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Aventon vs Specialized Ebikes: Which is Best for You?

Aventon vs Specialized Ebikes: Which is Best for You?

December 13, 2023

Big-name brands with high price tags, such as Specialized, don’t necessarily mean they provide riders with the best overall riding experience. Do large portions of their retail prices cover marketing and advertising budgets, relying on consumers to self-promote their products?

Motor power, frame design, and the overall performance of the bike play a huge role in rideability and comfort for riders. For such high prices you’d think certain features would be added to increase on-road protection as well as reducing riding fatigue that could help weigh the costs just for a name on the frame.

Aventon ebikes add value to the riding experience by equipping riders with innovative technologies for a safer, smoother, more enjoyable ride. This includes a thumb throttle for convenience and allows riders to take a break from pedaling, as well as the benefit of built-in turn signals for road safety so riders can communicate to other road users from the bike lane and beyond.

Here’s what we’ll be focusing on in this comparison between Specialized vs Aventon:

  1. 1. Specialized Turbo Kenevo Comp vs Aventon Ramblas
  2. 2. Specialized Turbo Tero X 4.0 vs Aventon Ramblas
  3. 3. Specialized Turbo Creo SL Comp E5 vs Aventon Soltera
  4. 4. Specialized Turbo Como 3 IGH vs Aventon Pace
  5. 5. Specialized Turbo Vado vs Aventon Level
  6. 6. Specialized Globe Haul vs Aventon Abound
  7. 7. Aventon Fat Tire Models
  8. 8. Aventon Foldabe Models

Key Differentiators




  • Aventure
  • Abound
  • Soltera
  • Sinch
  • Pace
  • Level


Take a break from pedaling and shifting with a thumb throttle. Roll up to a stop without having to down-shift, and then throttle off the line to get speed before you start pedaling.

0 Models

  • Aventure
  • Abound
  • Soltera
  • Sinch
  • Pace

Built-in Turn Signals

Consider investing in safety technology that will boost your road confidence by maintaining clear communication from the bike lane and beyond, regardless of the time of day.

0 Models

Full Color Display

w/ app sync capabilities


Simple LCDs lack that added value and don’t really enhance the riding experience. Aventon’s Full Color Display does more than just give you riding metrics. You can connect to the Aventon app to track routes, connect with friends, and unlock rewards points for more savings.

Speed Color Display



Get the bike you ordered without compromising on quality while getting the protection you need for the long road ahead. Servicing your ebike could get real expensive, real fast. Faulty components could reach up to $200 in repairs costs.



Specialized Turbo Tero 5.0 vs Aventon Ramblas

Besides the initial savings of up to $2,101 when you purchase the Aventon Ramblas versus Specialized’s Turbo Tero 5.0, there are many other factors that add to its superior performance. For example, Ramblas’ A100 mid-drive motor offers 100 nm of torque compared to Specialized’s 2.2 mid-drive of 90 nm. Ramblas also has a range of up to 80 miles, while the Turbo Tero 5.0 has up to 75 miles.

While both bikes have 250-watt mid-drive motors with 20 mph top speed, Rockshox suspension and SRAM electric mountain bike (eMTB) components, Ramblas still outperforms. Its suspension travel of 130mm provides 20mm of extra comfort on rugged terrain, and it’s 12-speeds cassette adds an additional gear for efficient hill climbing and faster riding on flat surfaces.

Need more convincing? Here are more reasons to ride Ramblas:

  1. $2,899 price tag offers up to $2,201 in savings vs Turbo Tero 5.0’s high price of $5,000, or an increase of 80% in total costs.

  2. 100 nm of torque vs Turbo Tero 5.0’s 90 nm of torque for 10% more power to climb hills and go faster, quicker.

  3. Up to 80 miles in range vs Turbo Tero 5.0’s 75 miles range, adding 5 more miles of ride time on trail or street.

  4. Rockshox suspension with 130mm of travel vs Turbo Tero 5.0’s 110mm of travel, adding 20mm of extra comfort on rugged trails and rough roads.

