CicLAvia - Heart of LA

CicLAvia - Heart of LA

August 16, 2016

I don't think there's anything better than starting off a Sunday morning with a bike ride. Now, obviously some people may disagree - but it seemed as though 300+ people would concur with that aforementioned statement. It's sunny, there's a slight tail-wind, and we're able to cycle through LA without a care in the world as the streets are blocked off to traffic. The only thing accompanying you are cyclists, skate boarders, scooters and runners. This day was also special, because we welcomed Zach, our newest edition to the Aventon staff. What better way to welcome someone into the family than with a bike ride for a great cause? CicLAvia is truly... an experience. While casually riding through the streets, and conversing with people, one of the main themes that seemed to be repeated constantly, was the "no judgement" type of riding that was offered through the event. People were ecstatic to be riding together as one in a community that is somewhat segregated and niche. It didn't matter if you were on a $10,000 Pinarello with di2, or a $150 Schwinn cruiser - everyone was riding as equals. Fast forward into the ride, there were a few hills, and it was 90+ degrees. My girlfriend who was riding with us (she's a type one diabetic) had called out to me on the last hill. We pulled over and asked what was going on. LOW BLOOD SUGAR* Okay, no worries.. Let's check where it's at and go from there. 36?! Borderline seizure and still toughing it out like a boss. I ran across the route to grab a lemonade and a pastry to prevent matters becoming worse for her. 20 minutes later and she's back - eager to jump back on the saddle and keep pushing along. It was after that instance where I truly understood how fortunate we are to have the ability to ride, and often times that's taken for granted. This wasn't a ride aimed at anything specifically, but it catalyzed being active in your mode of transportation, and thriving with good health. Being aware and listening to your body before, during, and after a ride is key. After a few solid hours of observing the architecture, and listening to the street music, we were getting hungry. We ventured over to the iconic "King Taco" and got our grub on. The place serves burritos the size of your arm, and everything is made to order. Words can't describe what taking the first bite of that food was like - for lack of a better term, let's just say heaven. As the day drew to an end, we were all stoked that we got to spend a relaxing Sunday doing what we love, with the people we love. I strongly urge you to come out to the next one if you're reading this! Racer, weekend warrior, enthusiast, novice, never ridden a bike before! It doesn't matter. CicLAvia is the place to come and learn, while taking part in the bigger picture.


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