Best Bike Routes in USA

Best Bike Routes in USA

March 29, 2019

USA has many beautiful places to see and ride through. One of the beautiful things about riding your bike is that you can go places that cars will never be able to see. Bike riding takes you through a journey that you could never experience the same as if you were driving your car through these roads. No matter what these routes are always better explored on a bike. The list can go on of the best places you could ride your bike. We decided to put a list of some places we would consider the best bike routes in America. When picking where to ride you have to keep some things in mind on what you are looking for and or hoping to gain from this journey of riding throw an amazing trial. Many places with a 360 view is what draws many to explore and visit a place.

1. Big Sur-Carmel to Ragged Point, Highway One, California

This road is one of the most popular ride to ride through in California. When riding down this road you have a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean crashing waves on the coastline what more can you ask for. Many cyclists like to poke jokes at this ride being very cliche however it is still one of the top rides in America due to all the beauty it has. You can go on this ride all year long, the weather is always beautiful down this coast.

2. Glacier National Park, Montana

One of the places on our list is glacier national park. Glacier national park is located in Montana. Glacier national park has over 700 trails for one to choose from to go riding in. There are many views from glacier national park that will have you mesmerized. Although this ride is very high in elevation it is all worth it. The best time to go on a ride on these roads in glacier national park would be around spring time because the road is closed to all cars and open to just cyclists and hikers.

3. Camino Cielo, Santa Barbara California

Camino Cielo which translates to “Road to the sky” has a breathtaking view. If you happen to be in Southern California going to this road in Santa Barbara would not disappoint you whatsoever. What motivates a cyclist during this ride is knowing that over those mountains there is an amazing view waiting from the top.

4. Shark Valley Trail, Florida

If you’re into the wild tropical life this will be your route! In this route you can guarantee finding a gator or two around you. Not only that but you will ride past by some swaps, you’ll see some turtles, fish, and anything else you can think about finding in a tropical area is the kind of things you’ll find here. It is a popular trail to cycle while in Florida.

5. Maroon Creek Road, Aspen Colorado

Aspen is known for its amazing nature all around. It is advised that if you want to ride this road to fully enjoy it do it in the spring before it is open to cars. The colorful trees in the fall makes this ride the ultimate experience. Once you go through the entire road you will find yourself passing by the Pyramid Peak and that is how you’ll know you are getting close to Maroon Creek.

6. Grand Staircase, Utah

This road is one of the most popular roads beyond Zion National Park. The view that you get from above could go on and on. This is a very narrow road but the view from above makes it all worth it. You are basically looking over miles and miles of landscape made up of just rocks. It is truly a memorable landscape.

7. Flume Trail, Lake Tahoe Nevada

This road involves many steep hills however it is all worth it at the end. During this ride you will be able to take in the beauty of nature and the fresh air of all the pine trees. The end goal of this trail is have the amazing view of the lake. All the tears, blood, and sweat pay off once you get to the top.

8. Horseneck Road, Massachusetts

Some places are hidden gems, just like this ride. This is not a very well known place however the road here for biking is amazing. What makes it so great is that it doesn’t have much traffic and is mostly flat so it’s somewhat of an easy road for those who are just looking to go on a nice scenic route.

9. Greenbrier River Trail, West Virginia

This trail mostly known for its annual fitness races has plenty of nature to offer for you to enjoy. If you are trying to get an amazing view of the Appalachian Mountains this trail will be for you. You will see many people biking or running on this trial, once you get to the river many like to go canoeing or just take a swim in the river after riding for so long. This place is a must when in Virginia!

10. Cady Hill Forest, Vermont

This trail is an easier one and a total of 9 miles. Most states on the east coast happen to have very beautiful places to ride around. The vibe is very laid back which is another reason why the east coast is an enjoyable place to ride around. Vermont is known as a very outdoorsy state. There are plenty of adventures and roads to ride around in Vermont but we have chosen this one. Cady Hill is a popular ride for many mountain bikers. We recommend this ride if you are looking for a new mountain biking spot.

This list can go on considering every state in the USA has something to offer for everyone. We encourage you to get out and ride and make lifetime memories on your bike! Make sure to keep up with our blogs to learn more and have some fun reading the topics we write about that come from you!

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