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Meet Jaime Ochoa | 2016 Aventon Ambassador

Meet Jaime Ochoa | 2016 Aventon Ambassador

February 5, 2016

JAIME OCHOA 40 years young, born in San Antonio, TX and loving the Cali life, riding fixed gears for 2 years raised in Highland Park. I’m a father, husband, vegetarian, teacher, artist, and painter. Riding a fixed gear has taught me a lot of discipline, which takes me back to riding MTB. Riding fixed in the streets is like riding single track in the mountains, it’s my mediation, and I enoy the focus required and the last minute decisions it takes to stay safe… I commute to work on my fixed from SBV to West Hollywood to stay healthy and focused at work. I encourage everyone to ride to work, as it promotes a healthy lifestyle and it respects mother earth. I met Chris and Roque from BRKLA and they brought more out of me as a rider and a human. It hasn’t been easy being part of a crew, every morning is a quest. Sometimes I get up at 4am to meet up and ride with these guys. I thnk the hardest part was getting up, hahaha. BRKLA has made me whole, and given me an outlet to release my maximum potential, pushing and exceeding myself on a daily basis. And in all things, I am grateful.
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