His Bike Was Stolen, But What Happened Next Is Heart Warming

August 15, 2017

Getting a bike stolen can be an experience that can make a cyclist quit the sport altogether. That's why when a contributing member of the community goes through this, you have to help support each other.

One week ago, Dat Nguyen, owner of FixFixie bike shop in Mission Hills, shared a story about his customer, Carlos Enriques. Carlos has been a dedicated member of the fixed gear community, joining rides every week he can. On top of that, he has spent his own money, buying prizes for those rides to help make them fun and exciting.

So when we heard about his brand new Aventon Cordoba being stolen, we decided to help out in the only way we could. We gifted him a new bike to let him keep on riding. Shortly after the bike arrived at FixFixie, an EAI cog and Omnium Crankset was donated by @los_valleycats.

Unfortunately, we can't do much about bike theft. But what we can do, is help our friends when they need us. If all it takes is one bike to keep us going, that's what we'll do. Keep on riding.

Check out the Instagram video Carlos' happy face posted by @fixfixieshop below:


Earlier this week our friend @f.f.caarlos had his bike stolen in our shop. This was really upsetting for everyone in our community because Carlos has put a lot of time and dedication to the #FATFVCKS ride. Carlos is a very sweet person spending his own money to buy prizes so the riders can have a great time every week. We know how it goes when a bike is stolen it's almost impossible get it back. So we reached out to our friends @Aventonbikes explaining Carlos's situation and without hesitation a new replacement bike was on its way to our shop. Furthermore this story also touched our friend Ernie of @los_valleycats, and he decided to buy an Omnium Crankset and EAI cog to get Carlos's bike the way he had it. We are blessed with so much love in our small community! Thank you to @aventonbikes and @los_valleycats for making this possible! A very big thank you to @f.f.caarlos for growing the fixed community with so much love! FULL VIDEO IN BIO LINK☝☝☝

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Isaac S. September 07, 2017

I know how it feels to have a bike stolen. I had my Aventon Mataro stolen 2 years ago, and even tho I’ve seen the same color (Matte Black) I get skeptical I question the rider til I see proof. I’m hoping that one day I get another Aventon track frame before a big race or by next years crit season..

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