Aventon Partners With CHOC For Autism Awareness Month

Aventon Partners With CHOC For Autism Awareness Month

March 31, 2021

In early 2020, a time that seems so long ago, the Thompson Autism Center opened on the main campus of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC). This brand new facility had to quickly pivot to integrate COVID-19 protocols, including limiting their interactions with the families that were filled with excitement and hope at the prospects that this new space offered. The pandemic severely slowed the momentum of a year that started full of optimism for the Thompson Autism Center and the families of children living with autism in the local area.


The Autism Society of America has designated April to be Autism Awareness Month and, in recent years, they have ramped up their efforts to raise awareness for their cause. As an active member of our local community Aventon is always looking for ways to give back and provide help and joy to those in need around us and this partnership with the Thompson Autism Center allows us to do just that!


What The Partnership Entails

When the opportunity presents itself you must grasp it. We firmly believe this here at Aventon, so when we crossed paths with the Thompson Autism Center and heard their story we knew there was something we could do to help. After some brainstorming we have pledged to do the following to support the hospital and the families they serve:


  • To donate a portion of our online sales during Autism Awareness Month (April) to the Thompson Autism Center
  • To gift ebikes to select families with connections to autism in the Southern California region
  • To raise awareness of our support and activities, using email and digital marketing campaigns, throughout the month of April so as to encourage our customers to also donate to this cause

Close To Heart

Our local community is very important to us here at Aventon, but we have a slightly more intimate link to this specific drive. Adele Nasr, our Chief Marketing Officer, has a son whom is on the autism spectrum and she has said that “this is personal to me. I am so grateful for the work of the professionals at the Thompson Autism Center.”


Knowing that one of our own has such a close link to this cause strengthens our bond and commitment to it even further. We are sure there are many others out there in our community who have some connection with either the Thompson Autism Center or the CHOC and have experienced the helping hand of their world class services before.


We want to encourage you to support this highly worthy cause which assists the children and families affected by autism in our local area. If you’ve been looking at a new ebike, or maybe a helmet or a set of fenders for the new biking season then head on over to our product pages and make that purchase knowing that a portion of the cost of your item is going to a good cause. If your heartstrings have been pulled and you want to make an immediate donation to the Thompson Autism Center you can do that right here at our dedicated donation page.

Adele Nasr's Son

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Richard McClain May 05, 2021

I just want to thank you all there. It let me know my family not the only family that going through some of the same things my 19 year old son is autistic. And Steven is my rock it bring me so much joy know that me trying to start my business is a must even though i dont have the means to start it because i dont have any credit and not haven any credit is hard but i refuse to let Steven see me give up. But god bless yall if i had a few dollars to donate you can use my story and upload it to your site.

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