Retrofit Display & Controller Bundle - Throttle On Demand

This display and controller bundle provides 2 modifications to the functionality of your Aventon ebike:

  • Throttle on demand: Engage the throttle from a complete stop. No need to begin pedaling before you can start using the thumb throttle.
  • Smoother PAS Acceleration: Reduces the minor jolt feeling going into PAS levels 1 and 2 giving riders a more comfortable experience. 



We highly recommend having the retrofit kit installed by an authorized Aventon dealer or a mobile bike repair and assembly service such as Velofix or Velotooler.

If your Aventon ebike is still within the 1 year warranty, it is a requirement to get the retrofit kit installed and verified by one of the options stated above in order to maintain the existing 1 year warranty. 

  • Additionally, getting the retrofit kit installed by one the options stated above, will qualify your ebike for a 90 day warranty extension after the installation regardless of your Aventon ebike's current warranty status.
  • In order to qualify for the 90 day warranty extension, you must provide proper documentation proving it was installed professionally.
  • If there isn't a nearby Aventon dealer or mobile bike service near you, please contact customer service before installing the retrofit kit to your ebike:

NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Be sure to select the correct Aventon ebike model


Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Love it!

It’s a must if you ride on hills

Great bike but…

I bought the Level. The week after, the new controller comes out, and sold out almost immediately. I don’t like the handlebars. The riding position hurts my back. They’re also out of the Pace handlebars, which I would like to buy. I would like to know why Aventon is bringing out new bikes, when we can’t even get parts for the bikes we have.

I fear the worst

so they have none, when!, what if our battery's in our Levels go bad cuz they don't have any of them either, are they going out of business?


I’ve been riding the Pace 500 for 2 years now and have adjusted to its shortcomings, but I still like this quality built bike.. Why are we being teased withe the upgrade? It allegedly was sold out at the starting gate. What gives?

Much smoother and refined

Installation was fairly easy although fishing cables through various openings took a little time. The installation instructions sent by email were clear and on point. Once installed, everything booted up without any issues. The result is a much smoother power delivery. It comes on more quickly, but not as abruptly. Functionally, this means a much shorter pedal rotation before assist begins, and once it starts there’s less of a kick. This is the case whether starting from a standstill or when already moving and you start pedaling. While the kick of the pedal assist made for an exciting experience with the original controller, the bike is much more refined now. Great upgrade!

1 year warranty