San Diego Velodrome Swap Meet 2016

San Diego Velodrome Swap Meet 2016

November 7, 2016


          It’s 4:30am on Sunday, and I’m wide awake. Typically, if it was any other day I would be sound asleep. What’s the significance of this day you ask? It’s the San Diego Velodrome Swap Meet! While this event isn’t of great importance to some, to others it’s the highlight of the year. 


            This Velo Swap has one of the most unique layouts and for that reason, the turnout is higher than any other swap. Vendors range from your industry legends, to people that have only been in the game for a quick minute. One of the most notable things about this event is the amount of diversity that is present. You have hours to browse around looking for “the deals”. While it’s not necessarily advertised, you’ll also get the booth with a couple of down to earth dudes that will offer you a cold beer or soda with your purchase. For those of you who have been to the swap meet, you understand how critical it is to get your hands on a cold beverage of some kind – and for those of you who’ve never been... I strongly encourage you to go at least once. The most beautiful thing that I laid eyes on there was a '93 Cannondale track complete that someone was selling for 3K. Thank god that it wasn't my size or else I would have gone home with it! 


           Although there were deals to be had, the main reason for us attending the swap was to sell – and that we did. We started selling around 8am, and finally wrapped up around 2pm. The day was filled with excitement, as people were attracted to our 10x20 tent loaded with swag. Everyone that dropped by our booth left with goodies. Seriously, one of the best feelings in the world is knowing that we can help the cycling community with deals on products. The truth is, that we all chose an expensive hobby – and it’s nice when you’re able to score something vital that you need to further better your experience for cheap. 

            After the swap meet, we were faced with the beast of tearing down our tent and other various things to pack back into our Sprinter van. Once everything was squared away, we all went out to eat. Grabbing a burger and some Cajun fries was beyond glorious after a hard day’s work. We look forward to having a presence at more upcoming events and even some rides. There really is no limit to how much you’re able to give back to the cycling community. I hope that everyone is out there shredding on their new toys that they picked up! 

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