The #1 Foldable Ebike of 2020: The Aventon Sinch

The #1 Foldable Ebike of 2020: The Aventon Sinch

February 5, 2020

Our New Foldable Ebike: The Aventon Sinch

Sinch is the first folding ebike and first fatbike from Aventon. This new model features a folding frame and handlebar, so you can easily store it in a small space or transport it in an RV or toy hauler. With massive tires and a suspension fork, you can roll over all terrain with comfort and control, including rough pavement, grass, dirt, sand, and even snow.

Aventon's Story

At Aventon, we design and manufacture ebikes that make cycling accessible for all people. Choose the amount of help you want from the electric motor and pedal your Aventon just like any other traditional bike.

Features of the Best Foldable Ebike

We're proud to introduce the Sinch, an ebike that features huge fat tires, a suspension fork, and battery hidden completely inside the folding frame. You can easily fold the Sinch for storage in a coat closet or small urban apartment. It's the perfect companion for a weekend at the campground or RV visits to a state park. Park your car and explore off-road with 4" tires that roll over dirt or sand.

Sinch Video

Comfortable Suspension Fork

We've added a suspension fork to the Sinch for additional comfort and control. It eats up bumps and reduces fatigue. It even comes with a lockout knob in case you don't want the suspension to move (for example, if you're climbing a very smooth road with no bumps.)

Kenda 4" Fat Tires

Even from a distance, you can't miss the huge, oversize 4" wide tires on the Sinch! Twice the size of a typical mountain bike tire, they have huge air volume and a knobby tread. This makes them super comfortable (they absorb road shock) and grip like crazy, so you can float over sand or snow without sinking.

Folding Frame, Handlebar, and Pedals

Sinch can be folded and un-folded in less than 30 seconds, allowing you to easily store it in compact spaces. This allows the Sinch to fit in the trunk of many cars or under your desk at work (charge discreetly during the day so you'll have a full battery for adventures when the workday ends.) Unfolded, it's a full-feature no-compromise all-terrain machine.


At just $1,699, Sinch delivers incredible value. And since one size fits most adults, teens, and even taller children, the whole family can enjoy a single Sinch.

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