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The idea behind a step-through bicycle originated in the 1900’s when women started riding bikes in dresses and skirts. During those times, it was not thought of to be “ladylike” to be riding a bicycle with a dress raised by the bicycle top  tube on a conventional men’s bicycle - and so the step-through frame was created. 


However, in today's era, the step-through bicycle is considered a gender-neutral bike that everybody enjoys for the proven fact that step-through bikes are incredibly accessible.


Though many people still associate the step-through bicycle as being designed for women, the simple truth is that step-through bicycles are convenient for any gender and activity level. The most significant advantage of these step-through bicycles is that they make it easier and much more comfortable to get on the bike. With your feet able to touch the ground, there aren't many concerns regarding losing your balance and potentially falling off these bicycles while at a stop.


Step through electric bikes provide a convenient and simple way to mount the bike, making them comfortable for older people or anyone suffering from medical or mobility issues. A lower tube and lack of crossbar make it easier for you to step-through and mount the bike quickly. Electric bikes have also become extremely popular for similar reasons, allowing riders to travel further and quicker without additional strain while providing you total comfort.

What Is An Electric Bike?

At the most basic level, an electric bike is a conventional bicycle fitted with a motor that provides a boost, often called a pedal assist. Think of it as a normal power-up ride, like a video game. That extra electric drive can be a big boost if you're trying to traverse hilly terrain, transport goods, or go long distances.

Electric bikes are not new, but they have gained popularity over the last decade as technology has advanced and customers have become more open to easy, car-free public transport options. Between 2014 and 2018, sales of electric bikes increased, even though they only constitute a sliver of the approximately $5.9 billion U.S. bike market. Like regular pedal bikes, they can be designed in a number of ways, with racks for hauling or bigger tires for off-road or rugged terrain.

Do Electric Bikes Help The Environment?

There’s just no getting around the fact that electric bikes need, well, electricity - which is usually not provided by 100 % renewable sources. By this logic, a single electric bike trip is, therefore, less sustainable than a regular bike trip.

Yet e-bikes make a big difference specifically because they're replacing car trips. The most recent National Household Travel Survey showed that 35 percent of car journeys in the U.S. are two miles or shorter. If a large number of such journeys - in particular shopping trips that may entail the transport of certain bulky goods or grocery bags - can be replaced by electric bike trips, pollution savings can be huge (not to mention the reduced traffic and congestion).

What Are The Advantages of Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes have a wide range and ease of use that allow riders to travel:

-Without having to arrive to work sweaty

-To transport bulky goods

-To use bicycles for longer journeys

-To take longer trips


These also make it possible for older riders and people with disabilities to have access to bikes. Many of these benefits have been verified by a 2018 report by the National Institute for Transport and Cities, which surveyed 1,800 e-bike riders who said that electric bikes allowed them to make longer and more diverse journeys.

Is A Step-Through Bike Right For Me?

Many people raise the question of wondering if a step-through bike is right for them, and we are here to answer any questions you may have. There are several factors to consider when getting a brand new step-through bike, whether it’s for yourself, a family member, or a friend.

Though they have had the historic connotation that they are only women's bikes, this is no longer the case. Step-through ebikes are perfect for anyone who might struggle to lift their body over a high frame due to an injury or age. A step-through bike makes it much more convenient to commute to work or school, thus making a step-through bike ideal for anyone and everyone.

Benefits of A Step-Through Bike


Comfortable Ride

Step-through bikes are designed for long and frequent riding. To ensure an excellent riding experience, we prioritize the comfort and usability with all of our step-through bikes to go the distance. Our step-through bikes feature accessible frames and an upright seating position, permitting for both comfort and ease of use.

Ideal Frame Design

With several types of step-through frame styles, we make step-through bikes for each person and manner of use. Our step-through bicycle frames provide additional confidence on the bike and make dismounting as easy as possible. 

Comfortable Seating

With an upright seating position, riders experience reduced back strain and weight displacement, allowing you to ride comfortably for any distance. In addition, the ergonomically designed seating position permits for added visibility, allowing you to be able to see everything that’s happening in front of you and around you, keeping you safe at all times.

Enjoyable For Everyone

We believe that you should be able to enjoy riding your step-through bike at every stage of your life. Thus, Aventon is proud to provide a step through bike for everybody, regardless of expertise, age, or mobility. With sleek and efficient step-through frame styles, we aim to make riding a step-through bike easy and convenient, so that you can ride worry-free and have a great time doing it.

Added Safety

In addition to all of the advantages they provide, a step-through bike also makes it safer to ride a bicycle in urban areas with extreme traffic. With its perfected frame design, a step-through bike is a much safer option for city riders, and exceptionally reliable when you have to get on and off the bike frequently. 

What Should I Consider When Buying An Electric Bike?

Anyone on the electric bike market should seek out a range of models and designs, as there are several variations in both power and speed. For example, in the U.S., there are three types of electric bikes, all of which have different means of acceleration and top speeds: 

Class 1 is pedal-assisted without a throttle (you can't accelerate with a power handlebar)

Class 2 is throttle-assisted and tops off at 20 mph

Class 3, which also has no throttle, can get up to 28 mph.

Potential buyers should give serious thought to how they can store their bikes, particularly in bad weather, as ebikes can weigh between 50 and 60 pounds, and can't carry a few stairway flights like a standard road bike.

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At Aventon, we love step-through bikes and want to rethink the way you ride yours. They are great for people of all ages and activity levels, but they are also much safer to use than traditional bikes, allowing them to be enjoyed at any stage of your life. If you’re looking to purchase a high-quality electric bike, look no further than Aventon.

At Aventon, we strive to inspire everyone to ride step-through bikes regardless of their age or ability. We believe that step-through bikes can change lives through freedom of mobility. We strive to provide our customers with the best step through bikes in the industry without compromising anything in the process. We are a leading step-through bike store, and we can’t wait to help you find a step-through bike that meets all of your needs and budget.

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