What is an Ebike?

E-Bikes look and feel just like traditional bicycles, with a key difference - they include an electric motor and battery for an extra boost. The motor can help you conquer hills, keep up with traffic, or pull a trailer. E-Bikes with pedal assist turn on the motor when the rider pedals. E-Bikes with throttles can turn on the motor to propel the bike even when the rider does not pedal.

How fast can I go on an Ebike?

Class I and II ebikes max out at 20 MPH, while Class III ebikes go up to 28 MPH. If you are riding your ebike on private property, or in a region without ebike speed limits, even higher speeds may be possible.

How far can I go on an Ebike?

The range of your Ebike varies based on rider weight, wind, hills, and how much pedal assist or throttle you choose. Our Ebikes average about 30 miles of range.

Which types of Ebikes are legal where I live?

Aventon Ebikes conform to California's "Class I, II, III" ebike law. In summary, you can ride Class I, II, III Ebikes on any roadway. Class I and II Ebikes can also ride bike paths (bikeways completely separated from car traffic), but Class III Ebikes are not supposed to be used there. Some regions also have helmet and age restrictions for Class III bikes.

Many other states have also adopted California's regulations, so the rules are the same in most other states too. You can check the specific rules for your location using People for Bikes' state-by-state Ebike guide.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

We recommend you always wear a helmet when riding, regardless of the specific bike or your location. Local laws vary, but many states require helmets for all riders on Class III Ebikes. Laws requiring helmet use for riders under 18 are also common (Ebike or not).

How old do I have to be to ride an Ebike?

Check your local laws to be sure, but most states have adopted the "Class I, II, & III" ebike rules first used by California, which restrict use of Class III ebikes to riders 16 and older. Generally, Class I and II ebikes can be ridden by riders of all ages.

Can I ride my Ebike off-road & dirt trails?

Often, Class I Ebikes can be ridden anywhere traditional bikes are allowed; however, more stringent restrictions may be enforced at the local, state, or federal level. You should check with the specific land or park owner to be certain.


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