Aventon’s Soltera 7 Speed Is The Urban Road Revivalist

Aventon’s Soltera 7 Speed Is The Urban Road Revivalist

March 21, 2023

What makes the Soltera 7 so great? We’ll tell you!

With the Soltera 7 speed there’s seven more ways to get around and zip through your city. Aventon’s lightest ebike is easy on the arms and lets you pick up and go, on the road or up a flight of stairs, no problem. With a top speed of 20 mph and an average range of 41 miles you can own the streets with this road revivalist by breaking away from the bike lane, then keep on rolling.


7 Reasons To Ride The Soltera 7

In case the above wasn’t enough to emphasize what’s so great about the Soltera 7, as the name implies, here’s 7 reasons why the Soltera 7 will change the way you experience the world:

        #1 Versatility - The Soltera 7 has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame designed to add more agility to your ride on the streets while making it easier to carry up a flight of stairs, and can handle weights of up to 300lbs.

#2 Powerful Rear Hub Motor - With a 350W motor powered by a 48V battery, the Soltera 7 provides plenty of power and torque for riders who need extra assistance on hills or when accelerating through the city.

#3 Long Range - The bike can provide up to 41 miles of range on a single charge, making it ideal for longer rides or commutes.

#4 High Quality Components - The Soltera 7 features high-quality components such as a suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes, and a Shimano derailleur, ensuring a smooth and reliable riding experience.

#5 Dual Pedal Assist and Throttle Modes - The bike comes equipped with both pedal assist and throttle modes, allowing riders to choose the level of assistance they need while riding any time of day.

#6 Full Color Display - The Soltera 7 features Full Color Display that provides real-time information such as speed, distance, and battery level, making it easy for riders to monitor their performance and battery life, as well as syncs with the Aventon App for even more insights and community connection.

#7 Accessibility - The Soltera 7 comes in standard and step-through lightweight frames that creates more opportunity for more riders to feel their momentum as they move through the city.


Urban Cyclists Will Ride

The Soltera 7 is the next best thing to a traditional road bike. With a little more oomph on the back end (that’s a 350W rear hub motor), boost your short trips when cutting through the city, or give yourself a break on longer routes around town. Its 41 lb lightweight frame makes it easier to carry up and down stairs without a sweat, so you can make moves when you need to.


“Soltera is a throw-it-over-your-shoulder-and-skip-up-the-stairs kind of ebike”  - Electrek


Its sleek frame and design, coupled with European standard road tires and an interactive Full Color Display, makes the Soltera 7 a high-tech road bike ready to change the way you experience your city.


“The Soltera is clean cut and technologically advanced.” - Autoevolution 


Available in step-over and step-through frames, Soltera 7 creates an opportunity for more people to find happiness through motion. Ride in style, too, by choosing your hue with the Soltera 7’s colorways: Seafoam Green, Moonrock Grey, Onyx Black and Citrine!


Save Money And Hit The Streets Rolling

If you’re looking for an alternative to the ever-increasing gas prices, look no further. The Soltera 7 will help save money at the pump! In an article by USA Today*, experts say gas prices could rise to $4 a gallon by late June. It’s time to think ahead. By reallocating where you spend your money and reinvesting in a more sustainable, active alternative, you can revitalize your daily life while cutting costs.




The Soltera 7 made with quality materials and components, such as the Samsung battery cells that have been rigorously tested and TUV certified that is compliant with the UL safety standard, the cadence sensor, Shimano derailleur, and Full Color Display with Aventon app sync capabilities, means it’s more bang for your buck. This youthful and energetic, high-performance ebike makes getting around more fun!


Affirm Financing

Investing in the Soltera 7 will help you save on day-to-day expenses. With Aventon’s partners Affirm**, you can pick a monthly payment plan that works best for you, and you’ll never have to pay more than what you agreed on upfront. Paying with Affirm is simple and straightforward. Simply pay online at or through the Affirm app. They’ll even send you emails or/and text reminders so you don’t forget. On top of that, Affirm doesn’t charge late fees or penalties if you forget to make a payment, unlike other credit firms or money lenders. They make it easier so you can start riding today and focus on the road ahead.

“Boost your urban adventures.” - BikeRumor!


Aventon Warranty And TUV Certification

Aventon has recently upgraded its warranty! Now when you purchase the Soltera 7 you will receive a 2-year standard warranty. Aventon believes in the quality of its products, and promotes the longevity, safety and overall experience that comes with them. In addition, Aventon ebike batteries and their electrical components are TUV Certified in compliance to the UL 2849 standard. This means they have been put through rigorous testing, ensuring the product is safe for public sale, consumer use and ensures they meet the ebike battery fire safety requirements.


Ride Aventon

There’s more ways to get around, and Aventon is here to help in any way we can. Now you don’t have to sit in traffic wondering what the feeling of movement used to feel like. You can get on an ebike and start enjoying the ride today. As the world changes, we have the opportunity to adapt by integrating our daily lives with technology that benefits not only our budgets, but our well-being. When the outdoors are calling, the Soltera 7 heeds, and hits the streets.

“Low-cost commuter e-bike with high-quality roots.” - Electrek


  • ** Rates are available between 10-36% APR. For example, a $1,199 purchase might cost $109/mo over 12 months at 15% APR. Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. See for important info on state licenses and notifications.
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