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What Is An Ebike?

What Is An Ebike?

March 4, 2019

If you feel like you are the only one who doesn't understand e-bikes/know what an e-bike is fear not you are not alone because I had no idea what an e-bike was let alone how it functioned until I rode one. Even after being on one it took me awhile to understand what it was actually doing that is why I am here to explain to you what it is if you have no idea how it functions.

With technology becoming a big part of our daily lives it is being incorporated to everything. I saw this bicycle as just being a fun bike that anyone and everyone would enjoy! However there are a lot more components and features that an e-bike has that make it that much more awesome than a regular bike!

First things first, this is just the start of e-bikes. They came and they conquered the bicycle industry and they are here to stay. Those who are still working on accepting this FACT it’s time to start being realistic and coming to terms that e-bikes are here to stay. They are growing fast in the bicycle industry and are going only up from here on. To understand why the reason why so many are having a hard time accepting e-bikes is because in a way it seems like you are being robbed from our human powered way of life. Traditionally speaking people don't like that e-bikes gives you that assist they find it “unfair”. Except that is not the case in fact e-bikes have many benefits and can really change your life for the better. Take a look and read our blog on “9 Important Benefits Owning An E-Bike

So what exactly is an e-bike and how does it function you may ask?

For starters an e-bike is made of 3 main components. It’s like a bicycle, however with 3 components that makes it an electric bicycle. These components are the following:

1. The motor

2. The battery

3. The drivetrain

Aventon Pace 500 Ebike

Aventon Pace 500 Motor

1. All three of these components are very significant to pay attention to when it comes to making your first e-bike purchase. It depends on what you’re looking for and feel the most comfortable riding. The different power of each motor is a key factor to an e-bike. Some tend to like a more powerful motor for example our Aventon Pace 500 has a 500W brushless motor meaning it has more power than what a 350W motor would have. You can think about and compare the motor to horsepower. Typically you could find the motor of an e-bike in either the front hub, rear hub, or mid-drive. It makes a very big difference depending on where you have the motor and how the bike feels when you ride it. For example, if the motor is in the front hub on the front tire then the motor creates a sensation for the rider that the bike feels like it is being pulled forward. Now if the motor is on the rear hub the sensation a rider is going to feel will be a bit different. When the motor is on the rear hub it feels more of a push which in sense makes riders feel like its more natural than the front hub. Now if the motor is on the mid-drive then the motor sends the power to the bike’s drivetrain (system used to transmit power on bicycles) instead of one hub therefore making it more natural.

Aventon Pace 500 Battery

2. Another thing to know about e-bikes is that the batteries play a big role. Since e-bikes started we have seen the batteries getting better over-time. The battery plays a huge role because it has a big effect on the weight and style of the bike as well. The range of the battery depends on your style of riding. Whether you’re doing pedal only, pedal assist, or going full throttle. If you chose to ride pedal only the bike is ridden like any regular bicycle being powered by yourself, the rider. Now if you choose to use the pedal assist the motor will be activated as you start pedaling. This allows you to get your workout in giving you an extra boost to get to your destination quicker. You can choose up to what level you would like to put the pedal assist up to. Aventons Pace 500 comes with 5 levels of pedal assist. The highest speed you can go is 28 mph classifying this e-bike into a class 3 e-bike. Now if you choose to ride your bike fully powered by the electric only the you simply will pedal to get the bike started and hold down the throttle. There is no need for assistance from the rider when the throttle is being used. However be aware that by going full throttle is the quickest way to drain your battery. Taking care of your battery is very simple when it comes to an e-bike. In fact if you are unsure about the proper maintenance to your battery make sure to read our blog post on “Caring For Your E-Bike Battery”. Charging your battery also is very quick and easy and takes approximately up to 2-4 hours and will give you a range of 30-50 miles.

3. The drivetrain is what is used to transmit power and torque to the wheels of a bicycle. The drivetrain allows you to shift gears making it easier for you to pedal or adding a challenge to yourself making it harder to pedal.

The controller of an e-bike plays an important role when it comes to your electric bike. Typically an electric bike either has a pedal activated system or throttle. However lucky for you, the Aventon Pace 500 has BOTH! This not a drill, our e-bike actually has both giving you the leisure of choosing how you wish to ride your e-bike!

Another thing to know about e-bikes is that you do not need a license to ride one. However different states have certain laws when it comes to riding an ebike and where you are allowed to ride it. Now I hope that explains a little more what exactly makes up an e-bike. What an e-bike does is that it gives you an extra boost of speed. This extra boost of speed fills you up an adrenaline rush, kinda like if you were on a rollercoaster or anything you can compare to being super exciting! I hope you have learned a little more about e-bikes and it helps you figure out what type would be best for you. If you need some tips helping you choosing an ebike, here's an ebike comparison tool, or check out this article on the best ebikes.

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