Aventon Controller Programming & Throttle on Demand Upgrades

Aventon Controller Programming & Throttle on Demand Upgrades

February 24, 2021


You spoke and we listened!


This week we’re proud to announce two modifications to our electric bikes thanks to the feedback from many of our loyal customers. On Monday, March 1st, you will be able to buy a version of any of your favorite Aventon models with a modified controller that changes how both the throttle and pedal assist -levels 1 and 2- behave. In addition, our customers will have the option to choose between the original version (which we are calling "Throttle After Pedal") or the modified version (which we are calling "Throttle On-Demand"). We will continue to sell the tried and true original versions through March 22nd at the current retail price. Read on to learn more...


These changes are items that many of our customers have suggested to us and we are happy to be able to deliver these improvements in a timely manner. Read on to discover how Aventon ebikes will be different and better in the future, how these changes benefit the rider, and how current ebike owners can get involved too.


Ebike Controller Modification

The ebike controller is essentially the ‘brain’ of an electric bike, connecting together all of the electrical components i.e. the LCD display, battery, motor, and all the sensors and switches which keep your Aventon ebike running smoothly. In order to change how the throttle and pedal assist functions work we’ve upgraded the ebike controller.


Unlike most of our competitors, we own the manufacturing process of our ebikes, as opposed to outsourcing it. This allows us to make tweaks to our products quickly and efficiently, meaning we can more swiftly respond to the desires of our customers by making improvements on our ebikes without having to go through a middleman.


That being said, here are the details of the two modifications we have made to our ebike controllers at the request of many of our customers:


1. Changes To The Throttle Function


As you probably know, the throttle function on an ebike allows you to get off the line at speed, so you don’t have to pedal furiously to achieve a higher speed in a short amount of time. Here at Aventon, we built in a safety feature which dictated that you needed to pedal at least a quarter rotation to activate the throttle. This stopped anyone from accidentally activating the throttle whilst, let’s say, walking their ebike, and having it run off on them.


While this safety feature is something we stood by, it has become clear to us through the amount of feedback we’ve received from you, our customers, that while this feature is appreciated, it prevents people from using the throttle in some of the ways they’d like to; for instance, the need for some assistance while starting on a steep hill since that quarter rotation may prove to be too difficult on such a steep incline or forgetting to gear down when hitting continuous stop signs.


To answer your feedback, we have removed the regulation to pedal a quarter rotation to activate the throttle, allowing you to use the throttle from a dead stop. Yes, you heard correctly, by popular demand, you will now have throttle on demand.


However, we still strongly recommend that you pedal first and activate the throttle second.


Pedaling before you hit the throttle allows you to gain some momentum and be in motion and properly balanced on your ebike before the throttle kicks in. Doing this will ensure that you’re fully prepared for the boost you receive.


As previously mentioned, this change brings forth the possibility that you may accidentally hit the throttle switch at some point. What will happen if you do? Your ebike will accelerate, whether you’re sitting or standing next to it, and will continue accelerating until the throttle switch is released. If it so happens that the ebike escapes from your grip and “runs away” it will stop accelerating but will keep rolling until it is somehow stopped. This is why we want to caution everyone to be careful with the throttle switch.


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2. Modifications to Pedal Assist Levels 1 and 2 - Smoother Acceleration


Another piece of feedback we’ve received from many of our loyal customers is that when they are using levels 1 and 2 of the pedal assist function they feel a little jolt of speed when it kicks in; similar to how the throttle might feel.


The pedal assist functions are there to assist the rider and to make pedaling much easier and more enjoyable. As opposed to the throttle which allows you to just zip around on battery power, this function should provide a smooth ride for all.


Many customers have sent us their feedback on the pedal assist functionality with many noting that they feel a small jolt when both pedal assist levels 1 and 2 kick in. This, we decided, needed to be fixed.


As a result we have reduced the intensity of acceleration rates for both levels 1 and 2 of pedal assist. This change will provide riders with a smooth transition into both these levels of pedal assist, allowing for a much smoother and more comfortable riding experience for everyone!


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Fancy an UpDATE?

If you’re already an Aventon ebike owner and these features sound appealing to you then we have some great news! We are offering our new ebike controller & display bundle for sale on our website. While the display is the same M5 display you are used to, this new display that comes in the retrofit kit is programmed to support the updated throttle and PAS level changes on the controller, and is required for this upgrade. Although you can order it and install yourself, we highly recommend that you have your local ebike shop or ebike servicer install it for you to ensure proper installation and full satisfaction.


We do love receiving feedback on our products, both praiseful and critical, so please keep it coming. It is your feedback which allows us to tweak our ebikes and keep improving them for a better experience for all.


Terry Wagner May 10, 2021

I definitely like the throttle after peddle function where the throttle works with no assist. We have both the new throttle on demand version bike and the throttle after pedal. There is no question that I like the throttle after peddle version much much better! I’m trying to buy the throttle after peddle controller but it’s out of stock. I hope it will be available soon!

Enrique Gil July 19, 2021

Well worth the upgrade.
Makes the bike more usable and user friendly.

Emily E Irvin July 11, 2022

You were very helpful, thank you.

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