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Top 10 Cycling Terms Explained

Top 10 Cycling Terms Explained

May 15, 2020

Whether you’re new to cycling or thinking about getting into the sport, we know that all the cycling terms, lingo, and bike parts can be hard to understand. We’ve put together this handy list of the most common bicycling jargon to help you get acquainted with all things cycling.



(adj.) | baangk

This is when you are totally exhausted from riding and have no more energy. You can avoid this by eating periodically when you are riding. Don’t wait until you get hungry to eat. The general rule of thumb is to eat once every 30 minutes while riding. (Also make sure to drink water or some kind of electrolyte packed water mix to keep yourself hydrated.) Some riders use energy gels, but bringing a banana to eat on your ride is a great idea too. You can read more about cycling nutrition   here.


(noun) | kei dns

The rotation rate of your pedaling. It’s also known as rotations per minute (rpm). Depending on individual riding styles and which gears you are using, your cadence can average anywhere between 50 to 100 rpm. All of our ebikes have cadence sensors built in so that the pedal assist is activated when you turn the pedals.


(noun) | chein ring

A large toothed ring (part of the chainset) that drives the chain via the pedals and cranks. It’s an important part of the drivetrain that we wrote about   here.


(noun) / kliplis peh dlz

A type of pedal system with matching shoes where the cyclist locks into the pedal at the bottom of the shoes. New cyclists are often confused by this name. If it’s “clipless”, why are you actually “clipping”? The word goes back to the old days where cyclists use a “toe clip”. When this newer system came out, it no longer used the toe clip, thus, the name clipless. For new cyclists, using clipless pedals can be intimidating because of the fear of falling over and there definitely is a learning curve to riding with them. All of our ebikes come with flat pedals out of the box so you don’t need to worry about having to learn a new pedal system and you can simply ride in tennis shoes.


(noun) | dee rei lr

This is the part that moves the chain from one cassette gear and allows you to shift into different gears. All of our ebikes have been developed with the optimal gearing ratio in mind so it matches your riding style. For example, our   Pace 350 ebike is designed with a gear ratio best suited to all around riding but can still tackle hills when you need it.


(noun) / geer

The parts on a bike that changes the rate of motion for easier or harder pedaling. Low gears allow you to pedal easier (usually used when riding uphill) and high gears are harder to pedal when you are riding on flat roads for faster speed. It’s sometimes referred to as “speed” as in an 11 speed bike. Traditional road bikes have 11 speeds, but our ebikes don’t require that many gears because of the pedal assist.


(adj.) | peh luh taan

 It’s not just a name of a stationary bike company that is only used indoors. The real meaning of the term is used to describe a main group of riders in a race. It’s sometimes known as “pack” or “bunch” when commonly used to describe a group of cyclists riding together.


(verb) / puhngk chr

More commonly known as getting a flat tire. Even though our bikes come with puncture-resistant tires, it’s still possible to get a flat. We suggest that you learn now to fix a flat tire so that you don’t get stranded on the road. We offer a wide range of   equipment to help you ride again if your ebike needs maintenance.


(noun) / sa dl

Also known as a bike seat. Our goal is to equip our ebikes with the most comfortable seat possible for everyone, but we understand that it might not be the most suitable for all since everyone’s bottoms are different and everyone’s riding style is also different. Bike seats are like ice cream flavors - everyone has their own favorite that they like best and works for them. In the near future, we will be adding more saddles options to our accessories offering.


(noun) / va low

French word for “bike”. It’s commonly used by many cyclists and lots of bike shops are called “Velo”. Fun fact: velo is an anagram of “love”.

As you start riding more and hang out with other cyclists, you’ll quickly learn more cycling words and live that cycling life. We’re here to help you with your cycling journey. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about which ebike is best for you.


Happy ebike riding!

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Larry PURCELL May 18, 2020

Very informative! I rode a regular 24 speed road bike until I got a heart attack. I couldn’t ride any more because of my COPD also , until I got an e-bike. A Godsend.

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