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Aventon Pace 500, an excellent price-value acquisition!

I am very satisfied with my purchase; The truth is that I consider the 500 pace to be an excellent price-value acquisition.
Very comfortable, has very good autonomy and is very versatile.
Only a small noise bothers me when I shift the gears and I imagine that it could be corrected with some adjustment and grease.
I wonder if they recommend any place near Miami Florida where I could do that adjustment or preventive maintenance.

Energy bar

I love the bike. It would be an enhancement to accurately display the remaining mileage on the battery given the current assist level and assuming a flat surface. Tesla manages to do this so I know it’s possible.
Also a calorie meter for those of us that use it as a means to work out.

I freaking love this bike

What can I say? I've been a bicycle commuter for a good while, but this is my first e-bike. The power this thing has is AMAZING! I still get that feeling of working my legs, but with the pedal assist, I'm absolutely FLYING out there. It's extremely responsive and not too loud, and it's a comfortable ride. I'm far from an expert bicycle mechanic (I can do simple work like changing tubes out), but I was still able to put the thing together by myself when it arrived without much trouble.

No trouble in inclement weather, either. You'll want rain gear for yourself, of course, but the bike doesn't have any problems getting wet.

Honestly, what more could I ask for?

Granny bikes!

I love the bike, but I could sure use some fenders. We live in the rainy PNW, and can't ride in the wet without fenders. They're always out of stock. Surprised they didn't come with the bike. I'm 74, and loving it!

Over 600 miles and still loving my Pace 500

I am a senior citizen and purchased my Pace 500 last August so I could enjoy the outdoors and exercise. I have ridden over 600 miles on it and am very happy with it. I purchased it from a participating Aventon dealer so have no comments on the assembly. My major complaint on the bike is that the display will not allow me access or maintain the trip settings. I have tried countless times, but only got it to set once and mid-ride it switched back to the default setting. I can get to the light on, but can't get to the trip mileage setting. I get about 30-40 miles between charges and find that when the battery is below half, the power starts to drop. I once almost fully depleted the battery and had to use PAS 4 to replicate the assist I normally get at PAS 1. My battery is difficult to remove, but found if I give it a tap on the side with the heel of my hand I don't have to put as much pressure on the lever. I get a spark when I charge the battery on the bike but have learned to connect to the bike before plugging in the charger to avoid it sparking. Our community bike trail is primarily chat gravel and can get rough. Having springs on the seat to make the ride a bit more comfortable would be nice. I have learned to simply stand up on my petals when I know I am going to hit a rough area. The bike is heavier and harder to maneuver and you have to get used to that as well as the surge when your PAS kicks in. When someone wants to try my bike I caution them to anticipate a jerk when the motor kicks in and to not take sharp turns so they don't get hurt. Overall this bike is a joy and has allowed me to remain active during this pandemic. Now that winter has set in I don't get to ride very often. I have learned to remove my battery and store it inside so I can ride when we get a warm day.

Pace 500 ebike