  5. Dropper post with 150mm of travel vs Turbo Tero 5.0’s 120mm of travel offering riders 30mm of travel for optimal riding positions.

  6. 250-watt A100 mid-drive motor offers equal power to Turbo Tero 5.0’s Specialized 2.2 250W motor. Both offer in-app ride tune capabilities to adjust pedal assist levels for a more personalized riding experience.

  7. Sram SX Eagle 12-speed 11-50t cassette vs Turbo Tero 5.0’s SRAM PG-1130, 11-speed, 11-42t offers riders an extra gear and 8 more teeth on the cassette for more efficiency to climb hills, roll around on trails and ride faster on flat surfaces.

  8. The Ramblas LCD display vs Turbo Tero 5.0’s handlebar LCD offers the same ride status specs, such as current speed, pedal assist level, battery life and more. Plus, the size and positioning protect it from unforeseen circumstances while hitting the trail or streets.

  9. Optional headlight included with Ramblas allows for better visibility in low-lighting conditions on and off the trail, while a headlight for the Turbo Tero 5.0 is an additional cost of up to $90.

Specialized Turbo Tero X 4.0 vs Aventon Ramblas

Priced at $2,899, the Ramblas presents significant savings of $1,600 from Turbo Tero's $4,500 price tag, making it an enticing option for riders prioritizing long distances and powerful performance.

Both bikes feature a 250W mid-drive motor, the competition heats up with notable differences in battery capacity and torque. The Ramblas leads with a substantial 708Wh battery, offering an impressive range of up to 80 miles, dwarfing the Turbo Tero's 530Wh battery.

Despite both bikes having a torque sensor, the Ramblas boasts a remarkable 100nm of torque, doubling the Turbo Tero's 50nm, indicating stronger power output, especially on climbs. While the Ramblas is designed with a hardtail frame and 130mm of suspension, the Turbo Tero steps up with full suspension at the same travel, potentially offering a smoother ride on diverse terrains.

Ramblas boasts:

  1. $2,899 price tag vs Turbo Tero X 4.0’s $4,500, saving you $1,600 on total cost. Enough to buy a second Aventon ebike.

  2. 708Wh battery made with LG or Samsung cells means more riding time and a lot more fun as compared to Turbo Tero X 4.0’s 530Wh. That’s an additional 178Wh of power.

100nm of torque is 100% more torque compared to Turbo Tero X 4.0’s 50nm of torque for more power to climb hills and go faster, and quicker.

Specialized Turbo Creo SL Comp E5 vs Aventon Soltera

At a high price of $4,500 the Specialized Turbo Creo offers a weaker motor at 240 watts compared to Soltera’s 350 watts, as well a weaker battery of 320Wh against Soltera’s 360Wh coming to a 11% decrease in power. This equates to more power for longer rides. On top of this, the Soltera comes equipped with safety tech, such as its built-in turn signals. Also included is a throttle for when you need a break from pedaling.

One reviewer on Specialized’s website complained about Turbo Creo’s poor design of the pedal assist button being located on the top tube and not on the handlebars where it's easily accessible. The Soltera’s full color display has everything you need within reach on its handlebars, including pedal assist, current speed and battery life, making it more comfortable to enjoy your ride.

  • Compared to Specialized Turbo Creo, Aventon’s Soltera boasts:
  • $1,199 price tag vs Turbo Creo’s $4,500 which is $3,301 in savings.

  • A powerful 350 watt motor and battery with LG or Samsung cells that’ll enhance your riding experience, giving you more power when you need it most from reputable brands you can rely on as compared to the Turbo Creo’s 240 watt motor. That’s 32% more power to hit the streets.

  • Built-in turn-signals are safety tech that provides riders with extra confidence when riding on the streets, day or night. For three times the price, Specialized Turbo Creo doesn't have turn signals.

