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The 9 Types of Ebikers | Aventon Bikes

The 9 Types of Ebikers | Aventon Bikes

March 27, 2020

We’ve been blessed and honored to be able to help so many people get on ebikes that allow them to become more active, gain freedom, and enjoy the great outdoors. We know that Aventon ebike fans are a very diverse group and come from all walks of life.

Have you ever wondered who rides our ebikes? We’ve put a fun list together for you to find out who rides our Pace, Level, and Sinch ebikes. Keep in mind that this list is by no means comprehensive or scientific. We’ve simply seen certain patterns from being ebike experts.

Without much further ado, here are the 9 types of ebikers:

The Commuter

As the name describes, this person uses his/her ebike to commute as much as possible instead of driving a car or taking public transportation. He/she rides to work or school, avoiding traffic, saving money and time. From our perspective, they get bonus points for reducing their carbon footprint and getting a good workout - dual win! They know the best routes to take, which streets are the safest to ride on, and all the traffic bottlenecks to avoid. They are proud that they get to work or school quicker than their colleagues and classmates without breaking a real sweat. They are fully prepared for daily commuting by packing and carrying all their essentials. (For a quick guide to the best gear and accessories for riding, see our other blog here.) For the commuter, we recommend the Level. It’s designed and built for the commuter in mind with the same award-winning motor technology as our Pace 500.

The Shredder

This rider who rides an ebike on chill but adventourous rides when he/she wants to take it easy and doesn’t want to work too much but still wants to enjoy going off road on easy to moderate trails. They might enjoy hitting the dirt, and ripping the rough roads. He wears baggy shorts instead of lycra and rides with his regular trail buddies. For these guys, it’s post ride beers instead of mid ride coffee stops. They don’t mind getting down and dirty. They love that ebikes give them the flexibility to ride as easy or put in some real work because of the different pedal assist levels. Some of these shredders also ride and race motocross, so the ebike is a great training alternative and bridges their two hobbies together. We recommend the Sinch for these guys. And bonus, it folds in half and allows for easier transportation in their trucks, SUVs, or Jeeps, especially if they don’t want to be bothered with racks.

The Comeback Kid

He’s an older gentleman who was an avid cyclist. He used to race and ride a lot back in the day. He can tell you who won the Tour de France and Giro in 1987. Work and life got in the way but he never lost his passion for cycling. Sure, he’s older and out of shape but that’s why the ebike is perfect for him to get back into the sport that he loved. He hasn’t been on a bike in years but loves the convenience of ebikes now that he has started again. In fact, it got him back into shape that he’s started doing the weekend group rides and might even consider racing again. He would tell you that the ebike makes him feel like a kid again. The Pace 350 and Pace 500 are great for them.

The Adventure Bike Packer

Some of these riders come from the road and mountain bike scene but they may be tired or bored of that scene and want something new, that allows them to get that same adventure without the rigor. They are adventure seekers who go off the grid to enjoy exploring new roads and trails with a fully packed ebike. They are planners who pack their ebike in the van or RV with enough gear, clothing, and food to last days in the wild. They map out their route for locations where they can charge their ebikes or bring backup batteries. The adventure bike packer is adaptable and versatile. He checks the weather conditions and plans accordingly and doesn’t have a problem changing things up when their plans are spoiled by bad weather. The Sinch, Level, or Pace would be great for these adventure seekers.

The Busy Dad

He’s a full time working father who uses the ebike to relax and relieve stress. He rides his ebike around his neighborhood for a moment of calm, he rides to the store to pick up some family favorites, the coffee shop and brewery after work to meet up with his buddies. On weekends, he uses his ebike to pull his kids in a bike trailer around the neighborhood, to the local park, and to get ice cream. He loves his ebike because it allows him to bond with his family, especially with his kids and live that dad life. Busy dad proudly tells all his other dad friends how the ebike has been a game changer for him. The Pace 350 is perfect for him.

The Busy Mom

Busy Mom is married to Busy Dad. Like her husband, she works full time while juggling work and family life balance. She uses the ebike to ride with Busy Dad and loves that the ebike brings the family together for quality time with the kids. She sometimes uses her ebike to go to yoga class, grocery shopping, and other small errands. She also takes the bike to her favorite grassy area nearby to read her favorite book or chat with her friends on the phone uninterrupted. The Pace 350 is a great way to have matching bikes with Busy Dad.

The Weekend Warrior

He does it all - road, gravel, and mountain biking, but he likes the ebike because it saves him time and helps him train and “recon” roads/trails for harder rides. His ebike is also great for his little getaway during the week when he doesn’t want to ride hard. His entire weekend revolves around being active and outdoors. He makes use of the limited time he has, planning his rides and activities during the week. He comes back to work on Mondays after some epic ride adventures and feels refreshed and renewed and his co-workers are amazed by his energy and productivity, but to him, it’s the norm. For him, it’s always bikes over gyms any day. We recommend the Level or Pace 500 for these riders.

The Roadie

This rider takes his/her cycling passion seriously, trains hard and rides hard. They are a bit of a cycling snob but they’ll ride an ebike on their rest day to “spin their legs” and for trips to get coffee or meet his buddies at the pub. They wear a lycra cycling kit on their road bike but keeps it casual with jeans and t-shirt to ride their ebike. Even though they own fancy carbon bikes, they enjoy the ebike because it’s low maintenance and easy to ride, allowing them to be in an upright position. They appreciate the comfort and leisure of riding as more important than being aerodynamic or fast when riding an ebike. This group ranges in different ages from youngsters to older riders. The old roadie can be a MAMIL (middle aged male in lycra). The Level or Pace 500 is perfect for this group.

The Retired Couple

They are the older retired couple who are living that retired life. They enjoy their free time connecting with family and friends. They might have an RV for even more adventure, allowing them to travel without the fuss of an airport. They ride their ebikes to stay active, get around town, and to meet up with other retirees. Ebikes allow them to take it easy because some of them might have limited physical mobility. They might be those active and fun grandparents that want to keep up with the grandkids, and enjoy fun rides at the beach to get ice cream with their grandkids. For this group, we recommend the Pace 350 step through which as of this writing comes with free rack and fenders.

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