Aventon Aventure vs. Himiway Cruiser

Aventon Aventure vs. Himiway Cruiser

July 7, 2023

When we released our exciting new ebike the Aventure last month we also released a blog piece comparing our new-to-market, top of the line, ebike to one of the most well established and best known in the field; the Rad Power RadRover5. If you haven’t seen this piece, or just want to refresh your memory, you can find it here: Aventon Aventure vs Rad Power RadRover5.

Since releasing our Aventure we have received a lot of great reviews, and many commentators in the ebike space are raving about how it’s going to quickly ride upward to be the best in its class! We’re truly grateful for the compliments we’ve received on our newest, most high-tech product, but upon watching these reviews we found many of these commentators and testers to be comparing our Aventure to another ebike which we knew about, but hadn’t delved into in great detail. That ebike is the Himiway Cruiser and, seeing as we produced a comparison piece for what we saw as the Aventure’s biggest competitor, we only find it fitting to do the same for the ebike that many knowledgeable and independent voices in the ebike space see as its most direct competitor.

Winning Specs

Aventure Himiway Cruiser


48V 3A

48V 2A





Full Color Display

w/ app sync capabilities

Backlit LCD






Top Speed

Adjustable to 28 mph

28 mph

Changes Class?

Yes (Class II and Class III)

No (Class III only)




USB Phone Charger




How do these two ebikes compare when you look them straight up and down? Viewing their stats side-by-side

Aventure Himiway Cruiser





15Ah 720Wh

17.5Ah 840Wh

Pedal Assist

5 Levels

5 Levels




Top Speed

20 mph (adjustable up to 28 mph)

28 mph


45 miles per charge (PAS 2)

35-60 miles per charge


1 Available

Step-Through Model

2 Sizes: S/M, M/L

(See Local Dealers For Availability)

1 Size




Carrying Capacity







Integrated front and rear lights
(with brake light function)

Integrated front and rear lights


Full Color
App pairing capabilities
USB phone charger

Backlit LCD
USB phone charger






When looked straight up and down, just at their basic stats, what will stand out to most people is the difference in battery capacity, the difference in range, the variety of available sizes for the Aventure, and the Aventure’s beautiful color screen with app pairing capabilities. With both ebikes having advantages over the other when it comes to their basic stats, it does make one wonder why one is almost 20% more expensive than the other? The answers lie under the proverbial hood of each ebikes.


Electrical Differences

The next lens through which we’re going to look at these ebikes through is that of the electrical components; the e if you will. Not only are we going to compare the electrical components but we’re also going to see what these choices, made by the manufactures, actually amount to in the final product.


Aventure Himiway Cruiser Comments




Having a battery that is 15% larger than ours means that the Himiway Cruiser can travel further on a single charge.


48V 3 Amp
Fast Charger

48V 2 Amp

Whilst a larger battery capacity means you can travel further on each charge, the ability to fast charge means more juice from a shorter period of charging meaning that you can spend more time on the trail rather than watching your watch whilst your ebike charges.


750W 48 V Brushless Rear hub motor

750W 48V Brushless gear motor

The motors are the same, it’s really that simple. Equally powered, each is brushless and positioned in exactly the same place on the ebike.

Pedal Assist

5 Levels of PA

5 Levels of PA

5 levels of pedal assist is now somewhat of an unofficial industry standard, however what differs is how each ebike is programmed. We just reprogramed our PA levels in response to customer feedback, offering a much smoother ride and transition between the levels of PA than any of our competitors.

LCD Screen

Full Color Display
App Pairing
USB Charing Port

Backlit LCD USB Charing Port

Both displays show the necessary battery charge level, an odometer, your pedal assist level, speedometer and a real time power output meter. So all the same so far. Both machines have a USB port, allowing you to charge your smartphone from your ebike’s battery, still the same so far.
The modern, full color display and app pairing functionality available on the Aventure offers much more advanced technology than any other ebike in its class, allowing you to record and share your ebike trips on social media or to store a history of your trips on your app.



Attached to underside of frame

The controller is the brain of an ebike, handling the input from all your sensors, managing the output from your battery, and sending all of the realtime information to the screen on your handlebars. Ours are tucked away inside the frames of our Aventon ebikes to ensure they’re safe and fully protected from the elements. Himiway’s controller, just like on the RadRover 5, is attached to the outside of the ebike, this time on the underside of the frame. This exposes the brains of your ride to the elements and potential knocks and even breakages. If you’re buying a $1500+ product then you’d really hope the manufacturer had taken all the precautions to safeguard the magical workings of said product.


