Aventon 2022 Wrap Up

Aventon 2022 Wrap Up

December 30, 2022

It’s been a BIG year for the Aventon family! In 2022 we rolled out a few new ebikes to the line-up, gave our foldable ebike a frame makeover, brought a cinematic experience to our youtube channel where we get to share the stories of ambassadors and other exemplary humans, activated key e-mobility expos across the country, made battery recycling easier, and celebrated a decade of being an innovative force in the cycling industry. We have a lot to be thankful for and proud of, and we would love to share our achievements with you because without your love and support we couldn’t have possibly made 2022 a year to remember!


Aventon’s First Electric Single Speed

In January of this year Aventon rolled out its first single speed and lightest ebike to date for those wanting to accelerate around turns and navigate their city with agility. The Soltera, quick to become a fan favorite, offers the opportunity to make those quick trips even quicker. It opened the door to connect with avid cyclists, commuters and anyone ready to zip around town in record time.


Step-Through Frames Are A Sinch

Our off-road foldable and compact-able ebike ready for any adventure got a makeover with a step-through frame. Now there’s more fun for everyone from any angle. Unfold it, slip in, and let the good times roll!


A New Way To Set The Pace

Aventon continued to set the pace, and then gave it a boost with our all new upgraded Pace.2 350 and Pace.2 500. With all new integrated features, including battery and lights, the Pace.2 is leisure-in-motion and has everything you need to take a roll comfortably through the neighborhood. It’s also the first in its class to receive a TÜV certification which ensures it is safe for public sale and use. What a better way to get around and find joy in the everyday ride!


Going Beyond The Bike

Aventon’s Beyond The Bike series brings to life the stories and struggles that inspire us to continue doing what we love. Through the medium of cinematography we are able to document and share with you those who have found an insurmountable amount of value and happiness through their ebike and how it has changed the way they experience the world. We’ve met some incredible humans including:

Chris Morgan, a Wildlife Ecologist and Conservationist, Filmmaker, The Wild Podcast Producer and Host, founder of Chris Morgan Wildlife, and Grizzly Bear Fanatic.

Ben Paik aka “Woby designs” makes beautiful creations out of recycled skateboards and documents this on his YouTube channel. He makes everything from furniture and home decor to functional accessories for his Aventon ebike.

Jen Cueva who overcame Pulmonary Hypertension and rediscovered the joys of bike riding through e-mobility.

We look forward to continuing this effort in 2023 and finding more compelling stories to share with you. If you know anyone who you think should be featured please reach out to us so we can share their empowering and uplifting story!


Brand Awareness Across The Country

Aventon continues to expand brand awareness and share with you all the new products and technologies we have to offer. That’s why we’ve been busy this year going all over the country to outdoor and e-mobility conventions, also visiting some of our favorite partners to educate them on our ebikes.

CES - Avenoton kicked off 2022 at CES which is the most influential tech event in the world and is the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. With over 2400 exhibitors and 166 countries, territories and regions represented, it was a privilege to be a part of and a proud place to begin the new year.

Electrify Expo - This year we’ve participated in four Electrify Expos: Long Beach, Seattle, New York, and Austin. Electrify is the largest ebike expo in North America with roughly 75k in total attendance, where they are educated on the ebike technologies, safety, and even get to test ride the bikes.

The Big Gear Show - The Big Gear Show in Denver, Colorado focuses on outdoor categories including ebikes! Aventon was there excited to educate and share all about our wonderful ebikes and the technology that goes into making them an Aventon.

Outdoor Retailer - Outdoor Retailer is North America’s largest trade show in the outdoor industry drawing attendees from around the world. This year we were happy to participate and spread the word about our ebikes and how they help you experience the world in a whole new way.


It’s All About Community

Community is dear to our hearts here at Aventon. We love getting out and riding with friends and family and encourage others to do the same. That’s what we’re all about. We had a lot of fun seeing those who showed up to the Aventon Group Ride this Spring where you could find Aventon’s owner JW helping participants hook up their ebikes with accessories. We were also happy and lucky to be a part of the Electric Bike Parade in Riverside, California where about 150 people were in attendance! What a ride! As well as a group ride in Newport Beach, California, where after the ride, riders got to hangout on a private beach to enjoy acai bowls & smoothies.


New Technology With The Level.2

We stepped up our game this year with the all new Level.2. This ebike hit the streets in September and set the new standard for all Aventon ebikes to come. Equipped with a rear rack and integrated lights and a battery, along with the all new torque sensor, it offers riders a more natural approach to e-mobility. This sleek street dream makes commuting as easy as can be!


Celebrated A Decade On Two Wheels

This year Aventon celebrated its 10 year anniversary! What a milestone and wild ride it’s been. From humble beginnings with performance cycling in mind we continue the pursuit of creating products that embody this idea while expanding the possibilities for all types of riders.

Here’s to ten more years of innovation. Of forward motion. Of making you the center of our world. Seriously, thank you to each and every one of you who has supported us. Here’s to many more years of staying passionate, connecting with community, and enjoying the ride.


Our Partners Play A Huge Part

We wouldn’t be the brand we are today without the support of our 800+ partners nationwide. They continue to believe in the work that we’re doing, and provide top tier customer service for their communities. We’re looking forward to continuously growing this network of exceptional ebike providers to give you the opportunity to make e-mobility your ride for the road ahead.


The Future Is Electric - That’s A Wrap

As the year comes to a close, we want all of you to know how much you mean to us. The love we receive from Aventon riders is a true blessing and we are grateful for each and every one of you. With that said, the end of a great year means the beginning of an even better one. We have BIG things planned in the coming year to keep you off your toes and eager to pedal more than ever before. New categories, new technology, and a new year with you in mind so that you can find more ways to experience the two-wheeled world.

Ride more. Be happy!

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