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Aventon's 1st Annual Bikes & Chill Event

April 3, 2017

Aventon's first Bike & Chill was an event to remember, we had it all from tricks to tacos.

We had a full afternoon filled with our warehouse sale items, raffles, a demo track, and a track stand competition. There was a pack of fixed gear diehards that arrive almost an hour early from Jimmy's Bike shop that were ready for the event to start.

We opened the gates at 9am and let everyone roll in, park their bikes, and scope all the deals we had in our warehouse sale section. We had it all, completes, wheel, components, and much much more.

10am rolled around and we opened up our demo track for anyone to check out 6KU's Odyssey and Odessa commuter bikes, as well as the Populo Sport single speed Electric bike. Between demo ride sessions, it ended up turning into a mini crit track for everyone to ride on.

Everything that followed was a mixture of everyone showing off what they could do on their Aventon's. From wheelies, to leg over the handlebar skids, and fish and chips. 

Now it was everyone's favorite time... Taco Time!  To say that you missed out on this was an understatement. Everyone who RSVP'd for the event was given 4 mouth watering tacos of there choice with homemade rice, beans, and salsa. 

Our MC's changed throughout the day but our Art Director took it upon himself to hype the crowd up for our next raffles. We gave out a Diamond Frameset, a Celeste Urban track bike, a set of Latigo bars, and Fairfax cranks.

To wrap up our first event we wanted to level the playing field by letting anyone with 2 wheels enter our track stand competition. Everyone got set up, and our "Man in your chat bubble" Zachary took over supervising the event. It ended up being a stand off between 2 riders with only one foot left on their pedals. Low and behold Robel Gindaba won the track stand competition on his Diamond track frame.

We'll see you all next year, and make sure to check out the video below.

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