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October 31, 2016

So this is what it feels like with no cars on the road.” Thousands of people pedaling through the streets of Downtown Los Angeles was both amazing and overwhelming experience. This event had a wide variety of custom bikes each with their own personal touches. I wish I had snapped a couple photos of them but I was enjoying the moment where you’re pedaling through the road with no worries about vehicles clipping you. Everyone at the event looked so happy. Friendly smiles, people making small talks with each other and lots of vendors gathered in offering free bike repairs and inspections. I didn’t really spend much time in riding through the streets due to lack of sleep the night before and since it was my first time I know now what to expect for the next event they’ll have. I had a blast nonetheless and will definitely attend to this event again. I did managed to snapped a few pics of my bike and some of the crowd. I would also try to invite as many people as I can. Huge thanks to the city and Ciclavia for organizing this event I had so much fun.

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