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Red Hook Crit No. 5 in Barcelona - Sept 2nd 2017

September 01, 2017 last updated on: September 02, 2017 2 min read

Red Hook Crit No. 5 in Barcelona - Sept 2nd 2017

RED HOOK CRIT no. 5 in Barcelona is here!
We’re live-streaming on our Instagram on September 2nd, 2017. Follow us and turn on your notifications to catch the race. Follow us @aventonbikes to catch it live!

You can read a little bit about our riders below:

Kym didn't do her best in the cold and wet of London, but she's still a crowd favorite. Barcelona should be warm and sunny, and Kym will be ready help her teammate Eleonore get a win.
Chris Tolley got his start in BMX, and fixed-gear is the only other sport that gives him the same thrill. Chris some of the best handling skills in the pack, and if he finds himself in a good spot at the end of the race, he'll launch his Cordoba in a wicked sprint. 
Tristan was second in Barcelona last year, he’ll want to redeem himself this year. Tristan is a fast, and smart rider who knows exactly when to pounce. 
The women's Squad will be in Barcelona to get Eleonore on the top step and extend their lead in the women's team competition. The men will be there to turn around their bad luck from London, where 3 out of the 4 men hit the pavement at least once, and only 2 were able to finish.  
David Santos is a killer on any kind of bike. His first ride on a fixed gear was after he borrowed Coach Burke's bike. He was instantly addicted and he won his first fixed gear race 2 weeks later. He hasn’t yet won a Red Hook Crit, and he crashed out of London, so he's highly motivated to get a good result in Barcelona. 
Esther Walker (Doctor Walker to you) missed out on London. She didn't make it to Europe last year, but she is a completely different rider than she was when she raced there in 2015. With Sammi out for Barcelona, Esther will have the important job of helping Eleonore get the win. 
Eleonore leads still leads the Red Hook Crit points series by a single point. She rode her custom painted Cordoba to second place in London, missing first by only inches, and she is extra motivated to take a win in Barcelona.
Olivier Leroy is highly motivated. He was looking great in London until he got a flat tire with 6 laps to go. He just needs some good luck in Barcelona and he has a great shot at the podium.
These aren't pro racers. They all have day jobs, and Isaac's is keeping him away from Barcelona. We hope to see him in Milan next month.
Sammi's day job is as a bike messenger, but that won't be what’s keeping her from Barcelona. She'll be doing a UCI Cyclocross race with her CX team, and trying to qualify for the world championships. We'll miss her in Barcelona, but she'll be back in full force in Milan.
Coach Burke is there to help the team win. He helps them train, gets them to the races, and gives them whatever they need to get a result. He'll also make sure there is a cold beer available for after the race. 

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