  • Thumb throttle - Take a break from pedaling without hesitation with Soltera thumb throttle. The throttle is designed precisely for moments like these, allowing you to relax and savor the journey. It's worth noting that the Dual Sport Plus 2 doesn't feature a throttle.

  • Step-through frame - Physical limitations getting in the way of saddling up on your bike? With Soltera’s step-through frame you can simply slip your leg through the open frame and get rolling. Specialized’s Turbo Creo doesn’t offer a step-through.

Specialized Turbo Como 3 IGH vs Aventon Pace

Avoid paying for overpriced ebikes that don’t offer you more for your riding experience. The $2,500 Specialized Turbo Como has a less powerful motor and battery compared to the Pace. It's also slower, heavier, lacks adjustable handlebars for comfort, and doesn't include safety technology for an enhanced street cruising experience.

A reviewer on Reddit expressed frustrations with Specialized Turbo Como's inability to adjust the stem and handlebars because of their upper back issues, having this to say about Aventon’s Pace in comparison “As a person seeking an upright ride and tailored fit for upper back issues, this was a showstopper.”

Pace is a cruiser ebike with power and smooth rideability, offering riders:

$1,799 price tag vs Turbo Como’s $2,500 saves you $700 in total costs.

A powerful 500 watt motor and 614Wh battery made with LG or Samsung cells that’ll enhance your riding experience, giving you more power for longer rides as compared to the Turbo Como’s 250 watt motor and 530Wh battery. That’s twice the motor power to cruise all over town and 14% more battery power.

28 mph top speed - Hit top speeds with Pace by going 29% faster with a 28 mph top speed compared to Turbo Como’s 20 mph. Cruising around just got more fun.

Adjustable stem - The adjustable stem on the Pace enables you to customize the height of the handlebars, allowing you to discover the optimal angle for maximum comfort on your upcoming ride. The Turbo Como doesn’t have an adjustable stem.

At 52 lbs the Pace is 9 lbs lighter than Turbo Como’s 61 lbs. That’s the difference between carrying an average sized dog or a large sack of potatoes.

Built-in turn-signals are safety tech that provides riders with extra confidence when riding on the streets, day or night. Specialized’s Turbo Como doesn't offer turn signals.

Thumb throttle - Enjoy a break from pedaling with Pace's thumb throttle. Specifically designed to let you unwind and fully appreciate your journey. It's important to mention that the Turbo Como does not come equipped with a throttle.

Specialized Turbo Vado vs Aventon Level

Is a $5,000 price tag for an ebike hard to swallow? At $1,899, Aventon’s Level not only offers twice the motor power, it comes equipped with a throttle for relaxed riding on long commutes and an easily removable and chargeable battery.

Turbo Vado reviewers have expressed frustrations with poor design, including its newer magnetic charging plug, saying they “can't get it to engage the receiver without taking the battery off. It just won't connect, primarily because the receiver is set so far back in the battery.”

Another rider was disappointed that the Vado’s gear shifter doesn’t have any numbers and they “have to shift the gears using the thumb lever on the right side without knowing any numbers and use my guesswork in gear selection.”

Level has many great features, including:

  • $1,899 price tag vs Tubro Vado’s $5,000, saving you $3,100 in total costs.

  • 500 watt rear hub motor - Level’s 500 watt motor has twice the power of Specialized Turbo Vado’s 250 watt motor, giving you twice the power to go farther, faster.

  • Thumb throttle - Need to rest a little? There’s no shame in that. That’s what the throttle is there for, so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Specialized’s Turbo Vado offers a throttle.

Puncture-resistant tires with side reflectors - You never know what lies ahead on the road for your daily roll. Level’s puncture-resistant tires will keep you rolling to your destination over rough roads or fine gravel. Specialized Turbo Vado only has racing tires.

Specialized Globe Haul vs Aventon Abound

Get 3x the power with Aventon’s Abound for only $1,999 as compared to Globe Haul’s high price of $3,500. Not only that but Abound is lighter, offers 50mm of suspension travel for a more comfortable ride, a thumb throttle, and safety tech such as built-in turn signals to protect you on the road.