Integrated front and rear lights (with brake light function)

Integrated front and rear lights

Both of these ebikes have their lights wired through the frame, meaning they’re tidily tucked away. The Aventure has a brake light function for the rear light, however the Himiway Cruiser, quite oddly, only has brake light functionality for the front light.

Detail is key when we get down to this level and the smaller things, such as the Aventure's 50% faster charging, integrated and protected electronics and lights with braking brake-light functionality begin to show signs of an ebike whose design has been scrutinized to ensure that it is the best possible machine, that does everything a real user wants it to do.

Mechanical Differences

From the electronic we move onto the mechanical parts of these ebikes. This includes everything from the frame to the brakes.

Aventure Himiway Cruiser Comments


Hydraulic (with safety cut off sensor)

Mechanical (with safety cut off sensor)

A safety cut off is an excellent feature to ensure that you’re not braking against the power of your motor (you don’t hit the brakes in your car with your foot on the gas).
The difference here is the types of brakes chosen by the manufacturer. Hydraulic brakes deliver more power in a smoother fashion than mechanical brakes. This means that hydraulic brakes are that little bit safer, a necessary consideration when you’re riding a machine that can reach 28mph from a standing start, that is also quite a bit heavier than a regular bicycle.


8 Gears

7 Gears

More gears give you greater flexibility when it comes to getting what you want out of your ebike, whether you are heading uphill or zooming around on flat ground. Having 8 gears also means that the design for the hub motor is inherently stronger.

Suspension Fork

Zoom Forgo Fork 80mm of Travel with lockout

Alloy Fork 80mm of Travel of lockout

Besides the recognizable and trusted name branded fork used on the Aventure, and lack thereof on the Cruiser, there is not really too much difference between these two parts of the ebikes. Both have a lockout function and both have a healthy 80mm of travel for absorbing bumps when one sets out on an adventurous ride!


6061 Aluminum

6061 Aluminum

Both ebike’s frames are manufactured from the familiar and ruggedly tested 6061 aluminum alloy.


The safety of the rider should be one of the major concerns of the manufacturers of powerful, rideable machines such as ebikes. The Aventure's set of hydraulic brakes work smoothly and efficiently time and time again with no cable stretching over time, shows, again, the level of detailed thought which has gone into one of these ebikes over the other. An extra gear is also always welcome as it gives the rider more options when it comes to deciding how hard they want to pedal and how much they want the motor to help out without straining and draining it too much.

Physical Differences

After analyzing a product the last thing you’ll always do is sit back and give it a look over to see if you actually like it. We’ve done this and, whilst we think the Aventure is just that much sleeker and sexier, we also noted a few other points of interest.

Aventure Himiway Cruiser Comments


Standard and Step-Through

Standard and Step-Thru

Having a step-through model makes these bikes more appealing and more accessible to those of us who are a little less able-bodied.
The really interesting point of note regarding the frames is that the standover height of the Aventure Step-Through is 19 inches, whilst the standover height for the Cruiser Step-Thru is 28 inches. That's a huge amount of difference when we’re talking about being able to easily mount and dismount what is being sold as a step-through ebike!
To put this in an even better perspective, the largest size of the standard Aventure comes in with a 28 inches standover height, which is the same as the “one size fits all” Cruiser Step-Thru, not even the standard model! Maybe we should be calling it the Step-Over?


3 Standard Sizes: S, M, L
2 Step-Through Sizes: S/M, M/L

(Check local dealers for availability)

1 size for both the Standard and Step-Thru Models

One-size does not fit all. We here at Aventon know this and have tailored the different sizes of our ebikes to ensure people of every size can find a ride that they’re comfortable on. Because if you’re splashing out $1500+ on a ride then you want it to fit you right, right?




Wider handlebars provide the rider with better stability. Both of these handlebars sit in a comfortable mid-range between city-bike handlebar averages and mountain bike handlebar averages. Giving you the stability and assurance on the trail whilst also not making you feel uncomfortably wide when you're riding on the street or narrower bike paths.


Front and Back

Front and Back

Both of these ebikes come with fenders to protect you and your bike from the elements beneath. A great idea on these ebikes which are designed for being a little more adventurous!




You go to all the trouble to design an ebike and then, unceremoniously and highly visibly, plonk the battery on the frame, clear as day. Why not integrate it into the frame in a stylishly sleek way? That’s what we did.


26"x4" Kenda Krusade

26"x4" Kenda Krusade

Both ebikes come with the same tires. These are excellent fat tires which are rated for ebikes and will keep you comfortable and stable over any terrain, in all conditions.


Front and Back

Front and Back

Both of these ebikes have the ability to add cargo carriers to the front and back of the machine. Excellent for day-to-day usage or impromptu picnics in the local park.


