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Aventon’s Top Ebike Accessories

Aventon’s Top Ebike Accessories

July 21, 2023

Want to make the most of your ebike adventures? Accessorize the way you ride with Aventon e bike accessories. Accessories can enhance your riding experience, giving you a more versatile edge on the road. Stay protected with fenders and helmets, load up with all your favorite goods with racks and panniers, or add trailers and cargo accessories for the whole family.

Let’s talk about what best ebike accessories you might need on your next ride:


Adventure Electric bike Accessories

What’s an adventure without the proper accessories to protect you and add more to your next off-road journey? Here are some of Aventon’s favorite adventure accessories.


Aventon Rear Rack - Aventure

This rear rack was designed specifically for the Aventure fat tire ebike. It’s a classic styled ebike rear rack perfect to take your adventures to the next level. With a carrying capacity of 55lbs, you can haul all your essential items on your next trip, whether it’s in the backcountry or just down the road. Choose between matte black or green to enhance the way you go off-the-beaten-path.

Aventon Front Rack - Aventure

Specifically designed for the Aventure and Aventure.2 ebikes, you can add additional cargo space with this wide front electric bike rack that will easily hold a small cooler with drinks or a small picnic set up. Unlock new possibilities on your next adventure with its 20lb carrying capacity and add more room for what matters out in the wilder parts of your ride. Dream big.

Aventon Rear Rack - Sinch

Our foldable ebike has what it takes to make small spaces a big deal. Its custom-built ebike rear rack was designed specifically for Aventon Sinch and Sinch Step-Through ebike models. Haul all your favorite goods, your groceries and other essentials on your next adventure. With a 50 lbs carrying capacity, it’s up to you to choose what’s coming with you.

* This ebike rear rack was made specifically for Sinch and Sinch Step-Through ebikes only. When purchasing, be sure to select the correct model rack for your Sinch ebike frame.

Aventon Sinch Fender Set

What’s the point of having 4” fat tires if you’re not going to roll through the elements? With the Sinch Fender Set you can veer off-road and hit the rough stuff, all while staying protected. Aventon's design team wasn't satisfied with the generic "off the shelf" fender options for our ebikes, so they designed these new, all-metal fenders specifically to fit our Sinch ebike. Unfold new adventures for the ride of your life.

* When purchasing, be sure to select the correct model for your ebike. These fenders are made for Sinch and Sinch Step-Through ebikes only.

Aventon Front Basket

This electric bike basket was designed to store all your essentials while on the go. Made from high quality aluminum, this front basket for electric bikes was built to withstand the rigors of daily use. With its spacious interior, the Aventon Front Basket can comfortably hold all of your tools, helmet, and even your small pets.

* Aventon Front Utility Rack required. The Aventon Front Basket is not compatible with any other front or rear racks. Only available for Sinch.2 and Abound Ebikes.

Aventon Front Utility Rack

Aventon’s Front Utility Rack was made with utility in mind, perfect for our Sinch and Abound electric bikes. Its perforated design offers multiple ways to strap and secure your items, and the sleek black finish adds to its clean aesthetic. Coupled with the Aventon Front Bag makes for easy on-and-off capabilities while you're on the go. With a carrying capacity of 40lbs you can enhance your riding experience for the long road ahead.

* Compatible with Abound and Sinch.2 electric bikes only. This front rack will not work with any other Aventon model electric bike.

Aventon Twin Panniers

Rain or shine keep your things safe & dry with the Aventon waterproof twin pannier. This set of ebike saddle bags come with an easy simple snap release clip system, great for commuting, cross-country trips or daily recreation. With 25 liters of carrying capacity, you can carry your electronics, groceries, repair tools, extra electric bike parts and much more. Plus, the side reflective strips will help keep you seen on the road, any time of day.

Aventon Backpack Pannier

Aventon Backpack Pannier’s 3-in-one design makes it the perfect solution for keeping your belongings easily accessible. Made with weather resistant materials and a carrying capacity of 25 lbs you can bring more along for the ride while staying protected. Equipped with a quick-lock connector, the Aventon Backpack Pannier can securely attach to your Aventon rack, hassle free. Its roll-top design ensures easy access, while the backpack straps conveniently pack away during your ride so you can move freely whenever you desire. And with more external compartments you can bring all the essentials on and off the bike.

Aventon Rack Top Bag

The Aventon Rack Top Bag is the ultimate e bike accessory for your commute. The spacious main compartment carries up to 25 liters, and is conveniently divided for safe & easy organization. The Rack Top Bag also expands into two expandable pannier side panels, allowing you to carry even more essentials on your ride, including an integrated water bottle holder. It’s built to withstand the demands of your active lifestyle, ensuring that your belongings stay safe and secure throughout your journey on the road with reflective strips and a safety light clip to enhance visibility.

Cruiser Ebike Accessories

What’s cruising around town without bringing some of your favorite essentials? With these cruiser e bike accessories, there’s more reason to enjoy rolling around on two wheels with the whole family.


