing you to ride for hours! Cheers to many adventures in your future.

nancy ogle
Ramblas eMTB

I have had this bike a couple weeks now and am very impressed with it . I bought it because I wanted a little assist to help my knees out and I am very happy with the quality . This bike is fast , and can easily handle the hills. I have ridden on the road as well as light trail and it handles very well uphill . I like the turbo mode but the other modes are acceptable too . The bike handles well and is very responsive but I did replace the seat as well as the grips for more comfort. I would recommend buying this bike , cannot beat the price as well as the quality , and the color is awesome

Hi Nancy,
Thank you for the awesome review! We are so glad you're loving your Ramblas. Happy riding!