Aventon Pace 500 E-Bike Replacement Battery


Extend your range with a secondary battery. Each battery is built with premium Samsung cells for a long service life.

  • For use with Aventon Pace 500 or Pace 500 Step-through e-bikes
  • Lithium-Ion cells
  • 48V

Does not work on Pace 350 ebikes. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Standard battery range

Rode my Pace 500 on its first long distance ride with a friend who has a Yamaha Cross Connect. I'm 6' 2" at 230 lbs. We rode Santa Ana river trail from Corona, CA to Irvine and back. That trail in flat, concrete & asphalt. I got approx. 37 mi by the time my battery indicator was showing one tick remaining, approx 10% left. I rode mostly PAS 2-3 rarely ever used throttle. My friend had less than 50% left on his battery but he is smaller that I and his bike has 18 gear choices, nine gears on free wheel and two chain-rings. All in all is was a good ride and now we have an idea what our range is. Next time we plan to ride from UC Irvine Campus to Laguana, CA. Stop for burger and a beer recharge to batteries for our ride back.

What fun!!!!

Had my bike a week and am totally enjoying it. I did need to take the bike back to Bike Bling when the rear wheel started to make some noise. It was the spokes seating. The spokes were tightened and the wheel trued. I was out of the shop in 15 minutes.

All is well

Had a little trouble getting in sink with Fed ex man but it all worked out.

Getting Ready

Have not used the spare battery much yet. Weather in Ohio is not real good for bicycle riding at this time. The spare gives me a lot of options for routes and distances and I can hardly wait.