Aventon Rear Rack - Pace 500.2

The Aventon ebike rear rack was designed and built by Aventon engineers to fit your Pace 500.2 & Pace 350.2 ebikes like a glove. Its lightweight materials have a carrying capacity of 55 lbs so you can bring more on daily cruises or commutes wherever you want to ride. Add panniers, bags or a basket to bring your ride to life.

* You MUST order the model and size that matches your Aventon ebike model and size.

Aventon Rear Rack Set - Pace 350.3/Pace 500.3

The Aventon Rear Rack Set for the Pace 350.3 and Pace 500.3 was designed to hold up to 55 lbs in weight so you can bring more on your daily cruise. It's clean black finish is easy on the eyes and perfect to add pannier, bags and basket accessories. More is more, especially when it adds to the fun.

* You MUST order the model and size that matches your Aventon ebike model and size.

Aventon Single Child Trailer

The Aventon Single Child Trailer is where fun meets comfort for the kiddos. It’s the perfect companion for your next adventure to take your little ones along for the ride with titled side windows, chest strap seat belt and rear storage space. The foldable frame design makes for easy compact storage and the stroller push handle allows you to move freely on and off the bike. With a carrying capacity of 48 lbs you can make your next ride an exciting one and create lasting memories that will last a lifetime with the Aventon Child Trailer.

* Compatible with all Aventon electric bike models.

Aventon Double Seat Child Trailer

The Aventon Double Child Trailer is fun for the whole family. With a carrying capacity of 75 lbs you can bring the kiddos along for the ride, while the tinted front and side windows will keep the sun out of their eyes and provide plenty of beautiful views. Cushioned seating and headrest provide the ultimate comfort, and the shock absorbers will increase stabilization to keep the kiddos comfortable on long rides. Add more to your next family outing with rear storage space and the ability to detach and use the stroller push handle. It’s easy to make memories when all you have to do is pick the destination.

* Compatible with all Aventon electric bike models.

Cargo Ebike Accessories

Load up and haul out for fun with the whole family, or for all your hauling needs. With cargo accessories, there's more room for what matters.

Abound Handrail

The Abound Handrail is comfort and protection at its finest for your little ones. Designed for children from ages 5 to 10, its sleek black finish and high-quality aluminum construction can support a carrying capacity of up to 143 lbs. Make more memories with the whole family and enjoy the ride.

* Compatible with Abound electric bikes only. Compatible with the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi Rack Mount Child Seat, for riders of smaller proportions.

Abound Seat Pad

The Abound Seat Pad makes cargo cruising that much more fun and comfortable! Designed to add the ultimate comfort for a joyous ride, featuring a soft and cushy PU leather cushion. The ebike seat pad was made for a carrying capacity of up to 143 lbs and children from the age of 5 to 10 years of age. Keep the good times rolling with the whole family. Memories are more enjoyable when there’s more people involved.

* Compatible with Abound electric bikes only

Abound Pannier

The Abound Pannier will change your cargo game, from lacking to fully stacked. It’s the ultimate storage solution when it comes to racking, stacking, and hauling it all wherever you go, whether you're commuting to work, running errands, or simply exploring the great outdoors. With a carrying capacity of up to 44 lbs, these versatile ebike saddle bags are designed to make carrying your essentials a breeze. Made from high-quality, water-resistant materials, they are made to withstand the elements and everyday use, while keeping your things safe and dry, no matter the weather conditions.

* The large size is only compatible with Abound electric bikes

Abound Rear Basket

The Abound ebike rear rack basket will add more fun to your cargo excursions. It’s sleek black finish and versatility can carry the load, whether it’s gardening supplies, groceries, and much more! With a carrying capacity of 143 lbs, your imagination is your only limitation. The Abound Rear Basket makes carrying cargo a breeze with more room for what matters most.

* Compatible with Abound electric bikes only

Abound Rear Rack Bamboo Board

Lay it down then stack it up. The Abound Rear Rack Bamboo Board was designed for you to stack it all up to 143 lbs without worry. The hard flat surface can support all of your cargo needs so you can focus on the road ahead. Make the most of your cargo cruises with this bamboo backbone that’s water-resistant and easy to install. Let your cargo adventures begin.

* Compatible with Abound electric bikes only

Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi Rack Mount Child Seat

Let your children ride in style by chauffeuring them around in the Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi child’s seat. This well padded and adjustable seat with a carrying capacity of 40 lbs, makes riding with your child easy and comfortable! With quick mounting abilities, 5-point harness, magnetic childproof safety buckle and adjustable straps, you can saddle up and journey knowing your precious cargo is well taken care of. Plus, it’s made with water-repellent material for whatever the road might bring your way.

* Compatible with all Aventon ebike models' rear racks, including Abound's rear rack.

** Can be installed with the Abound Handrail on Abound ebikes, but will not install if the Abound Seat Pad is present on Abound ebikes.

