9 Reasons Why Ramblas Is A Class 1 Electric Mountain Bike

9 Reasons Why Ramblas Is A Class 1 Electric Mountain Bike

March 11, 2024

We’ve been getting a lot of questions and concerns as to why we made Ramblas, our first electric mountain bike (eMTB), a Class 1 ebike. And we appreciate both. Our design and manufacturing choices are generally impacted by a necessity in the market, safety, and the lawful regulations that influence “how” and “where” our bikes can be ridden.

Keeping these three things in mind ensures we have our riders’ best interests at the heart of what we do. Especially when it comes to riding in new territory. Here are 9 reasons why we chose to make Ramblas a Class 1 ebike:


What makes Ramblas a Class 1 electric bike? Under the 3 different classifications of ebikes recognized by Federal and State laws, a Class 1 ebike has a maximum pedal assistance of 20 mph without the addition of a throttle. They’re popular for their balance of assistance and traditional cycling experience, making them suitable for recreational cyclists.

  • Motor: 250W Aventon A100 mid drive w/ ride tune
  • Torque: Up to 100 Nm
  • Battery: 708 Wh made with LG 21700 cells
  • Range: Up to 80 miles
  • Max Speed: 20 mph

Features & Components

  • Suspension: Rockshox 35 130mm travel - Ebike rated

  • Drivetrain: Sram NX 12-Speed

  • Brakes: Sram DB8 mineral 4 piston hydraulic disc brakes

  • Tires: Maxxis 29” x 2.4”, 27.5” x 2.4” fork and tires on small frame

  • Dropper Post: KS dropper post. M-XL: 150mm travel; size S: 125mm travel

1. Trail Access

This was a key priority in our design. Many trails are established based on agreements that specify the types of use allowed. These agreements may explicitly exclude motorized vehicles, and ebikes, which are often classified as motorized due to their electric assist feature, can fall under this restriction.

Class 1 eMTBs like Ramblas are generally permitted on more trails compared to Class 2 and 3 due to speed limitations and regulations. Out of respect formountain bike (MTB) and eMTB riders, we did not want to launch our first eMTB as the company that encourages the use of Class 2 or Class 3 ebikes on trails working against all the work being done to gain more trail access for ebikes.

2. Responsible Riding

By offering a Class 1 option, we encourage responsible riding and adherence to local trail regulations, respecting the shared use of trails by various trail users. The development of trails suitable for experienced mountain bike riders has been a significant focus of both private and public sector efforts, enriching the community and providing diverse riding experiences.

However, challenges arise as riders new to the mountain biking scene sometimes engage in behaviors that disrupt trail culture and safety. By limiting motor output and omitting a throttle, we’re taking a more ethical approach to merging tradition with innovation.

3. Advocacy For eMTB Access

Aventon is deeply committed to advancing the accessibility of eMTBs in the United States. We are convinced that Class 1 eMTBs have the potential to significantly enhance user experiences and encourage responsible use of trails.

Following the trail blazed by organizations such as PeopleForBikes and the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA), along with numerous other leaders in the industry advocating for eMTB use, we aim to contribute to their efforts in a supportive and complementary way, ensuring that our actions enhance rather than overshadow their valuable effort.

4. Future-proofing

Choosing the Class 1 route avoids potential challenges if future regulations become more restrictive. As it stands, most recreational paths and multi-use trails restrict motor vehicles to a 20 mph speed limit. Sometimes they can even be as low as 15 mph. By making Ramblas a Class 1 electric mountain bike, we create more opportunities for more riders to experience these pathways and find new adventures close to home.

In the event that the 3 ebike class structure is reorganized, we would reevaluate the manufacturing of our ebikes to accommodate the need for a more powerful motor and a higher top speed. However, at this time it’s unlikely.

5. Sustainability

By reducing Ramblas’ top speed, we align with the principles of sustainable trail use by minimizing potential impact on the environment.Traditional mountain bikers worry that the power and force from ebikes might damage the trails, including curves, paths, berms and other features. It’s a simple equation. Higher speeds and higher torque = more trail damage. Trails don't withstand speeds of 28 mph going uphill. By limiting Ramblas to 20 mph, we help prevent excessive wear and tear on the trails.

6. Safety

The speed restriction of Class 1 eMTBs contributes to enhanced user safety for both riders and other trail users. It helps in a few ways:

Safer Passing

By keeping speeds low, eMTBs don't scare or endanger traditional bikers when passing. This lowers the risk of accidents from sudden moves.

Better on Two-Way Trails

With speed limits, riders have more time to react if they meet someone coming the other way, especially around blind corners or narrow paths. This reduces the chances of unfortunate circumstances.

Predictable Speeds

Knowing how fast people will be going makes it easier for everyone to share the trails safely and respectfully, helping to avoid surprises and conflicts.

Limiting how fast eMTBs can go is a key way to keep trails safe, enjoyable, and open to all types of trail users.

7. Versatility

Despite the speed limitation, Class 1 eMTBs like Ramblas, still offer significant power assistance to tackle climbs and explore longer distances, making them suitable for a wider range of riders.

Ultimately, a Class 1 ebike doesn’t restrict faster speeds, only the motor’s output. Once the motor cuts off, there’s still the opportunity to pedal as fast as humanly possible . . . Within a reasonably safe way, of course.

8. Industry Standard

Class 1 remains a dominant choice in the eMTB market, offering a comparable riding experience to higher classes while adhering to broader regulations. All the big players in eMTB are producing Class 1 ebikes.

By making Ramblas a Class 1 ebike, Aventon is adhering to an industry standard that is ethical and inclusive. We’re following the path of those who have worked so hard toward creating a space for ebike accessibility on trails and paths. We wanted to embrace the efforts of our peers by contributing to them.

9. Positive User Experience

We believe choosing Class 1 for Ramblas ultimately promotes a more positive user experience for both riders of this eMTB and other trail users by encouraging responsible, regulation-compliant riding. Ramblas’ A-100 mid-drive motor, torque sensor, and limited pedal assist contributes to a natural riding feel, for the rider and other trail users. We believe this makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

Understanding eMTB Regulations

Access to singletrack for electric mountain bikes differs from that of paved and soft surface bike lanes and paths. Electric mountain bikes aren't permitted in all the locations where traditional mountain bikes are allowed, and their access varies widely across federal, state, county, and local trails.

Because electric mountain bikes are classified as motorized vehicles, they are required to stick to trails designated for mixed use and steer clear of those reserved for non-motorized activities. However, certain local or state land management agencies have made exceptions, allowing electric mountain bikes on non-motorized trails in specific areas, such as state parks in Pennsylvania, Utah, and Colorado.

In addition, the National Parks Service and the Bureau of Land Management will issue permission for ebike use on bike and non-motorized trails to Class 1 only, and depending on the trail, to Class 1 and Class 2, but not Class 3.

Where can i ride my emtb?

PeopleForBikes and other biking enthusiasts have gone to great lengths to bridge the gap between traditionalists and the new eMTB communities. To ensure ebikers have a place to ride, they’ve highlighted over 40,000 miles of trails available for eMTB exploration as well as a curated list of some of the best eMTB rides and destinations across the US complete with descriptions and trails maps.

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