It is through the analytical, physical lens where you can really see how these ebikes are set apart from each other. The level of attention to detail which has gone into both products is impressive, however the Aventure still has the upper-hand with all the little things adding up to make an ebike that has been thought though extensively, meaning that it’s just that much better to ride and, if we do say so ourselves, that much better to look at!

Real World Range Test

The range of an ebike will travel on a single charge varies on many different factors such as speed, weight, accelerations, crosswinds, motor exertion and more. Fortunately, we've put the Aventure to the test for you! We tested the ebike under real world conditions to give you a better indication of the Aventure's performance. For this test we rode on 80% flat terrain with a rider weighing approximately 180lbs. Riding the Aventure solely using the throttle at 20 MPH gets you 27 miles of range! Considering that throttle exerts more from the battery, the range only goes higher from there as you move down the pedal assist levels. You can see the real world numbers for yourself.

Reasons To Love Aventon

In an ever-growing market, it’s difficult to find a brand that will continue to roll with quality and rider assistance, one that values longevity and persists in its efforts to make the riding experience last longer than the ride. Here’s how Aventon promises to change the way you experience the world on two wheels:

  • 1,000+ authorized dealers that offer quality service & test rides
  • 2-year warranty that protects you and your ebike for the long road ahead
  • TUV Certified Safety Standards to ensure your ebike and its components are efficient and safe
  • Innovative Aventon App that features in-depth riding metrics, plus interaction with fellow Aventon riders to share rides, photos and much more!
  • Group Rides around the country that promotes connectivity and a good time
  • Eco-Friendly Sustainable Packaging on all-new Aventon ebike models
  • FREE fast shipping on all ebike orders

All in All

After comparing the Aventure side by side with the Cruiser there are many similarities between these two products which make them quite inseparable. But, as we keep mentioning, you must delve in underneath the proverbial hood and see what things are like when it comes to the electrical, mechanical, and physical aspects of these ebikes. Looking past the basic stats and delving down deeper tells you more about these ebike, the processes they went through in design and production, and, in reality, this is where true value is calculated.

It is clear, and we say this as humbly as possible, that, once again, the Aventure has outclassed one of its rivals because of the attention paid to every small detail. Just the idea that, like any regular bike on the market, it is available in a variety of frame sizes to suit every person who wants to ride it comfortably. Sure, the Cruiser may have a larger battery, but ours charges quicker.

Another great point to turn over in your head is that the Aventure can be tuned down to a Class II ebike with a few simple button pushes, or even a Class I if you want to manually, and quickly, remove the throttle control. The Cruiser, however, will always stay a Class III. This reduces the variety of available terrain for you to ride because most trails which allow ebikes only allow Class I, with some allowing Class II, and very, very few allowing Class III ebikes. Also, in as humble a tone as possible, which one of these two ebike would you rather be seen to be riding? We know which has our votes!

Want to see more? Here are other comparisons done by independent reviewers: Citizen Cycle and Electric Bike Report

John Russell May 24, 2021

Appreciate your confidence and honesty in comparing bikes. Especially your primary competitors.

Bill Hawkins May 24, 2021

I have a Himiway Cruiser purchased in Jan 2021 when the price was $1399.00. This is a very realistic review and if I had this knowledge when I made my purchase I probably would have bought the Aventon, because of the differences. I upgraded my himiway to hydraulic brakes and changed out to an adjustable handlebar stem 90 degrees. to bring the handlebars up and back towards the rider. Then I added a soft seat and bigger pedals. Now my himiway is similar to the Aventon Adventure, but I really do not know because I have not ridden an Adventure as yet. I would say also that the upgrades I have made have cost me about $200.00
Thanks for the great comparison review.

John Aquila June 07, 2021

I had a Himiway step thru on order, fully aware of shipping delays and having to pay up front. Then I started reading all the comments, complaints, praise, no dealer network etc. Within a couple days release of the Aventure, I cancelled my Himiway ordering my ML Aventure Step thru(or as LBS Mike’s Bikes called it “easy access”). I canceled understanding Himiway’s ridiculous 8% restocking fee, even when it hasn’t shipped. Thank you for the GovX discount helped make up for that. Anyway, first EBike and what little I know of EBIKES I’m very pleased with my purchase

Brian Nathanson July 06, 2021

I just sold my Level and ordered an Aventure Step through. I loved my Level, but did not realize that my 62 year old hips needed a step through. As I was deciding to sell my Level and order a step through Level I started to look at the Aventure. With it’s integrated brake light, color display, fat tires, cool design and colors and I decided to make the switch. I don’t think I will ever do much serious trail riding, but its good to know I can go on a gravel “Rails to Trails” and not think twice. Just like the SUV in my driveway, the extra ability is always there.

Can’t wait to get it.

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