Other Electric Bike Accessories

Sometimes you never know what you’re going to need for the road ahead. It’s better to be prepared for the unexpected in any way you can. Here are a few things you may not have thought about, but will definitely want for you next ride.


Aventon Foldable Hitch Rack

Get hitched with Aventon! That’s right. Why hit the road alone, when you can stack two bikes on the back of your car or SUV with the Aventon Hitch Rack. Bring a riding partner along for the adventure of a lifetime. Our rack is equipped with a 2" hitch bar, making it compatible with most vehicles and bicycle types. The integrated anti-wobble safety system guarantees a stable and secure ride, while the three rear reflectors will help provide peace of mind during your travels. Designed to accommodate wheels up to 5" in size, this rack is suitable for most Aventon ebikes. It has a carrying capacity of 77 lbs per bike, with a total of 155 lbs overall, allowing you to transport your precious rides without worry.

* Advisory to remove eBike batteries during transport and cover exposed frames.

Thousand x Aventon Heritage Helmet

Your protection is our priority at Aventon. That’s why we want you to always make sure you wear your helmet every time you ride. With that said, when we set out to design the collaborative helmet with Thousand, we tried to find a balance between our brand and theirs. Studying the landscape of riders who use these helmets, we found out what was behind their popularity. It’s a nice blend of good protection with simple styling. Details like the integrated visor and magnetic buckle are signs of careful and thoughtful detail, including the eco-friendly vegan leather strap.

The topographic design is a recurring element we have utilized here at Aventon because it speaks to how our products service riders of all terrains. Don’t forget about the secret poplock anti-theft feature that’s compatible with a U-lock or chain lock.

Aventon Phone Holder Large

Never worry about misplacing your phone with Aventon’s ebike phone holder. Universal for all types of handlebars, and a 360 degree rotation you can have your phone accessible right at your fingertips every time you ride. Made for phone cases between 5.7” to 6.9”. The Aventon Phone Holder attaches securely to your handlebars and holds your smartphone while offering a minimalist profile and design.

* Compatible with all Aventon electric bike models.

Aventon Handlebar Grip Mirror

Keep you out of harm's way with the Aventon Handlebar Grip Mirror. Electric bike mirrors are a great way to stay alert on the road, knowing what’s coming up from behind you.These e bike mirrors have a wide field of view and are easily adjustable to your preferred viewing angle. Stay protected. Stay vigilant.

* Compatible ONLY with Aventure, Level, and Sinch models.

Aventon Suspension Seatpost

Need more adjustment for you seat height? Look no further. The Aventon suspension seatpost will upgrade your ride with the ultimate bump-absorbing comfort. The Aventon Suspension Seatpost provides 25mm of suspension travel, that’ll help give you a leg up on your pedaling.

* Compatible with all Aventon ebike models. Select Aventon ebike models will need to use the included additional adaptor for a secure fit.

Aventon Bag

The Aventon Bag was designed to be on the go, with its easy on-and-off capability you can carry your essentials with you wherever you go. The dual buckles allow you to attach it to your handlebars, or secure to a rack. The lightweight construction of the bag means that it won't add any extra weight to your ride, while the durable materials used in its construction ensure that it will last for years to come.

* Compatible with the Aventon Front Utility Rack, Rear Racks and can be directly mounted to your Aventon handlebars.

Aventon Head Light

Our headlight offers an incredibly bright beam in a sleek, compact package. This electric bike light is a must for riding in low-light conditions and enhancing your safety. USB rechargeable with a built-in 2000mAh battery, you can attach right to your handlebars for more visibility on the road, day or night. The Aventon ebike lights have a maximum output up to 500 lumens and are IPX6 waterproof. Use the high, medium and low modes, or daytime flash and SOS functions for extra safety.

The included handlebar mount can be left permanently on your handlebar, while the light itself slides on/off the mount as you need it and for easy recharging.

* Compatible with every Aventon ebike and traditional bike, as well as almost every other make/model of bicycle on the market.

Aventon Tail Light

Our Aventon Tail Light offers a fast and convenient way to increase your safety when riding in low conditions. This rear electric bike light offers a variety of modes and attention-grabbing flash patterns, so you'll always be visible to others. Easily mount these rear e bike lights to your seat post with an integral rubber strap, making installation and removal a flash. USB rechargeable, lightweight, and waterproof with sleep mode and motion detecting sensors make this the perfect rear light for all your riding needs.

* Works with Aventon Pace series, Level, Sinch, Aventure, and Soltera ebikes. Also fits most other makes/models of bikes that use a round seatpost.

Accessorize Then Ride

There’s plenty more where that came from in the Aventon e bike accessories shop on our website where you can find more e bike accessories and parts. Make sure you have everything you need for your next fun ride around town or off-road adventures. With extra e bike parts at your fingertips, you know that we’ve got you covered. Whatever you need to make your ride more enjoyable, we’re here for you.

For any questions, suggestions or advice on all things Aventon, contact our customer service. They’re ready.

Ride more. Be happy.

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