Hybrid Electric Bikes

Aventon's selection of hybrid electric bikes offer its riders versatility in how they ride! Either enjoy the ride solely on the throttle or use varying pedal assist levels to give you a little extra boost where or when needed.

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    What is a hybrid electric bike?

    A hybrid electric bike is the combination of an electric motor with pedal assist and throttle functions. Riding a hybrid ebike is the same as riding a traditional bicycle. The only difference is the rider has the option to choose between using the electrical components the bike has to offer or au natural without the help and power of a motor. The eligibility to choose between one or the other gives riders full autonomy over their riding experience. 

    All Aventon ebikes are hybrid electric bicycles. By using the Full Color Display, the rider is able to turn the pedal assist on or off, as well as choose if they want to use the throttle or not. When choosing the right hybrid e bike for you, make sure you find which one is the best use case for your riding style should you want to ride with or without the functions of an electric motor.

    What is Aventon’s best electric hybrid bike?

    Aventon has many styles of electric hybrid bikes for all types of riders. Whether you prefer to go off-road or use your electric hybrid bicycle to commute, there is no wrong choice. Each bike provides a unique experience and will undoubtedly keep you riding with a smile on your face. The best hybrid motor bike is the one that brings you joy and provides the necessary function for your requirements and needs. Simply take it around the block, or take it all around town. The choice is yours.

    Why buy a hybrid motor bike?

    There are many benefits in purchasing a hybrid electronic bike for your mode of transportation and recreational needs. For example, an e bike hybrid is capable of saving you money at the pump as well as helping riders stay active by giving the opportunity to choose between the pedal assist function and the natural mode of their own pedal power. Hybrid electric bikes also get you more in touch with the outdoors to breathe in fresh air, and reduce the carbon footprint you leave behind. They can also help you connect with your city’s surroundings. A hybrid ebike is an investment, not just for you, but for the future. 

    Are hybrid electric bikes safe?

    The best kind of electric hybrid bicycle is the one that ensures the rider is safe, and meets all your needs. This can depend on your use case. Some important things to think about when looking to purchase a hybrid e bike are:

    Does it meet safety requirements?

    What’s the top speed?

    What is the bikes distance range?

    Does it come with integrated lights?

    Do you want accessories, such as fenders and a rear rack?

    At Aventon we want to ensure that all our riders are safe. That’s why we use the highest quality materials and the newest technology when manufacturing our hybrid electric bikes. All Aventon ebikes are powered by a Lithion-ion battery and rear hub motor. 

    Enjoy Aventon.

    Aventon products are made with intention. All hybrid electric bikes use the latest technologies and highest quality materials to promote the best possible performance and experience for our riders. Our aim is to always roll forward toward innovation and the enjoyment of riding a bicycle. By owning our own manufacturing plant, and the combination of design and precision, allows us to control the whole process so that we can continue to explore new ways to keep all types of riders to ride happy every time they saddle up on an Aventon.

    To learn more about our hybrid electric bikes, visit our Help Center or speak to one of our customer service representatives. They’ve got you covered.

    Ride more. Be happy.