Aventon has discovered that a small batch of Mataro Aluminum forks manufactured in 2014 do not meet our high quality standards. Affected forks have a potential welding defect where the steerer tube joins the crown race. This defect could create a safety hazard; so Aventon is recalling affected forks and replacing them with a fork featuring an updated design that addresses this problem.

Aventon’s dealers have been advised of this recall and have already been helping facilitate the exchange of forks for an updated revision on behalf of their customers. Out of an abundance of caution, we are further extending this recall so that all customers have an opportunity to have their fork evaluated and replaced if necessary.

We take pride in the quality of our bikes and have always stood behind the satisfaction of our riders and dealers. Your safety is very important to us. If your fork is affected by this recall, Aventon will provide a replacement at no cost to you.

What you need to do:

1. Stop riding the product immediately.

2. Review the photographs and serial number information below to determine if your fork is covered by this recall.

3. If you believe your fork is affected by this recall, please complete the form at the bottom of this page to begin the replacement process.

To identify your fork, you’ll need to remove it from the bicycle and inspect the area around the crown race. Updated forks have a polished reinforcement ring above the crown, as shown in the below image:

Still not sure if your fork needs to be replaced? You can check serial number of your Mataro frameset. The serial number is located on the bottom bracket shell. The number is visible once you turn your bike over. Forks from framesets with serial numbers starting with JHC or AVT130701XXXX – AVT141299XXXX are subject to this recall and need to be replaced.

1. My fork is subject to the recall and needs to be replaced. What’s next?
If your fork meets the criteria listed above, please complete the form below. A member of our customer support team will be in touch to process your recall and arrange for a replacement.

2. How can I install the replacement fork?
Aventon will pay your Aventon dealer or local bicycle shop to complete these repairs on your behalf. We need your local dealer’s contact information before you go, so please contact our customer support team first.

3. What’s wrong with the recalled fork?
Aventon has identified a potential welding defect at the joint of the steerer tube and crown race.

4. What has changed in the updated fork?
Aventon has released an updated design of the Mataro Aluminum fork that addresses this problem. All Aventon Bikes products pass through a vigorous testing process and comply with EN testing and regulations. The updated, reinforced forks have all been tested and pass the EN 14781 Road Racing testing standard.

5. My fork seems fine and I never had any issue with it. Can I just keep them?
No. Even though it may appear to be safe, we are asking you to immediately stop using the fork and participate in the recall by returning the fork to us for a free replacement.

6. I no longer have my Mataro bike/fork because I’ve sold it or given it away. What should I do?
If you are in contact with the buyer, please have them review this page and contact Aventón for help. Aventón will replace any fork affected by this recall, regardless of whether the rider is the original owner.

7. Are all Mataro Aluminum forks recalled?
No. Aventón has already been shipping the updated design for some time. Forks are only subject to this criteria if they meet the photo or serial number criteria shown above.

8. I’m not sure if my fork is covered by the recall or not.
Please reach out to Aventón’s customer support team. We will help you review your fork to make sure.