A Globe Haul reviewer expressed concerns about its running boards, saying many times their foot “has been caught between the pedal and the boards” and hurt their leg. Fortunately they were going at a slow speed. But they wondered “what would happen in a stopping emergency with more speed?”

Abound is the ultimate cargo ebike that offers riders:

  • $1,999 price tag vs Globe Haul’s $3,500. That’s $1,200 in total savings.

  • A 750 watt motor offers riders three time the power than Globe Haul’s 250 watt motor. With Abound, riders can go farther, farther with everything they need in tow.

  • 50mm of suspension travel provides extra comfort while hauling your precious cargo as compared to Globe Haul’s rigid fork.

  • At 81 lbs, Abound is 7 lbs lighter than Globe Haul’s 88 lbs. That’s the added weight of a car jack or three bags of sugar.

  • Thumb throttle capabilities allow riders to take a break from pedaling and let the bike do most of the work. Simply throttle down on Abound and enjoy the ride.

Integrated lights with built-in turn signals - Elevate your riding confidence with state-of-the-art safety technology. Clearly communicate day or night as you navigate beyond the bike lane. Globe Haul doesn’t offer this sort of safety tech.

Aventon Fat Tire Models

Craving more off-road adventures in your life? With the Aventure priced at just $1,999, its 4-inch fat tires, powerful motor, and torque sensor can take you places street bikes can only dream of. Blaze your own trail, whether you're venturing off-road or navigating the city streets, to unlock new horizons.

Aventure is a all-terrain ebike that offers:

  1. 750 Watt Rear Hub Motor - The robust motor of the Aventure can elevate your pedaling experience to greater heights. Switch between four levels of pedal assist, providing you with an extra boost on your journey, regardless of your route.

  2. 28 mph Top Speed - Aventure’s top speed of 28 mph can make every ride feel like an adventure. Go farther, faster, then keep going.

  3. Torque Sensor - Enjoy a more comfortable biking experience on your next off-road journey. The Adventure features a torque sensor that provides that traditional bike feel while extending your riding range up to 60 miles.

  4. Turn-signals - Boost riding confidence with cutting-edge safety technology. Communicate clearly, day or night, from on the bike lane or exploring off-road trails.

  5. Thumb Throttle - Utilize the Aventure's thumb throttle to take a break from pedaling. It’s wonderful to have a choice on long off-road adventures.

8-speed Drivetrain - Confidence in your ebike is paramount on your journey. The Aventure's 8-speed drivetrain guarantees effortless gear shifts, effortlessly adapting to the changing road terrain.

Aventon’s Foldable Models

In search of a foldable frame that provides a smooth ride on smooth and rough terrain? Aventon's Sinch boasts a torque sensor that delivers a ride akin to a regular bicycle, enhanced with additional power. It also incorporates high-quality technology to elevate your riding experience and 4” fat tires to help keep you balanced. Its price tag of $1,699 reflects the value for your buck.

Sinch is a foldable, fat tire ebike that offers riders:

  1. 500 Watt Rear Hub Motor - The Sinch’s powerful motor can propel your pedaling to new levels. Shift between four levels of pedal assist that will give you a boost wherever the road takes you.

  2. 25 mph Top Speed - Sinch can make your rides go by quicker than a traditional bike with a fast top speed.

  3. Torque Sensor - Looking for a more comfortable and traditional bike-like riding experience? The Sinch's torque sensor delivers a familiar feel and helps extend your riding range up to 55 miles.

  4. Sinch.2’s built-in turn-signals will enhance your road confidence with the latest safety and ensure clear communication, day or night, whether you're in the bike lane or beyond.

  5. 45mm of suspension travel means the Sinch can temper rougher road conditions.

  6. 8-speed Drivetrain - Having trust in your ebike is crucial during your ride. The Sinch's 8-speed drivetrain ensures smooth shifting, adapting seamlessly to the road conditions you encounter.

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