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Meet Roque Salas | 2016 Aventon Ambassadors

Meet Roque Salas | 2016 Aventon Ambassadors

February 6, 2016

ROQUE SALAS Costa Rican-American & Fixed Gear/Urban Cyclist based out of the San Gabriel Valley area. Roque was introduced to a fixed gear bike by his wife in 2011 as a way to stay healthy and lose weight. Over the last five years, Roque has maintained a 100 lb. weight loss and now rides over 6000 miles a year.  In 2015, Roque cofounded BRKLA with his friend and co-worker, Chris Reyes, as a way to document their daily commutes into work and around the City of Los Angeles. Together they have started the #RYBTW (ride your bike to work) movement and have shown through riding that commuting to work is possible.“Every day that we ride is an adventure, why not share it with the world”
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